What Issues Do Veterans Face At home

What Issues Do Veterans Face At home?

What issues do veterans face at home? As you may not know, the psychological pain that returning soldiers face goes beyond the consequences of going through the trauma of war. While veterans bring to life the unique skills they learned in the military, they also have their own obstacles when returning home. Knowing their difficulties, we should help and support them so that they can quickly integrate into the community.

What issues do veterans face at home?

There are many veterans agencies here to help people as they leave the military. However, many veterans still find it difficult to fully transition to a different habitat. Here are the challenges veterans face after they leave the military.

Poor mental health

What issues do veterans face at home?
What issues do veterans face at home? That is poor mental health

One of the most common is health problems. A large number of veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), with about one in five experiencing a mild form of TBI commonly known as a concussion. In addition, other common problems include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, problematic alcohol use, and suicidal thoughts. Many veterans suffer from a variety of health problems.


Another issue that veterans have to face returning home is homelessness. It is estimated that 30% of homeless people are veterans. It is estimated that 30% of homeless people are veterans. The reason for this problem is that many of them are addicted to drugs and suffer from mental illness. Other veterans can’t make enough money to pay for their housing.


What issues do veterans face at home
What issues do veterans face at home? Unemployment is a common issuse

In addition, many women and men had to experience sexual trauma, including harassment and assault, while in the military. This affects them both mentally and physically later on.

Many veterans face many obstacles in finding work after they return home. Most people usually join the military right after graduating from high school. That’s why they may not have the education needed for many jobs. Fortunately, the Veterans Administration can help people who are having a hard time finding work.

Physical handicaps

Many veterans were injured while serving and participating in combat. The consequences they can suffer from can be amputation, scarring, deformity, and some physical trauma. This can make it harder to find a job. They can also cause self-esteem problems.

Creating structure

What issues do veterans face at home
Do you know what issues do veterans face at home?

The army has always had a structure and a clear chain of command. This doesn’t naturally exist outside of society. Veterans will have to create their own structure or adjust to living in a different environment with more ambiguity.

Adjust to the rhythm of life and other work

In the military, personnel do not leave until the mission is complete. In a private sector business, an employee may have to stop and go home at 5 p.m., whether the “task” is completed or not. This may not be obvious to all Veterans.

The civilian workplace is completely different from the military environment, which can be a competitive environment. Given the direct nature of communication in a military setting, there can be subtleties in outside conversations and jargon that will be unfamiliar to Veterans.

What issues do veterans face at home
Understanding what issues do veterans face at home and help them overcome difficulties

Relationship with themselves

The veterans have dedicated themselves to serving the country. Their work is always sublime. However, this also leaves many people struggling with a sense of purpose and identity. They may have self-esteem issues because they no longer get the title of attention they used to.

Are veterans getting the help they need?

There are many health regulators that provide healthcare to a wide variety of veterans. But the quality and accessibility of services vary throughout the system. For example, several reports have shown that a large number of veterans do not receive any treatment following diagnoses of substance use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression. Many veterans don’t know how to apply for health care benefits, aren’t sure if they qualify, or don’t know that mental health benefits are available.

What Issues Do Veterans Face At home
What issues do veterans face at home?

Other barriers to good care

Veterans have reported the barriers and difficulties to finding VHA health care service, including:

  • Difficulty accessing medical facilities because of inconvenient location or lack of means of transportation;
  • Concerned about taking time off work and potentially harming their career.
  • Fear of being discriminated against (due to the stigma surrounding mental health issues) could result in loss of contact or custody of their Children or loss of medical benefits or disability.

How are recent veterans different from veterans of past conflicts?

What issues do veterans face at home
What issues do veterans face at home?

The military force currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan includes more parents of young children, women, reservists and the National Guard than in the past. Soldiers are younger, more diverse, and have more family backgrounds. They typically serve longer deployments with shorter periods of time at home between missions.

More diversity in the military has recently created new types of demand among veterans. For example, female veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have higher mental health needs than women who have served in other wars. This may be due to differences in the type of their role in the military.

They are also more likely than male veterans to believe they are not entitled to or eligible for veteran mental health services. Similarly, appropriate treatment of ethnic, racial, homeless, and sexual minorities is also a challenge.

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Now you know what issues do veterans face at home. Overall, leaving the military can be a very difficult experience. The fact that the civilian world abides by many standards seems to contradict those of the military. Therefore, veterans and family members need to work together for the long-term mutual benefit of all. The VHA also needs to be ready to provide the services that veterans and their families will need in the years to come.

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