What is the history of Patriot Day

What Is The History Of Patriot Day?

Patriot Day on September 11th is an annual observance to honor the nearly 3000 innocent victims who died during the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. So, what is the history of Patriot Day? Why Americans dedicate this day every year to remembering those who died in the attacks? Here we will help you answer all those questions.

Discover the history of Patriot Day

Let’s learn what is the history of Patriot Day

Discover what is the history of Patriot Day

Besides Independence Day, there are many different special days in the United States, Patriot Day included! Patriot Day in the United States is known as a special holiday to commemorate the lives of 2,977 people who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks on two important buildings in the World Trade Center in New York City and Washington DC. What is the history of Patriot Day? Let’s get to know more!

Patriot Day was formed due to a big terrorism

On September 11, 2001, a horrible event happened. Four planes in the United States were attacked. The hijackers then managed to fly three of those planes into two important buildings of the country. They were the Pentagon located in Washington DC and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

The fourth plane, also known as the Flight 93 of the United Airlines, at first was directed at Washington DC. However, with their selfless effort and courage, the passengers on the flight bravely attempted to take back control of the plane. Then it crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Patriot Day history

What is the history of Patriot Day – the 2001 terrorist attacks

The loss of life and damage caused by these hijackings resulted in the biggest act of terrorism ever in the United States. During the harsh attack, nearly 3000 people died. Additionally, the economic impact at that time was immense.

Patriot Day is not only to honor those who died during the attack. The special holiday is also to remember those who bravely stood up and died attempting to rescue people trapped by the attacks in the United Airlines Flight 93.

Patriot Day was officially established by the US Congress

On Dec. 18, 2001, a joint resolution by the U.S Congress designated September 11 to be Patriot Day. The resolution calls for the president of the country to issue a yearly proclamation. The purpose of this proclamation is to request that all U.S. flags be flown at half-staff. 

In addition, people in the United States are required to honor the dead with a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 AM, Eastern Standard Time. This falls exactly at the same time when the first airplane struck the World Trade Center.

What is the history of Patriot Day

What is the history of Patriot Day – a moment of silence

Before the resolution was passed, there were several other names proposed for the day. They included the National Day of Remembrance and the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. Currently, many Americans usually call Patriot Day 9/11 or September 11.

Is Patriot Day a national public holiday in the United States?

Patriot Day is on Saturday, 11 September 2021 but this is not a federal holiday of the country. It is a working day, meaning schools, offices, and businesses still follow opening hours in the United States. However, there are various memorial ceremonies organized to honor the special day.

Patriot Day is usually confused with Patriot’s Day. However, these two holidays are totally different. Patriots Day is another occasion that commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775. These were known to be two of the earliest battles in the American Revolutionary War.

How to observe Patriot Day?

On exploring what is the history of Patriot Day, we should also determine the best ways to observe such an important day!

Attend Patriot Day ceremonies

Taking part in Patriot Day ceremonies is an important part to observe the day. It’s vital that we know these observe moments of silence:

8:46 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #11 collides into the World Trade Center

9:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #175 collides into the World Trade Center South Tower

9:37 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #77 crashes into the Pentagon

9:59 AM EDT – World Trade Center South Tower Collapses

10:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #93 crashes in Shanksville, PA

10:28 AM EDT – World Trade Center North Tower Collapses

What is the history of Patriot Day

What is the history of Patriot Day – how to observe the day?

Participate in special church services

On Patriot Day, there are special church services or prayer meetings organized by different communities, particularly those in the areas directly affected by the attacks. People who personally experienced the horrible events in 2001 or lost their special ones during that time, may lay flowers or visit memorials.

Learn what is the history of Patriot Day

If you don’t know too much about the special day, doing research about the day is a good idea to observe this occasion. 

Watch a film about Patriot Day

YouTube video

United 93 Official Trailer

Watching a movie about the special day can also a great option to know what is the history of Patriot Day. There is a famous film produced about the fourth flight – United Airlines Flight 93. The film United 93, released in 2006, is a great film to bring you through the events of what happened on the plane.

Patriot Day is a special occasion for you to watch this film and discover how brave the passengers were when they responded to the hijackers in order to direct the plane away from Washington D.C. The film shows how passengers tried to come together to revolt against the hijackers. They were ready to do that in spite of knowing that their lives were at very high risk. The great film later received much critical acclaim. It quickly won a number of awards.

Get meaningful gifts that show patriotism

In addition, it’s important for Americans to find meaningful items to honor the people who died on the 11th of September, 2001. Give those thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and you can be together to observe the day. The special one in your life will surely appreciate your effort!

We believe that you now have explored everything about what is the history of Patriot Day. And the special day of the country is coming. We hope you will find various activities to participate in so you can remember those killed in the attacks!

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