How to cut tshirt neck

Obviously, all of us have at least one or two t-shirts, right? You may even a dozen of different t-shirts in your drawer. If you have any old ratty t-shirts, why not turn them into something cool and flattering? I have a lot of old t-shirts and put them in the dresser for a long time. If you’re like me, try these great ideas on how to cut tshirt neck. Whether you like a scoop neck or a v-neck, personalizing your shirts is easy as a piece of cake. 


Do you know how to cut tshirt neck? If not, get started to discover with us. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment and professional skills. 

Of course, one or two T-shirts are essential. If you do not have any old shirts in your drawer, you can ask your family members or friends to donate some or buy second-hand ones at a fair price. 

Remember to wash all your tees before you do your DIY projects. So, once you’ve done, you can dress up them immediately. It’s best to use fabric scissors since they’re sharp and can cut through fabric like a hot knife on butter. But if you do not have fabric scissors, it’s still ok. You can use regular scissors. However, you’ll find that your cuts will not be as neat and nice as compared to fabric scissors.

How To Cut Tshirt Neck

How to cut tshirt neck

Now, are you ready to learn how to cut tshirt neck to turn your old T-shirts into fun and modern styles?

How to make a scoop neck or v-neck

Step 1: Cut off the collar directly underneath the seam.

Wear the t-shirt to determine how deep you want to open your neck Look in the mirror and mark the spot you want as a V-spot with a piece of chalk. 

Step 2: Gauge how deep you want to go. 

Step 3: Fold your t-shirt and cut the neck opening in a straight line.

Fold the t-shirt in half vertically in order for the side seams to fit together and the V can be cut symmetrically. Get the scissors and shape the v-neck by cutting in a straight line from your marked V point to the high shoulder points. 

Step 4: Strive for a smooth and even neck opening.

Try on a new v-neck t-shirt and see if you need to shape the neckline any further. Strive for smooth and even neck opening.

To turn your v-neck t-shirt into a scoop neck, just round off the v-neck point and pull the neck opening down a bit. It will naturally curl up a bit.

Done! Your shirt is ready to wear!

In addition to the idea above, you can take advantage of V-neck to cut the t-shirt neck. First, fold your crewneck t-shirt in half vertically, ensuring that the back neck seam, side seams, and shoulders are in line. Do the same with your V-neck t-shirt and put it directly on the crewneck t-shirt. Make a mark on the crewneck t-shirt that matches the point of the V on your V-neck t-shirt. 

How to create a choker v-neck shirt

Do you know how to cut a chocker DIY v-neck shirt? The v-neck cut is one of the trendy and fashionable styles that highly enjoyed by many people. It’s really simple to make your own chocker shirt. You can vary the width and depth of your opening as you like. If you like this style, don’t hesitate to try it. 

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Thanks for reading and checking out this tutorial! You can also find tutorials on how to crop a t shirt and how to plop hair in t shirt for the best curls of your life! Happy crafting! Have you ever refashioned your t-shirt?  If you find this tutorial useful, don’t forget to share how to cut a tshirt neckline with your family members and friends! 

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