Do you want to discover how to cut a tshirt into a tank top?

On these warm days, what’s better than wearing a cool and stylish tank top? You can purchase one in the story, but why not create your own tank top in a cost-effective way? T-shirts are the staples of items in our wardrobe, right? However, over time, they may become too old or faded for us to dress them up. But have you ever thought of turning your ratty old t-shirts into a fashionable tank top rather than throwing them away?

If not, take this opportunity to create an entirely new one. All you need are a pair of good scissors. You can complete the hems on a sewing machine for a clean and neater look, but you don’t need to as t-shirt fabric does not fray.

If it’s the first time you do a DIY project, this is a great craft because it doesn’t require complicated technical skills. There are various options when it comes to refashioning a t-shirt, so so don’t be afraid to show creativity with your project. 

How To Cut A Tshirt Into A Tank Top 

Tank top comes in two basic types: basic tank tops and racerback tank tops. Keep reading these guides and tutorials on how to cut a tshirt into a tank top women’s to inspire you. 

How to cut a tshirt into a workout tank top?

Learning how to cut a tshirt into a tank top from the old t-shirts might help you save an amount of money.

1. First, find a tank top to use as a model. Be sure that it fits you well. If you do not have an available tank top, don’t worry. You still can make a tank top. Then choose the shirt you want to redesign and turn it inside out. Iron both the shirts to eliminate any wrinkles. Even if both of them are neat and smooth, you still should do this. Ironing will make the fabric smooth and easier to work with. 

2. Lay your shirt on the table and put the tank top on it. Be sure that the shoulders of the tank top are aligned with the shoulders of the tee and the front of both is facing up.

3. Pin the tank top to the tee to prevent it from moving and make your cutting more even. Then start cutting the shirt. If you want to have a neater hem around the armholes and neckline, leave a ½-inch seam allowance. As the t-shirt fabric doesn’t fray, it doesn’t require a finished hem. But a finished hem will look more beautiful, right? 

If you do not have a tank top as a model, cut the sleeves and collar of your tee. Remember to fold the tee in half before you make a cut to make sure that both sides will be even. 

4. Unpin the tank top from the tee. If you want a wider front neckline and armholes, make a cut. Fold the cut edges down, pin them in place, and iron them to make them flat. Skip this step if you like the raw and un-hemmed edges. 

5. Sew the folded edges down by hand or using a sewing machine. Once done, remove the pins, and you’ll have a new tank top. 

How to cut a tshirt into a racerback tank top?

If you’ve never done DIY project, why not try cutting a tshirt into a tank top.

A racerback tank top has wider armholes in the back, leaving a slim strip of fabric between the shoulder blades. 

  1. First, cut the sleeves off your shirt. Then, cut the hem off, then cut it into a long strand. 
  1. Cut the back of the armholes into a racerback shape. Make sure that the shirt back is facing you. 
  2. Trim the back of the armholes until there are only a few inches of fabric between them. 
  3. Find the center of the neckline, then make a deep v-shape cut.  It’s a great idea to hold the point of the V-shape between the armholes in order to prevent the fabric from bunching up. 
  4. Find the bottom of the V-shape and measure it up a few inches. Take the strand you cut from the hem of the tee before, tie it around that point. 
  5. Wrap the strand around the fabric moving downwards. Try to wrap as tightly as possible, so that the fabric between your armholes turns into a “string”. Stop when you reach the bottom of the armholes.
  6. Wrap the strand back towards the top of the tee and secure the end. It’s best to tie the two ends of the strand together into a tight knot first for extra safety.
  7. Wrap strand yarn back on top of the shirt and fix the end. You can do this simply by tucking the end under the wound fabric. Your racerback tank top is done! 

How to turn a tshirt into a cute tank top?

Source: Collective Gen

If you have a plain, basic tank top but you’ve worn it for many years and it’s not fit you anymore, then why not turn it into a stylish tank top? Not sure how to cut a tshirt into a cute tank top, check out an amazing idea from Collective Gen. We love how the crisscross style of this shirt, and we also love how surprisingly easy it is to make.

How to cut a tshirt into a crop top tank? 


Are you on the hunt for some creative DIY tank top? Then we highly suggest taking a look at this fantastic fringed crop top from A Girl and A Glue Gun. They did some simple cutting, some creative knotting, and some fabric paint.

Need More Tank Top Inspiration?

YouTube video
YouTube video


We hope that these guides on how to cut a tshirt into a tank top inspire you to have your own DIY project. If you’re planning to refashion all your old t-shirts, don’t hesitate anymore. If you’ve ever designed other DIY tank tops, feel free to share how you made them or your results in the comment below.

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