Awesome 100th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men And Women

It’s a huge achievement to be 100 years old! You will want to get 100th birthday gift ideas and throw a grand party to celebrate this wonderful occasion. They’ve been on so many journeys and you want them to know how lucky and happy you feel that they’re still here to tell all their fun stories.

To show your admiration and gratitude, choose thoughtful 100th birthday gifts ​to lift their spirits and light up their smiles. Whether you are looking for 100th birthday gift ideas for him ​or her, at Tshirtatlowprice we have lots of great gift ideas for that special someone. From the traditional 100th birthday gift, custom 100th birthday gift to something that makes them happy!

What is the traditional 100th birthday gift?

Are you wondering about a traditional 100th birthday gift or what do you get for a 100th birthday? When a person turns 100, it is a very important time for them and their family. So it is very important to buy them the right gift. Pick something that not only celebrates their age but also celebrates their achievements.

For the 100th anniversary or 100th birthday, the traditional gift is oak, while the modern gift is more luxury jewelry such as diamonds or pearls.

However, there are no rules here, so you can choose any 100th birthday gift you want without worrying about sticking to tradition, as long as you feel comfortable. Scroll down to find our great 100th birthday gifts ideas.

100th birthday gift ideas for her

Do you have a grandma, mom or something about to turn 100 and are looking for memorable 100th birthday gift ideas for her. Here are some suggestions to make her 100th birthday even more special.

  • If the apartment or house where your loved one lives is a bit empty, choose a gift that can decorate their home. It doesn’t have to be big to make sense: you can also choose a poster or a small mural, for example. Our beautiful poster is a good 100 year birthday gift you shouldn’t miss.
  • At 100, a comfortable nap may be just what the doctor ordered! Choosing a super soft blanket or a gentle heating blanket like our fleece blanket will be the best 100th birthday gift she needs right now.
  • Make your grandma or your mom laugh by putting together an album that offers photos of those they love, memorable family moments with funny captions that remind her of the great times.

100th birthday gift ideas for him

The 100th birthday is a celebratory achievement not only for centenarians but also for their families, or any of their beloved one. If you are looking for a great gift for your grandpa, dad, uncle, the following 100th birthday gift ideas for him might help.

  • Personalised 100th birthday gifts: A personalized coffee mug with funny sayings or his pets is a gift they will cherish again and again! In addition, you can find custom 100th birthday gifts to make his day even more special from everything: clothes, jewelry, accessories to picture frames, and more.
  • T-shirt: A fun t-shirt for them to wear on their big day is a perfect 100th birthday gift for the occasion. 
  • Throw Blanket: A soft and cozy blanket will wrap him with love and comfort!
  • Sports Gear or Apparel: If he’s into sports or has a favorite team, sports gear or apparel is one of the 100th birthday present ideas he will love!

What is the best 100th birthday gift?

Has your Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad  reached the centure mark yet? Then it’s time to think about 100th birthday gifts. But what in the world you cang get that they don’t have yet? 

After all the 100th birthday gift ideas you can think of, spending time with a family member whose age is already in the triple digits is the best gift. At this age, they have wisdom and have seen many things in their lives, so every moment with their loved ones is precious. Make sure, while most of us love to open a gift, you should also focus on the needs and wants of your 100-year-old friend or relative needs.


At, we have tons of wonderful birthday gifts, so whatever the milestone, you’re sure to find something unique to suit the occasion. Why not browse our collection of birthday gifts and find something special they can treasure for years to come.