How to cut a t shirt?

How to Cut a T Shirt: Cut an Old T-Shirt into Something Stylish

Want to learn how to cut a t shirt?

If you’re like me, your wardrobe is full of old tees, why not turn ratty old T-shirts into a cool and modern new top with just a pair of fabric scissors? It’s a great alternative instead of trashing the shirt.

It takes about 20 minutes or less for shirt-cutting projects. Some even done in five minutes. Do you know how to cut a t shirt. If not, keep on reading 5 simple ways to cut your T-shirt and make it more fashionable for minimal cost.

How To Cut A T shirt

Learning how to cut a t shirt will give you a stylish way to refurbish a bland t-shirt collection. Here’s how to cut a T shirt and transform it into a cool and trendy one:

The V-neck Cut

Apparently, this is one of the trendy and popular styles and great cut up tshirt ideas. You can make the cut wider or deeper depending on your preference. Take a pen to mark the middle part of the collar or the eyeball and make a horizontal cut just below. Then, cut diagonally from the ends of the horizontal cuts to the bottom of the vertical line.

Besides, if you are looking for an easy, adorable, easy modification for a T-shirt, here is a wonderful idea. Simply cut the back of a tee, then attach a bow that you can tie. You can choose any color or patterned fabric you want for the bow, so this is a great way to add color and fun to a plain shirt.

The style is super fashionable right now and you’ll see a lot of these shirts on sale – but this is something you can make yourself! Just cut a v-shape down to the front of the tee and then add some straps across the middle to form a ladder pattern. It’s a really simple but flattering design.

The Cropped Cut 

  1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out entirely.
  2. Measure out where you want the new hem to mark.
  3. Take a measuring tape and use a ruler to draw a horizontal line across the tee width.
  4. Take your fabric scissors to cut across the line.
  5. Once cut off, use your fingers to stretch out the new hem to give it a more worn-in effect.

The One-Shoulder Cut

A simple cut gives any shirt cooler and more stylish. If you like this cold-shoulder style, just do it. It’s so simple. 

  1. Begin with turning the shirt inside out and then putting it on a flat surface.
  2. Pick one side you want, then start cutting along parallel to the collar through both the front and back fabric.
  3. Continue about two inches around the collar, then diagonally cut the sleeve corner, creating a triangle.
  4. Flip one shoulder back and there will be an uncut section by the collar. Cut this part of the curve of your previous cut to where the collar starts and then cut it out in a triangle shape.
  5. Stretch the fabric to make it look more worn-in.

The Sleeveless Cut

  1. Cut across where you want the new hem to touch.
  2. Then take a sleeve, cut it horizontally and stop at the shoulder seam.
  3. Follow the same seam, but leave it intact, cut it downwards until you reach your armpits. Turn the sleeve over and continue cutting parallel along the seam until the sleeve ends.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Stretch out any areas you cut to flatten the edges.

The halter Top Cut 

Have you ever thought of turning an old T-shirt into a lovely halter top? This tutorial only has a few quick and simple steps to do, and the result looks impressive! It’s one of our favorite cut up tshirt ideas.


Do you like cut up tshirt ideas? T-shirts are staples of any closet. It’s no surprise if your wardrobe is full of T-shirts. So, knowing how to fold a T shirt is essential to keep them tidy and wrinkle-free before you wear them as well as save your space.

And of course, you’ll have at least an armload or two of old T-shirts. Maybe they’re a little worn or faded, or you may be just bored with them. Why not try these T-shirt cutout projects? Hopefully, you’ll love these cut up tshirt ideas and the know-how to cut a t shirt? Learning how to cut a t shirt is really fascinating, right?

If you like these cutout methods, don’t hesitate to share them with your family members and your friends so that all of us know how to cut a t shirt and turn it into something trendy.

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