What To Buy For Newlyweds – 35 Best Gifts That They’ll Freak Out Over

Gifting is an action indicating love and genuine care that one expresses toward others. This case is applicable for the newlywed present giving. As you give the couple the gift, whether as a friend or family member, or a business partner, you are showing them you’re wanting to contribute a part to their sacred day during a lifetime and caring toward the couple. But the real question here is what to buy for newlyweds?

What To Buy For Newlyweds They Will Actually Love

Gifting can be a tricky task for many people, especially they are sending gifts for newlyweds who have everything in hand. Evidently, it is not easy at all to come up with a gift idea that is practical but brings a sense of creativity and joy. Considering this dilemma, we have come up with several unique but feasible ideas for you when giving presents to the newlyweds. The following ideas can be noted down, in case you have a wedding to attend in the time being. 


1. Pixar Couple Shirt

Couple garments are never bad choices. Also, these items are of excellent diversity for you to consider and determine which would fit the couple the best. You can take T-shirts or pajamas as references for the couple’s garments. For this gift idea, we would love to represent the Pixar couple shirts as newly married gifts.


2. Cheese Board And Specialized Knives

A cheese board with specialized knives would never be an out-of-date gift. You would easily find numerous items in the section of cheese boards and knives. The designs keep going on and on with both unique and classic styles. A newly married couple can barely reject such an adorable and thoughtful addition to their daily life. A cheeseboard can be served in the morning as breakfast in bed for their first day as their husband and wife. If you have ever wondered what to buy for newlyweds, cheeseboards are always a safe option. 


3. Decanter

Decanters are coming up as an elegant and sometimes sassy gift for the couple. Decanters get more popular these days as gifts. We can guarantee that a decanter is not an everyday item for all couples, either newly married or not. A decanter of fusion style would be a wonderful present for a newlywed. It stands a low chance of repetition but a high chance of being one the most favorable presents for all weddings. 


4. Ice-cream Maker

Who does not love ice cream? That soft and mild sweet texture with tons of flavors makes a hot summer day feel chilling and refreshing. The newlyweds often purchase or are gifted with a coffee maker. This makes the ice-cream maker even more interesting and favorable. In addition, an ice-cream maker gets things done more quickly and easily. It cannot go wrong for a bride and a groom as a wedding present.  

5. “Until Death Do Us Apart” Couple Shirts 

Here goes another wedding present reference for brides and grooms who are in love with the dark and horror vibes. The quotes printed on the shirts remind us of the wedding vow. However, the style of these garments may be selective in terms of receivers, you should check for the interests and ethics of the couple before handing this gift to them.


6. Milestone Book

Many newlyweds would wish for a milestone book. A milestone book is another item that even those couples who have everything do not own. It is something of the mental joy rather than the material one. It would be such a meaningful item with all the important milestones and anniversaries journaled. As time goes by, we all hope to see that the milestone book is filled with moments that cannot be forgotten. What gift ideas for newly married couple can be more meaningful and romantic than this one?


7. Unique Glass Set 

Unique is the keyword for this newlywed gift idea. An eye-catching set of glasses with all the unique shapes and styles is not a bad gift idea at all. If you do a little searching online, you can catch sight of hundreds or thousands of unique sets of glasses, which can please the most selective people. Remember, you had better choose the set with both style and function. It should be a pretty gift that is usable for couples. Only in that way, would it make a feasible idea for what to buy for newlyweds.


8. Picnic Basket For Two 

A romantic picnic for two is a wonderful activity for every couple. Coming up next in our list of creative but still practical gifts for newlyweds is a picnic basket for two. This basket will consist of all the necessities for a picnic of two. A picnic on the weekend with good food prepared is like a dream to anyone. It also involves moment sharing between a couple, which makes this activity even more meaningful for the love birds. 


9. Customized Photoframe

Simple but touching gifts can always answer your wondering of what to buy for newlyweds. A personal signature is always highly appreciated by everyone. It makes them feel special and remembered in any way. A personal customized photo frame for newly married couples will be a great gift, showing that you put effort and thoughts into the gift. Besides, they can put their pictures in such a special place. When dealing with a personal customized photo frame, pay attention to the couple’s interests, ethics, and style. 


