How to cut a tshirt cute

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

Get bored with your ratty old t-shirts in the drawers? So, why not turn them into a cool and trendy top with just a pair of scissors? Apparently, all of us have at least one or two t-shirts but we haven’t worn them for a long time. If they look plain and boring, you can refashion them by cutting up, resizing, painting them into a lovely look that suits your personal style. Do you know how to cut tshirt neck or how to cut a tshirt cute? Learning how to cut a tshirt cute is a great greener alternative instead of trashing the shirt. Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do with old t shirts. 

What you’ll need 

And of course, old t-shirts are indispensable. Remember to wash them before doing your DIY project. 

DIY T-shirt Cutting Techniques

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

The techniques come in three broad categories: 

Category Feature
No-SewThis is the easiest and cheapest method. All you will need is fabric scissors and some measurement tools. This technique does not require any stitching or sewing skill. 
Sew/StitchingThis involves hand stitching or a sewing machine to modify your t-shirt. This is particularly significant when you want to combine two different materials or when you want to add decorative items to your cut t-shirt. This method can be expensive and complicated.
Cut and StitchThis method involves trimming and stitching.  The complication will depend on what you want to achieve in the end.

How to cut a tshirt cute? 

Cropped Tee 

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

Ready to make your own cool crop top? How to crop a t shirt is one of the simplest ways that doesn’t involve any sewing skills. Make sure to read the guide carefully on how to crop a t shirt a few times before you start doing it. Otherwise, your DIY project will become unwearable. In addition to basic crop top, there are numerous crop top styles you might love.


DIY Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

Fantastic, right? This style will surely make you stand out in the crowd. This fashionable crop top is from Collective Gen.

Shoulder Cut Out

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

Cold shoulder tops are one of the most stylish looks for fall. They’re easy to dress up and perfect for both hot or cool weather.  This is a fantastic technique though very complex as you have to ensure that you make identical cuts. Starting cutting from the sleeve, shoulder, neck, and eventually on the other sleeve. 

Lay the tee on a flat surface and find where the shoulder seams meet with the armhole seams. This is where you will perform the cut on each side. Cut a piece of one shoulder, then save the piece you cut and place it on the other shoulder to make sure both sides look even. 

Weave the sides or back of your tee

You can wave on the sides or back of your tee, it’s up to your preferences. Start by making marks of the cuts you want to make, then line up the side seams to ensure that the drawn lines are well aligned. Cut the slits following the marks you have created on the tee. It’s great to make sure the slits are about 1 cm thick. Then pull one piece under and over the previous piece to produce the pattern.

Making fringed fun cuts

Fringed cut is an easy and hilarious way to create a totally new look from the old tees you have in your drawer. Put the shirt on a flat surface and determine where the fringe will begin.  The length of the fringes is not restricted depending on your preference. Then, measure the distance from each armpit of the tee to end of your chalk line. This will help determine if your line is straight and even on both sides. 

Put your tshirt ruler on the drawn chalk line and use chalk to mark 1/2 inch intervals where your strips will be cut. When you finish marking the top of the tee, lay your ruler on the tee and mark 1/2 inch intervals where you plan to cut the fringes of the shirt.  Then, put your ruler vertically on the shirt, and connect the ½ inch marks. This will give a obvious line where to cut your fringe.

Off-shoulder top

How To Cut A Tshirt Cute

An off shoulder top looks casual and simultaneously charming. If want to show off your attractive collar bones, this style is a perfect choice. You can create a lovely bohemian look by combining an off-shoulder top with a long maxi skirt and vintage necklaces. While you can buy one from the store, you can make one at home at a competitive price. 

It’s best to find the shirt that fits you well. If not, it will sag around your shoulders when you dress up. Determine where you want the hem to be, then use a chalk to draw a line across the shirt about 1 inch above that spot. Remember to draw across the whole shirt, from one shoulder to the other. 

Use a sharp pair of fabric scissors to cut across the line that you drew.  

Be sure to cut through both layers of the shirt. Finally, stretching the neckline out as this makes the new seam to curl like you purchase it that way. 

If you do not like this new neckline, you can fold and press the top edge into the tee by 1/2 inch and sew the hem down using a suitable thread color. 

Fitted halter top


A fitted halter top with denim is a perfect combination that many girls enjoy. Or with a halter neck top, you do not need anything else for an alluring look. This style is great for anyone who has well-toned arms and shoulders. Now, ready to create a cute fitted halter top in a friendly way? There are various awesome styles and tutorials that help you get ready for warm weather this year.

YouTube video
YouTube video


There’s no reason not to give a new look to an old t-shirt. Follow the guide we’ve outlined carefully, and you can transform your dull t-shirts into cute and sexy pieces. We hope that you’ll apply these cutting methods to create a cute new design with your tee. And especially, don’t forget to share your own DIY project with us in the comments below. We’re eager to see them. 

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