How to wrap a mug as a gift? Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve got all of your Christmas gifts. Now, it’s time to wrap them! Instead of buying boxes to wrap them or gift bags, you can wrap them by yourself to make them more meaningful and especially reduce your Christmas budget. So, how to wrap a coffee mug? Here are some easy mug gift wrapping ideas to impress your special ones. 

How To Wrap A Mug With Tissue Newspaper

How To Wrap A Mug As A Gift/ Source: Photobox

If your Anthropologie Christmas mug you are gifting did not come with a box, you might wonder how to gift wrap a mug without box. This technique is suitable for any type of mug. 


Step 1. Cut a long ribbon strand

Cut a strand of ribbon based on the bow length you want and the mug size. The ribbon should be wrapped around the mug’s mouth. Cut at least that much ribbon or you can cut more if you want a large bow.


Step 2. Put 2-3 layers of tissue papers

Place your mug in the center, squarely and upright. Choose a piece of tissue paper that is long enough to wrap around the whole mug. If it’s shorter, you will be unable to complete your wrapping job.


Step 3. Fold the newspaper over the mug. 

Bring all four tissue paper corners up and over the mug’s length. Gather the ends together and grab them in the middle. You can wrap a rubber band around the middle to keep the hold together.


Step 4. Cover a layer of cellophane over the tissue paper

Cellophane not only adds a decorative sheen to your gift but it also protects your mug. Wrap cellophane like you did with the tissue. 


Step 5. Tie the ribbon to the top of the mug

Wrap the ribbon around the center of the newspaper. Tie it in a bow or a double knot, depending on your preference. Curl the ends of your ribbons to add flair to your gift.

This technique is also applied to newspaper. If you’re finding how to wrap a mug in newspaper, you can take these 3 steps.

How To Wrap A Mug In Bubble Wrap

How To Wrap A Mug As A Gift

If you need help with how to wrap a mug for moving, wrapping it with a bubble is a great pick. 

Wrap each mug in two layers of bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing paper before taping the excess underneath the glass to seal it. Put a small piece of crumpled paper or bubble wrap inside the mug for extra protection.

If you don’t use cardboard cell dividers, gently layer the mugs in the box on top of one another.

More Mug Gift Wrapping Ideas Like A Pro

How to wrap a mug TikTok and how to wrap a cup with a straw are two popular questions on Tik Tok and social media. Check out the videos below that will help you have a nature-friendly Christmas gift. 

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

We hope that these techniques help you know how to wrap a mug Christmas as well as how to wrap a mug as a gift. Not only gift wrapping but also the gift is important. Unique and funny mugs such as Personalized You’re My Favorite Thing To Do Merry Christmas Mug or Personalized I Just Want To Touch Your Butt All The Time It’s Nice Mug always makes an excellent pick. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your lover’s face. For additional mug guides like getting rid of tea stains, visit our Mug Guide.

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