Price Increase Notice

Dear valued customers,

This is a notice that there will be an increase in shirt pricing to take effect on 5 April 2022. One of our core values at TShirt At Low Price is to provide the best products and services to each and every one of our customers. When you shop at our site, not only do we want to give you the experience you expect and deserve, but we pride ourselves on growing even further.

Commodity markets are increasingly going up due to two directions. On the one hand, demand is exploding as economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, sufficient supply to meet this demand is being hampered by geopolitical factors. That’s why materials, as well as production costs, are also affected.

After reviewing our operating costs due to cost escalation, we’ve made the decision to increase our prices on t-shirts from $15.99 to $17.95. This increase will help us ensure our commitment.

We greatly appreciate your support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the price change, don’t hesitate to contact us via We’re happy to chat more about this change with you.

Thanks for choosing TShirt At Low Price- we hope you stay with us for years to come.

The TShirt At Low Price team