How to dress a t shirt

How To Dress Up A T shirt

If you do not know how to dress up a t shirt to look more classy, we’ve got the style guide here.

T-shirts are an indispensable item and in our wardrobe.  They are basic and versatile garments that work with all types of outfits. And the ways on how to dress up a t shirt is beautiful are almost endless. The great thing about a t shirt is that it is such an article of flexible clothing. You can combine it with practically anything: dress it up, dress it down, make it sporty, or even wear it with professional attire.

Keep scrolling on 10 ideas on how to dress up a t shirt for work and dates.

How to Dress up a T Shirt 

Here’s your ultimate guide on how to dress up a t shirt with style.


T-Shirt and Jeans Outfit

T-shirt and jeans are a go-to casual daytime outfit but it’s never out of date. You can easily dress up jeans and a t-shirt to look right for almost any occasion. Dressing up a tee and jeans doesn’t mean adding layers of clothing. In the summers, you can dress up only a t-shirt and jeans to create a street-style-worthy outfit.


T-Shirt and Skirt Outfit

Wearing a t-shirt with a skirt is a wonderful way to add a little femininity and grace. Midi skirts are both comfy and flattering, and ideal for work or go out. 


T-Shirt and Leggings

This look is clearly the most casual of the bunch but it still looks good. A white t-shirt is perfect with leggings. 


Try a Double Denim Outfit

Double denim is a trendy and popular fashion style but many women find it challenging to wear. Here’s how to combine a denim jacket with basic jeans and a t-shirt, to create a beautiful outfit a casual weekend or hang-outs with friends.


Add a cardigan sweater 

This is a stylish casual outfit that you can wear all seasons. A casual outfit include lightly torn jeans and a white T-shirt that gets a fashion upgrade, with a long cardigan and a beautiful leather bag. It looks great for all shapes and is comfortable to wear all day. You can go with ballet flats, sneakers, ankle boots, or platform sandals to have a perfect look.  


With a Fitted Skirt and Booties

Do you like this style? Combining a form-fitting skirt with white-hot boots, a belt bag, and cat-eye sunnies, you’ll have a completely sexy, retro look. 


With a Leopard Coat

Here’s an easy, trendy, and stylish outfit that is wearable for casual dinners, and coffee dates. Start with a pair of straight-leg jeans, then add your desired t-shirt in any color and pair it with a classic leopard jacket. Add a gorgeous pair of sunglasses and a small purse, and you’re ready for a stylish day out.


With a Blazer and Cutoffs

A T-shirt and shorts might too casual depending on where you’re going, but adding a blazer and two-toned heels surely raises the whole ensemble. 


With a Matching Set

If you’re a fan of a matching set, pairing a graphic tee with a coordinating blazer and a short set like Bella Hadid is surely up your alley. It only takes you five minutes to put them on. 

How to dress up a t shirt- Style a t-shirt with leather jacket to add a stylish look

Add a Leather Jacket

Another attractive way to dress up a simple tee? Here’s a cool way to style jeans and a basic white tee for shopping or meeting friends every weekend. Begin with slim jeans and a simple white t-shirt. Then layer on a smart leather jacket, which is either basic black or an unexpected color or pattern. Play with adding accessories, such as brand-name sunglasses and a nice bag, until you have a look that you feel great.


With trousers

Looking for a basic and cool outfit for summer? Tucking a graphic t-shirt into a pair of trousers is a fashionable way. 


With a Bustier

If you want to go for cool style, try combining a white t-shirt with a lace bustier, and an evening bag. The bustier gives the tee extra interest.


As a Dress

Looking for a cute way on how to dress up a t shirt? Why not try your favorite T-shirt dress with fishnet tights and combat boots? She looks cool, right? You can buy an oversized T-shirt or opt for a men’s size to make the hemline longer.


With A Pantsuit

A graphic tee makes a polished pantsuit – particularly a classic plaid suit – feel more grounded and chic.

Need More Some Inspirations?


A T-shirt is quintessential to any closet. But this practical product has somehow become an afterthought and is hidden in the bottom drawer of your dresser. So, there are no reasons not to try these outfit ideas to create a polished, elegant look with your favorite t-shirt. Besides, if you want to create something more trendy and new from your t-shirt, refer to how to cut a t shirt. Hopefully, this post will inspire you how to dress up a t shirt every day. 

If you like these ideas on how to dress up a t shirt, don’t hesitate to share them with your loved ones. Want to add more cool ideas for how to dress up a t shirt? Let us know in the comment below.

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