How to get bleach out of clothes if I get bleach on my t shirt

Have you ever got bleach on your t-shirt? Many of us are might be looking for a great way to get bleach out of clothes. Bleach is a popular component in our home that keeps our homes white bright and free from germs and bacteria. However, it’s also a chemical that can leave obnoxious stains on our clothes. Detecting bleach stains on your clothes? Don’t worry. Whether you have spilled bleach on your favorite shirt or jeans, we’ve concluded several ways to rescue your clothes. 

How to remove bleach stains if I get bleach on my t shirt?

Where to Begin – Neutralizing the Bleach

If I get bleach on my t shirt, what should I do

When the bleach is exposed to the fabric, the stain will strip the color or dye from the fabric. So, if you want to remove bleach stain, it’s a great idea to restore the color instead of removing the stain. The first thing you should do is to neutralize the bleach because it could make a hole in the fabric if left on it for a long time:

  • Remove any excess bleach by rinsing the area with cold water. 
  • Make a thick paste by mixing together some baking soda and water
  • Apply this mixture evenly on the stain
  • Leave to dry and then brush off lightly – It’s a great idea to use an old toothbrush

Once you’ve neutralized the stain you can restore the color with one of the following techniques.

Restoring The Color With Natural Remedies

How to remove bleach stains if I get bleach on my t shirt?

If you want to use the natural method, use lemon juice. It’s the most gentle treatment. Prepare a big bucket, add your cloth and 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and  1 gallon of boiling water. Let your clothes soak 1-2 hours then ring them out as much as possible.  

In addition to lemon juice, vinegar is another great alternative. Vinegar contains acetic acid, so it can dissolve the bleach and peel away the stained fabric. Blending bleach with vinegar can deliver toxins. Keep in mind that it’s best to use a certain amount of vinegar as in time, vinegar will ruin cotton materials. 

Restoring The Color With Alcohol 

How to remove bleach stains if I get bleach on my t shirt?

If you are solving with a small bleach stain on a dark fabric, alcohol may be your best choice. Place a few drops on the garment and rub gently on the fabric until the color starts to spread and cover the bleach stain. The alcohol will loosen the excess dyes in the fabric and permit you to redistribute the stain. 

Restoring The Color With Markers 

How to remove bleach stains if I get bleach on my t shirt?

If I get bleach on my t-shirt, what should I do? Take advantage of a fabric marker pen to color in bleach stains on clothes. Find the color that matches the fabric color exactly. Remember to read the pen instructions to ensure that it can be used on your garment. Don’t apply too much ink at once. If you color the stain too much, apply it to rubbing alcohol to a cotton round to remove excess ink.

Most fabric markers are safe to wash, but you shouldn’t use bleaching agents on the clothes that you’ve used the markers on.

Restoring The Color With Dye 

How to remove bleach stains if I get bleach on my t shirt

If you are looking for the best way to remove bleach stains on the garment, the answer might be dye. You can dye the stained spot or dye all the entire fabric to ensure that there’s no mismatch in color. Remember to wear old clothes and gloves when dying your garment in order to prevent any undesired stains. 

How to avoid getting bleach stains on clothes

Obviously, prevention is better than cure. So, it’s best to prevent stains on the garments than remove them. Prevention is not that you don’t use bleach at all, keep scrolling some useful tips to keep you and your clothes safe:

  • Remember to check instructions on the bottle first before using bleach to know the dosage and safety instructions.
  • It’s best to wear old clothes when using bleach. You can also choose light-colored clothes. 
  • Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. Bleach is a strong product that can harm your skin and ruin your clothes, so stay safe. 
  • Don’t blend bleach with anything besides water because you could create toxic gas!
  • Always put bleach away from children and pets. 

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