Do you know how to crop a t shirt
How to crop a t shirt into the gorgeous one?

Obviously, T-shirts are the staples in our drawers. Is your closet full of old shirts? Perhaps many of us have at least one of two old t-shirts that we hide in the drawers. There are no better ways to turn these dull t-shirts into lovely and trendy crop tops. You don’t even need a sewing machine. Your old t-shirts can be cropped without up-to-snuff-sewing skills. In this guide, we’ll share with you how to cut a tshirt into a crop top

If this is the first time you make your own crop top, it may be a bit intimidating as you take your scissors and stare down at your tee. Perhaps you don’t want to cut it too short or curved, so watching some of these YouTube tutorials and your worries will vanish. 

How To Crop A T shirt

How to crop a t shirt with no-sewing?

Ready to crop a t shirt? Let’s get started! 

Quick and Easy Cropping a T-Shirt

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It’s not difficult to cut a shirt into a crop top. It’s best to try the shirt you want to cut and try it on so that you can determine the position you want to crop. Try the tee with a pair of jeans and simply see where the bottoms begin. Prepare all necessary equipment such as a marker, pen, or clip. It’s not necessarily a whole line across the T-shirt, a simple dot will do the job as well.

You should choose sewing scissors instead of regular ones because they cut through the material much better compared to the regular ones. 

Now, take off the shirt and lay it down on a flat surface. Mark and start cutting the shirt, but ensure you are leaving one or two centimeters below the initially marked place.  This is a great way to make sure you won’t ruin your shirt.

Try Different Hemlines For Different Tops

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In addition to the easy way above, you can simply make a nice-looking crop top with various hemlines. Try the elastic way if you want your tee to be bunched up at the bottom, or give it a neat hem for a classic look. You even don’t need a sewing machine to obtain any of these hemlines. Use some fabric glue instead.

How To Turn A Shirt Into A Long Sleeve Crop Top

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Looking for a unique shirt? Try some of these attractive cropped looks. Use your scissors to cut a square neckline, and then use the excess material you get from the bottom of the tee to make long sleeves. Now, you’ll have a cool and trendy top. 

How To Turn Old Leggings to Crop Tops 

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Unbelievable, right? Have you ever thought of making a new crop top from a t-shirt? I guess you haven’t. This tutorial will help you to turn your old leggings into a beautiful crop top you frequently wear. 

Try Making A Knotted Crop Top

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If you’re trying to turn old ratty tank tops into crop tops, try this knotted crop method. With the excess fabric, you can make a super lovely bow in the front for a pretty summer look. Of course, you can also use your extra material to make hairbands or cute scrunchies.

Try These Ruched Crop Top Looks

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Take your crop tops to the next level by adding interesting details like a little ruching. This tutorial includes three different ways you can combine ruching into your tees by taking the advantage of the extra materials. It’ll make your homemade shirts truly look fashionable.

Try Shirt Fringes on the Side

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This is a great crop top style that you can re-wear over and over again. Upgrade your t-shirt by making side fringes. They are trendy and great. You need to measure the front of the tee, so you know how much to cover, apropos where to cut. Then, you need to fold the tee in half with the front on the outside. Be sure everything is in line. 

When you arrange everything, you can begin cutting. Remember not to cut too much material, just to the dot you have earlier marked. Begin cutting strips from the bottom to the upper part of the T-shirt. Strips can be roughly ¾ of an inch or an inch wide. 

Pull and extend fringes to make them a bit longer. Then, you need to find the strip center. Cut them in half and tie them into knots. Be sure they are great and tight and don’t skip the strips.


A crop top is a wonderful piece to wear at the peak of summertime. Not only this is a great way to be fashionable and environmentally friendly, but it can also be an enjoyable DIY project to do at home with your loved ones. So, plan an interesting craft day together with your favorite drink while you make your own crop tops. Hopefully, these DIY project ideas help you to know how to cut a t shirt and how to cut a tshirt into a crop top in the easiest ways. Now all you need is to be courageous, grab your scissors and be creative!