60th Birthday Gift

Without a doubt, a 60th birthday, is one of the biggest milestones in one’s life. And it’s clear that those who are about to celebrate their big day deserve the most heartfelt gifts. Stuck in finding a meaningful present for your loved ones? Take a look at our range of 60th birthday gifts and pick a unique gift to surprise them on their special day!

Reason For Celebrating 60th Birthday


The age of 60 is a special occasion. For many, that means the opportunity to be with children and nieces. While for others, it might be time to party at a favorite haunt with old friends with music playing in the background. If you’re about to retire, turning 60 can also be the start of new pursuits and interests.

This birthday is also an important milestone in some cultures. In China, for example, someone who has passed the age of 60 is considered to have completed a full life cycle. The 60th birthday is celebrated with great splendor because after the 60th year, people celebrate a new life.

At 60, we know that life is precious and getting shorter. So we indulge in the present, enjoying life to the last drop. We do not dwell on the past or obsess about the future. We are grateful for every day and look forward to enjoying it.

Suggestions When Choosing A 60 Year Old Birthday Gift


Your important one is turning 60, so what are 60th birthday gift ideas? There are a lot of opinions when it comes to determining the best 60th birthday gifts. It can be a useful, sentimental or funny gift. If you haven’t got an answer yourself, start the simple things.  

– Interest: Don’t forget to pay more attention to the recipient to know what they actually like and dislike. This will help you much in deciding what is the best gift for 60th birthday. For example, a baseball gift can be a great gift for a baseball lover in your life. 

– Personality: If your loved one is an emotional person, consider a photo album to bring back family memories. Or if they want to spend the rest of their lives traveling, give them gadgets such as backpacks, tents or utility sets.

– Handmade gift: What’s better than a handmade gift? People of this age tend to prefer emotional gifts. So you can make your own birthday cake, or a card with wishes from the bottom of your heart. They are sure to melt anyone’s heart.

Ideas For 60th Birthday Everyone Will Love


Big birthdays deserve gifts that bursting with heart, so explore our 60th birthday gifts and find something completely unique. From thoughtful picks they’ll treasure to personalized finds just for them, these gift ideas are unique and meaningful. After all, they’ve six decades of worth – so this birthday has to be really special from the rest. 

#1. 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him


Find a thoughtful present to make their day special and memorable?  But what are good 60th birthday gift ideas for him? 

That special one can be your grandpa, your dad, your husband or your brother. No matter who he is, the one you love will feel loved when they get a thoughtful gift on their 60th birthday. You can consider giving your dad a family picture frame and he can put it anywhere in his home. This gift is surely to be one of the best birthday gifts for 60 year olds who are family oriented.

Plus, pay attention to his likes and dislikes. If he loves gardening, a succulent plant is the best choice. Or if he is a dog lover, get him excited with a dog gift!

#2. 60th Birthday Gifts For Her


Her 60th birthday is coming! Have you prepared perfect 60th birthday gifts for her – for the most important women in your life?

Your grandma, your mom, and your friend may always insist that you don’t need to buy them anything on their birthdays. However, just believe that a thoughtful milestone birthday gift on that important milestone can make them cry in happiness. 

Is she a cook lover? If yes, then giving a unique 60th birthday gift is no longer hard. Surprise her with a beautiful kitchen gift that will surely melt the heart of any cook lover. 

In addition, you can choose the best 60th birthday gifts for her according to her job. If she is a retired nurse or a retired teacher, there are always retired nurse gifts and teacher retirement gifts to honor all the endless efforts in her career.

#3. 60th birthday gifts personalized

Personalized gifts are always considered ideal items to cherish anyone on their special days, birthdays included! In case it’s really tricky to come up with an ideal 60th birthday gift, think about the 60th birthday gifts personalized.

Personalized gift ideas make your loved ones feel extra special as these are the stunning gifts just made for them. The present can be customized with your important one’s name, date of birth, or anything about them. For the most outstanding gifts, you should choose personalized mugs or personalized shirts. They are sure to be unique and fun gifts to wow your loved ones!

Suggestions For T-Shirts As A Birthday Gift


Still wondering the best gifts for 60th birthday? T-shirts are alway the top items. They are one of the must-have items in everyone’s wardrobe. Who doesn’t have at least one t-shirt? For t-shirt collectors, this is a great opportunity to add a unique piece to their collection.

To make the gift even more special, personalize it by adding their name, age or traits on the shirt. Imagine when they open your gift and will be surprised to see it. You can also choose themed t-shirts. For example, if they are a fan of magical creatures like unicorns, give them a unicorn t-shirt. Or if they have a sense of humour, a t-shirt with a funny quote is great for a birthday gift.

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FAQ About 60th Birthday

#1. What Symbolises a 60th birthday?


#2. What color symbolizes 60th birthday?

Black, paired with gold or silver, is another choice for a wonderful 60th birthday celebration.

#3. What is the flower for 60th birthday?

Gloriosa. The language of this flower is: “glory” and “brave”; so, a sense of honor is conveyed to the person who is about to have a 60th birthday.

#4. Why is 60 a special birthday?

If you’re about to retire, turning 60 can also be the start of new pursuits and interests. This birthday is also an important milestone in some cultures. … 60th birthdays are celebrated with great splendor because following the 60th year, people celebrate a new life. Enjoy 60 years of bliss.

Final Thought

Check out the calendar and see if there is someone in your life who is turning 60 this year. If yes, right now you’d better prepare the thoughtful 60th birthday gifts and the best wishes for them. We hope that with your love and care, your loved ones will have a special 60th birthday in their life!