10. Wall Art

Artwork is a connector among individuals. In this case, your wedding present as wall art shows that you care about their mental satisfaction and living space. It is always a good idea to add up art to your living space. It enhances not only the area but also the quality of your life when having art in it. 


11. Projector 

Projectors are going to make wonderful Christmas gifts for newlyweds. Imagine that you two have a home theater at Christmas and spend Christmas Eve together watching the Christmas classic “Home Alone”. Making a home theater and watching romantic movies is also a wonderful activity that a newlywed can do with the projector present. 

12. Love Is Supporting Each Other In Old Age Personalized Mugs

As mentioned, personalized gifts are always the best ones to present to somebody we care about. For wedding presents, we have one more suggestion for you, which are the personalized mugs with touching quotes, wishing the newlywed to grow old together, falling in eternal love. 


13. Polaroid 

The tenth choice for what to buy for newlyweds would belong to polaroids. This item is also known as a memory catcher. The newlyweds definitely would need to take a lot of pictures during their honeymoon to save precious moments. We don’t think there is a more suitable present than a polaroid. A cute polaroid of pink or light blue would be one of the coolest gifts ever. 


14. Board Game

A game for the love birds is another option to take into consideration when it comes to what to buy for newlyweds. Playing games is a fun activity, and sometimes, it is a way to spice things up for couples. A couple’s game can be an exciting idea for this whole present thing. 


15. Vase

Vases are never out of date. They are classy but still got that sense of uniqueness and refreshing. A flower vase would be a nice present for our bride and groom, whatever case it is. Adding an elegant touch can be a life-quality enhancer. 


16. Cultivar 

The cultivar is coming at the next spot on our list of 35 practical gifts for newlyweds. However, this present would be more ideal for couples who love planting. It can be in the vice versa case if the newlywed you are about to gift doesn’t have a thing for the planting.


17. Personalized Bathboard

Bathing is the most relaxing time of the day for many people. For a newly married couple, bathtime can be provoking and relaxing at the same time. This is why personalized bath boards are on this list. What can be more fascinating than  personalized gifts for newlyweds?



18. Bed Sheet Set

One more gift for the newlyweds you can consider is a bedsheet set. Bedsheet sets nowadays come in various sizes, colors, and styles. You can easily pick up one set that is compatible with your couple’s taste but looks stylish and unique. 


19. Personalized I Met You I Liked You I Love You I’m Keeping You

The next present you can gift a newly married couple is a pair of customized mugs. These are the cutest gifts ever for a newlywed. They may have everything on set, but couple mugs would always be on the list of the should-have items for the newly married. Therefore, these personalized gifts can make one more choice for what to buy for newlyweds


20. High-end Dinnerware 

Once again, kitchen belongings are on the list of creative but practical gifts for the newlyweds’ ideas. For couples who haven’t shopped themselves with these items, your gift would put a smile on their faces. If they have already had dinnerware sets, gifting them with a special dinnerware set is still a great way to show your best wishing and care for the couple. 


21. Embroidered Pillows 

Hand-embroidered pillows are in the 19th position on the list of gifts for the newlywed’s ideas. We ensure you that nothing is worth appreciation more than something personal. As you shop for a pair of hand-embroidered pillows as a newlywed present, there is a huge chance that they would make a perfect one.


22. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is an item that can become a generational keepsake, passed on from one to other family members. Especially, these beautiful jewelry boxes can make satisfying Valentine’s gifts for newlyweds. We regard jewelry boxes as meaningful and usable gifts for newlyweds because of the mentioned reason, and they can use such boxes as a shared place for all their pieces of jewelry and accessories. 


23. Customized Serving Tray 

What can be more tempting than breakfast in bed? It is a romantic way to show intimacy in the newly married couple, and that is exactly why they should own one customized serving tray. As you gift a just-married couple with the tray, the customization here can be something relating to the couple, including their hobby, their destination on the wishlist, or their vows at the wedding. There you have another consideration in terms of what to buy for newlyweds.


24. Scented Candle Set

Scented candle sets can be purchased or handmade. If you don’t have the time, we would recommend you purchase them as newly married gifts. The ideal scent types would be rosewood and floral scents. They are relaxing and capable of creating a romantic atmosphere for the couple.


