Don’t rush to throw away an old shirt in your wardrobe because there are creative ways you can try to give it an update. Cutting the neckline is among those amazing methods. If you wonder how to cut a tshirt neckline, you’ve come to the right page. Refer to our guide below and be ready to make your shirt look more flattering. 

Admit it, cutting the neckline is a quick and easy way for you to achieve a brand new look for your t-shirt. Whether you love a scoop neck or a v-neck, you can design your shirt to match your style. In this tutorial, we will share with you three cutting ideas that tell you how to cut a shirt neckline with a pretty design.

How To Cut A Tshirt Neckline?


Looking for the best way to cut a tshirt neckline? Determining the best way to cut the t-shirt in this situation depends much on your preference. There are many ways to show how to cut a tshirt neckline. Choker V-neck, Intricate V-neck, and V-neck are three typical cutting ideas for you to get inspired and try!

Cut A Choker V-neck T-shirt

Inject some new life into an old tee just with some well-placed cuts of the scissors, why not? You can take this easy choker v-neck into consideration. 

Girls are now so fond of choker v-neck t-shirts as they look great and attractive. And don’t worry, a choker v-neck is quite simple to achieve. Just prepare a close-fitting t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a fabric pen and follow these steps. No need to buy a new choker as you can have a new choker-neck tshirt by following these instructions!


Step 1: Smooth out all wrinkles by laying the t-shirt on a flat surface and mark the location.

Lining up the shoulder seams at the collar to fold the tee. Mark the location of the bottom point of your v-neck with some chalk.


Step 2: Draw a point between the center of the collar and the shoulder seam. From the bottom point to the collar, cut a straight line.


Step 3: Start to cut. Trim right below the collar to cut out the fabric triangle. Tug on the edges of the triangle gently in order to roll the edges. Make the t-shirt a little stretch, and you’re finished!

Cut An Intricate V-neck T-shirt

This method is going to be a little bit complicated. However, as long as you are patient and meticulous, we believe you can do it.


Step 1. Mark the bottom of the v-neck on the tee and then mark the v neckline.


Step 2: Add marks for the shirt cutting and start to cut off the collar.


Step 3: Put the cardboard inside the t-shirt and then cut along the lines inside the triangle.


Step 4:  Stretch the pieces and add some DIY t-shirt weaving techniques to achieve the complete look.

Cut A V-neck T-shirt

When it comes to different necklines of t-shirts, many people choose a v-neck style. Is it easy to create a v-neck tee? The answer is yes! You can apply the easy no-sew v-neck method to make your shirt look better.


Step 1: Trim the collar off right underneath the seam. Prepare a pair of sharp garment scissors to do this.


Step 2: Decide how deep you want the v-neck of your t-shirt to run. Use your favorite v-neck t-shirt as a template or try your tee on in front of a mirror and use a washable fabric pen to mark the point of the V.

Step 3: Fold your t-shirt and then cut the neck opening in a straight line.


Step 3: Fold your t-shirt. During this process, make sure the seams and shoulders are in a straight line.


Step 4: Strive for a uniform and smooth neck opening. Try your new design on. If the neckline looks pretty, you’re done. Tidy up any jagged edges if necessary.

Above are three popular ways of how to cut a tshirt neckline. Besides, you can think of other tutorials, for example, cutting t-shirt neckline off the shoulder or cutting t-shirt neckline 80s. Choose the one you like and start a new experience to cut a tshirt cute!

A Few Words To Sum Up

T-shirts are so popular as they are so great. These shirts are comfortable and you can wear them with different things in your closet. That’s why, if there is an old shirt you’ve forgotten for a long time, try to make it look more adorable with a cutting neckline style you want. Hopefully, our guide on how to cut a shirt neckline is helpful. And if you try, don’t hesitate to share with us your result!

Reference: Sewing Is Cool

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