How should a t shirt fit

How Should A T shirt Fit

How should a t shirt fit?

Obviously, T-shirts are the staples in our wardrobe no matter how fancy or basic they may be. As a quintessential item for all, it is timeless and uncomplicated. But unfortunately, a such basic item like a t-shirt doesn’t fit everyone’s body shape. It is also clear that a t-shirt can look horrible when the fit is poor. For instance, necklines that are too wide, too deep or worn out, T-shirts are too long or too large. That will ruin every man’s outfit. So, how should a t shirt fit? 

This post will concentrate on men’s tees, which are also sometimes named unisex.

How Should A T shirt Fit

How should a t shirt fit?

It is obvious that when it comes to clothing, everyone has their own preferences. But there are some general style principles and rules to get the perfect T-Shirt fit. These rules do not depend on body shape, age, skin color, and other personal characteristics. But what exactly do we imply by perfect fit? If you desire a t-shirt that will fit like a tailor-made item, these 5 points are important when considering how should a t shirt fit:


How should a t shirt fit

Men’s T-shirts are usually designed with a round neck or a V-shape. The round neck is a timeless classic and can be paired with anything. It should lie flat and tight enough to cover the chest hair. 

V-necks should only be chosen for an undershirt or for very casual occasions; Its lowest point should never be lower than the height of the armpit.


A well-fitting t-shirt can be clearly recognized by the way it sits around the shoulder. In all cases, the shoulder seam should not exceed the shoulder bone or on the upper arm. Small deviations can be tolerated but in the best case, the seam should line up with the end of the shoulder bone, – exactly where the shoulder curve begins. 

If it droops over the edge, the tee is seemingly too big. Make sure that the tee is neither too large nor too small, and that it doesn’t get pinched anywhere.


How should a t shirt fit

You should notice both length and width. The perfect sleeve should not too tight and too wide. Your sleeves should end about midway between your armpit and elbow. Be sure the sleeves aren’t too close to your elbow (which will make your arms look shorter).

The body & width

Whichever your body shape is, the perfect t-shirt should not be too loose or too tight. A T-shirt that is too loose does not hide undesirable kilograms but also makes the wearer look larger and rounder. On the other hand, a tight-fitting T-shirt looks like a compression shirt and never looks good. 

It’s best to leave about 2.5-5cm excess fabric at abdominal height on each side of the tee(this may vary depending on whether a slim or a rather loose fit is preferred)

The length

Credit: The modest man

The ideal t-shirt length should cover the waistline and fall at the hips, which is about midway down the fly. This length can vary a few inches depending on a person’s height, but it should never exceed the top of the inseam, otherwise, it begins looking like a nightgown.

The chest 

The chest area should fit better than the lower half, but not stretched, or clustered under the armpit area. There should be some space to breathe and move freely.


Now, with our guides, you can easily check the fit of your favorite t-shirt. If your current tees are too long, you can get them hemmed. This is a great idea if you already have some that you like but that is too long. Keep in mind that it’s not a standard principle, you can totally get your t-shirts amended without necessarily purchasing new shirts. This not only saves money but also the planet: less is more! 

In addition to fit, how to dress up a t shirt is so important to make you look great. Hopefully, this t-shirt guide helps you know exactly how a t shirt should fit, regardless of your build.

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