25. Wedding Honoring Poitrait

Wedding honoring portraits are wonderful gifts if you ask us. It is a way to save one of their best moments during a lifetime. As they get older, they can still look at the portrait and remember the feeling of extreme happiness and nerve at one time.


26. Romantic Date Night Box

A romantic date night box has got on the list. A date night box would be consisting of love games that a couple can play together, some cards, and perhaps scented candles to make their moment become more memorable. These boxes are workable as Valentine’s gifts for newlyweds too


27. Unique Coaster

Coasters are not the most essential item around the house, but they are evidently should-have ones. Thus, why don’t you think of gifting a newlywed with a specially customized or uniquely designed pair of coasters? We have just the suggestion right here as a reference for you.

28. I Stole Her Heart Matching Couple Shirts

Couple shirts of adorable quotes of them can never go out of style for every possible excuse. Next on the list of what to buy for newlyweds, we have the “I stole her heart” and “I stole his heart” with customizability, depending on your order requests. If you are interested, why don’t you take a closer look at these lovable garments? 


29. Luggage Set

Any newlywed would go on a trip for their honeymoon. That is why it is a perfect time to gift this newly married couple with a luggage set of 3 or 4 different sizes. They can use certain luggage on different trips based on their plans. If they have to go on trips constantly, luggage sets are the best solution to what to buy for newlyweds


30. Pet Portrait

Should the couple you are about to gift have a pet, you should definitely send them pet portraits for the wedding. They not only show your good intention and wishes to the couple, but also care for their life details and are touching gifts for newlyweds. 


31. Winemaker Kit 

What can be more interesting than making your own wine on a special occasion? Although the homemade wine may not be as well-tasted as the expensive type you usually have when in a high-end restaurant, homemade wine is delightful and meaningful. Gifting a newlywed with a winemaker should be one of your considerations since the winemaking is filled with joy and promising in terms of  quality couple time. 


32. Kayak For Two 

If you think the indoor activities are not provoking and adventurous enough for the couple you are about to send a present to, we have just a thing for you. A kayak for two is one perfect gift for what to buy for newlyweds who love outdoor activities. They can be kayaking together on the weekend for relaxation and quality couple time. 


33. Customized Key Holder

As a newlywed move to their new home, they would need a key holder. What is more appreciation-worth is a personally customized key holder. You can check the below item as a reference in terms of buying a key holder as a gift for the newlyweds.


34. Bluetooth Speaker

Music lovers would not reject a high-quality speaker for any reason. This would be a wonderful gift for newly married couples, especially those who love listening and dancing to music. 

However, for this present, you should be considered thoroughly the products added to your shopping cart because speakers are not like the other consumption items at all. A fine speaker is an excellent gift, but an under-average is not.


35. Bartender Kit 

A night in with cocktails is desirable for anyone, including newly married couples. As you are in search of what to buy for newlyweds, take a glance at bartender kits. They are affordable, up-to-date, and elegant.


36. Butt-Face Bath Towel 

Next in line, we have a quite merrymaking present. It is a butt-face embroidered bath towel in white and brown. This is probably one of the most unique presents we have discovered so far for couples, whether newly married or not.


37. Pasta Maker 

A pasta maker is another extraordinary gift. With a pasta maker, the love birds now can make their fresh pasta anytime they want. We highly recommend this present for newly married couples because it adapts to both criteria of creativity and feasibility. 


38. Robot Vacuum 

Last but not least, sending a house supporter as a wedding gift is not a bad idea at all. This gift would help them to save more time, which they can spend on each other as a newly married couple. It is not the most creative gift ever, if we must admit, but it is probably the most practical and supportive gift.

Unique Gift For Newlyweds Who Have It All

Still wondering about what to buy for newlyweds, take a look at our matching shirts. No matter you’re finding Christmas gifts for newlyweds or Valentine’s gifts for newlyweds, this list is for every type of couple.

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Final Thoughts 

We have just shared with you 35 ideas for creative but practical gifts for the newlyweds. After all, gifting at weddings is to express the appreciation, as well as best wishing you have for the couple. The primary purpose of the present is still the love and genuine care of one for another. Before choosing a present for a newlywed couple, you need to consider certain aspects, including interests, ethics, and compatibility. Hopefully, you have found the best answer to what to buy for newlyweds with all the information provided. 

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