Look for a stylish halter top to achieve a new look right now? Here’s how to cut a tshirt into a halter top. Will you devote an afternoon to style your way?

A halter top refers to a type of sleeveless t-shirt similar to a tank top but with the straps being tied behind the neck. Halter tops are a favorite item in the wardrobe of many girls as these shirts are fun, sexy, and flirty. 

Do you have some shirts laying around your house? Maybe they are now too big or shapeless. Or you are no longer interested in that design. Instead of buying a new halter top from a department store, let’s do it yourself. Yes! Just with an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors, you are about to become a new stylist for your own t-shirt.

How To Cut A Tshirt Into A Halter Top?


What To Prepare?

There are essential things you need to prepare for no sew halter top from t-shirt. They include:

– Flat clean surface

– Old or oversize t-shirt

– A pair of sharp scissors

To get the best halter top from t-shirt, you should first wash and dry your tee first. Also, don’t forget to give the shirt a quick press so that you can remove any creases or wrinkles. 

Steps To Cut A Tshirt Into A Halter Top

Just relax! You don’t have to graduate from a fashion school to do this. Just prepare essential accessories and try. Even, you can complete everything just in 30 minutes. Now let’s go into the detail about the steps to cut a tshirt into a halter top.


Step 1: Cut off the sleeves and the collar

Turn the T-shirt inside out and start to cut. In this step, try to remove as little excess fabric as possible. Cut a little more out of the front of the collar if you love a lower neckline. However, it’s better to do this after you’ve tried the shirt till the end.


Step 2: Cut out the back

Cut along the imaginary line which connects the bottoms of the sleeve holes. Open this flap and put it flatly.


Step 3: Making the straps

To do this, you first need to cut on one side of the neck hole in a line 

that curves slightly towards the middle of the back panel. After you finish it on both sides, the straps should lie flat, and together with the neckline, they make a rounded “V” shape.


Step 4: Trim the straps

Cut along the straps until they get about three or four inches wide. In this step, don’t cut more fabric away from the body of the shirt.


Step 5: Try it on

You’ve completed cutting a t-shirt into a halter top. Now it’s time to put it on to check whether you have to make any change or not.

More Inspiration On How To Cut A Tshirt Into A Halter Top

If you are more interested in video tutorials, the two step-by-step videos below can also be great guides for halter top t-shirt cut.

YouTube video
YouTube video

A Few Words To Sum Up

Above we’ve shown you a complete guide on how to cut a tshirt into a halter top. We hope you all find our tutorial helpful. Let’s take time to turn your boring, oversized tee into a sexy halter top. If possible, send us pictures of your t-shirt halter top. We will really appreciate your sharing!

Reference: Instructable Craft