Frozen T-shirt Game- fun games for kids
Are you on the hunt for summertime activities for kids? The Frozen T-shirt Game will definitely puts a smile on their faces.

How to keep children busy and happy while still reducing heat on hot days? Going to the pool may be the easiest way to keep kids cool and having fun. But even if they don’t go to the pool on a daily basis, they can still beat the heat while playing outside at home. 

Consider fun outdoor games like the Frozen T-shirt Game. The frozen t-shirt game is one of the creative and popular game ideas that young players will love. Not only keeps kids entertained outside, but the game also keeps them away from screens, which is actually good for their eyes. 

What Is Frozen T-shirt Game?

Frozen-T-shirt Game-fun game for kids to beat the heat

The Frozen T-shirt Game is a wonderful icebreaker game to be played outside on hot days for young players. It’s a real ice-breaker game as the players will work together to literally break the ice on the t-shirt. The game’s goal is straightforward- you must thaw out, unfold, and wear a frozen t-shirt. Sounds easy, right? But it’s a challenge to complete. 

The Frozen T-shirt Game requires little preparation and gives the kids something unique and interesting to do for a long time. The Frozen T-shirt game can be played in groups or each player can have his own t-shirt. 

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Gallon freezer bags
  • Large t-shirts—the amount depending on the player number
  • Cooler and ice (optional)

How to Plan a Frozen T-Shirt Race

Frozen T-shirt Game step

Step 1

Take a large number of old t-shirts from your wardrobe, enough so that there is one for every player. You should use old t-shirts because sometimes they can rip when frozen during the frozen t-shirt contest.

Frozen T-shirt Game step you should know

Step 2

Place the t-shirts in water and then wring them out. Pay attention to the amount of water. If there is too much water, the game will take longer as the t-shirts will stay frozen solid.

How to plan the Frozen T-shirt Game

Step 3

After the t-shirts have been wrung out, flatten them out and fold each one into a small square so that they fit inside the freezer bags. Then press them down to squeeze out the remaining water.

Frozen T-shirt game you shouldn't miss

Step 4

Place the t-shirts in the bag, seal it, and put the bag flatly into the freezer overnight. Guide the players that whoever gets his T-shirt on first wins. The children will be creative to find out how to warm the shirts. 

Frozen T-shirt Contest Notes

Frozen T-shirt game- fun activity for kids

To create a fun and fair game, don’t reveal the frozen clothes challenge to the players prior. Also, the players will have the opportunity to come up with creative ideas to know how to open a frozen t-shirt and win the game. 

For a team, there shouldn’t be more than 5 players because it will get too crowded. 

The purpose is each player or team can use whatever they can to thaw a t-shirt enough to put it on.

Whoever wears their t-shirt first will be the winner. Their body must be totally in the t-shirt including head and arms so that it’s worn normally.

In addition, you can set some restrictions to make the frozen tee shirt race more challenging and competitive. For instance:

  • Don’t use water or other liquids to thaw out the t-shirt.
  • Don’t use machines like microwaves, heaters, dryers, and more.
  • Don’t use sharp objects on the t-shirt.
  • All the players must stay in the game area. You can mark the game area with tape or other marking lines prior to beginning the game.
  • The t-shirts must remain intact and not damaged in any way—no holes, tears, beyond. 

Final Thoughts

The weather is getting warmer. There is no better time to take part in the Frozen T-shirt Game than these hot days. The game is so interesting that kids are sure to play in their own backyard and make them happy for hours on end. We hope that through this guide, you’ll know an interesting way to take advantage of old t-shirts besides how to cut a tshirt cute, how to make iron on tshirt transfers, how to get bleach out of clothes if I get bleach on my t shirt, or how to remove BBQ stain on my white tshirt.