Types of unicorns you should know

What Are Different Types Of Unicorns You Should Know?

Unicorns are uncommon creatures that always draw much attention from the public. How well do you know about these one-straight-horn creatures on their heads? How many types of unicorns are there in this world? Follow us and we will reveal all with you!

What are unicorns?

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The existence of unicorns is always a controversial thing. It is described as a horse-like animal with a straight horn on its head. Also, it is considered to get the hooves of a goat and the strength of a lion too. Though many believe the unicorns once existed on earth, the creatures seem to belong to legends more. 

If we pay more attention to the animals around us, we will realize the symbolism of so many creatures. For example, the ant symbolism is about strength, patience, loyalty, and diligence; the blackbird spiritual meaning may be welcome as a good omen or the messenger of bad news. And the unicorns – the legendary creatures are said to be the symbols of so many things such as purity, confidence, bravery, healing, and magic through some of their traits. 

For different symbols of different animals, people always wonder “what is my spirit animal”. And if a unicorn is your spirit animal, then this would be a wonderful thing that many people have always dreamt of!

The original types of unicorns

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Despite the fact that there might be several types of unicorns, there is surely the “original” type that we should know. The original type of unicorn, which is better known as the European Unicorn, maybe the version that most of us are familiar with. This is a beautiful white horse with a single ivory horn growing from the unicorn’s forehead. This is also the unicorn species that was mentioned in the story of King Arthur as well as lots of other stories, myths, and legends going around the creatures.

Popular depictions and images of this particular unicorn type might be found in ancient England tapestries. Normally, this unicorn is said to possess many magical properties: its horn may heal those it touches, remove a poison from the body, purify water while its tear can also offer healing.

The different types of unicorns

It is very important to determine that the unicorns did not only exist as what we know today. The unicorns existed in various forms and even some of them may be found today. Two fundamental categories of unicorns are Dark Unicorns and Bright Unicorns. While dark unicorns are unadulterated and shrewd, the bright unicorns are the opposite.

The classic bright unicorns

1. Ruva 

This is genuinely one of the most basic types of unicorns that everybody seems to disregard. They might be the greatest unicorns, and they come in generally normal or pale pastel hues. The creatures live in an open space in a wood or forest across the world. They own an exceptionally unique thing with flowers that no one truly has. Even, they are called “flower unicorns” as a result of that fact. These types of unicorns are the most comparative unicorn to ponies in terms of looks and having the faintest mysterious forces. Also, these animals love eating greens like other herbivorous animals.

2. Magi-corns

One of the great types of unicorns is the magi-corns. They live in surrendered handles abandoned by human clans and ranchers. These creatures eat the grass and roam freely. These types of unicorns have the most enchantment controls that one unicorn would ever have. The magi-corns utilize all their powers for good and stay together with two by two of two. They do this for unknown reasons and they desire to make a gigantic influx of vitality as well as enchantment to secure themselves. These sets of unicorns could assemble their horns and they will make the greatest beat of intensity on the planet.

3. Rainbow unicorns

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Of many types of unicorns, we cannot forget to talk about rainbow unicorns. Generally, rainbow unicorns are the most widely recognized unicorn on the planet. A rainbow unicorn owns a rainbow mane as well as supernatural powers that allow it to change the climate. They are considered a decent unicorn unit and do know to hurt. These types of unicorns can be found in any damp or confined places all around the globe. Their fundamental food asset is usually enchanted spring water and elodea (an aquatic plant of genus including Canadian pond-weed).

4. Bright Pegasi

Actually, this is a relative of the unicorn. This animal can fly as it owns wings, including a horn. The creature is known as a Pegasus. They resemble a typical splendid unicorn just with its wings. Their forces are to help all animals. At whatever point, one of these unicorns is close to you, so you are sure to feel astounding! Actually, nobody is actually certain about where to explore them at the moment. However, when they exist, the pegasus generally appears to come spare lives exactly when you need them. The Pegasus is usually also considered the symbol of wisdom and fame from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance.

The Remarkable Bright Unicorns

5. Feathered Unicorns

It can be said that feathered unicorns are one of the most uncommon types of unicorns in this world. They are the last one claimed to have spotted more than 19 years before. What’s special, the evidence of their existence today is still uncertain. There have been some claims revealing that there is an evaluated 20 – 50 of these still remaining on the planet, for the most part in North America. However, just as mentioned earlier, this is still an uncertainty.

These types of unicorn’s eating routine includes feather bursts, an extremely mysterious plant that is just palatable to plume unicorns. If other animals still manage to eat it, it is savagely toxic. These unicorn species are firmly identified with feathered creatures and they have pretty long wings. 

6. Straight Horns

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Many legends about unicorns reveal that straight horn unicorns are ponies mated with narwhals. Like their alleged progenitors, straighthorns are unfathomably nimble and they adjust to living by the water. This unicorn species might be the most far off species from different collaborations with some other unicorns or animals the same. They are said to live for the most part on far away chilly islands.

7. Ember Unicorn

Basically, ember unicorns live in hot, dry spots, for example, deserts or even volcanoes. They live on magma scarabs which are gross little bugs that must be seen by mysterious animals. These creatures sound awful yet to the animals they are great and yummy.

The Classic Dark Unicorns

8. Dark Riders

One of the most outstanding types of unicorns is called dark riders. They have underhanded powers and assault splendid unicorns. The creatures look startling with their clearly shaded hide. They own a dull principle and unmistakably shaded eyes. At the point when this type of unicorn assaults splendid unicorns, they will get the food, water and bright unicorns otherworldly powers for themselves.

9. Black Unicorn

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The black unicorn, as its own name, is featured with black fur with red horn and hooves. This type of unicorn is a sub-variety of the Northern European unicorn. They are different from the dark riders as the black unicorns look scary with plain coloured fur. Actually, the dark rider is a common variety of black unicorns. They possess evil powers and can even attack the bright unicorns. They are interested in taking the food, water and the magical powers of the other unicorns when attacking.


Do you know other types of unicorns or uncommon unicorn facts? If you realize that there are some types of unicorns that we have not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. We are always interested in learning more about this magical creature!

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