Veterans Day gift ideas for employees

5+Best Veterans Day gift ideas for employees

Best Veterans Day gift ideas for employees
Looking for special Veterans Day gift ideas for employees?

Veterans Day is nearly coming. It’s the perfect time to give back to those who have risked their own lives to protect the country and its citizens.  In fact, many veterans have difficulty in finding work after they leave the army. It can be hard for them to translate their experiences into a civilian environment. 

If you’ve hired a veteran, what’s a better way to say thank you to them than a special gift? If you’re looking for Veterans Day gift ideas for employees, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of great Veterans Day gift ideas for employees that are worth your consideration. 

Cool Veterans Day gift ideas for employees

Military history books

Many veterans are interested in discovering more about the history of the military, whether it’s in the United States or from other countries. Military history books are a beautiful and informative gift. If your employee is interested in reading, you can give them a book focusing on their branches of the service,  like the Air Force or the Marines. 

Veterans Day t-shirts

When it comes to great Veterans Day gift ideas for employees, t-shirts are always a great pick. T-shirts are both beautiful, practical, and budget-friendly. Take a look at our collection of the best veteran shirt for employees to pick the perfect one.

Each shirt has a unique design and meaningful messages. These shirts feature military images honoring their service. Your veterans are sure to feel loved and happy because their sacrifices are recognized. 

Military-themed challenge coin

A military-themed challenge coin is also one of the best Veterans Day gift ideas for employees. It’s a small medal with the insignia or emblem of a particular organization. It is usually carried by members of that organization. There are a lot of challenge coins on Amazon. You can even customize it to create a special keepsake gift. 

Bullet-shaped metal ice cubes

Bullet-shaped metal ice cubes- veterans day gift ideas for employees
What are the best Veterans Day gift ideas for employees?

If you’re not sure what to give your veteran employees, consider bullet-shaped metal ice cubes. They help cool down the drink without melting and watering. Your veteran employees can enjoy their favorite beverage without worrying about it being diluted by regular ice cubes.  

Commemorative pen

A special pen is always a great idea to give everyone. There’s something meaningful really about keeping a special pen on hand to sign significant documents.  Something like a fountain pen is very unique and memorable. 

Many companies make pens for veterans and active-duty members of the military. The boxes of the pens can be custom-engraved with the veteran’s name, rank, job title, and service branch. Your veteran employee can use it every day or keep it for signing important documents. 

Veterans Day coffee mugs

If you’re looking for meaningful Veterans Day gift ideas for employees, opt for a coffee mug. Veterans or active duty service often have the habitant of drink coffee in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Everybody’s veins in the service are filled with coffee. So, when veterans leave the military, they might drink coffee on a daily basis.

You never go wrong with a high-quality mug. Pick a unique and special coffee mug to impress your veteran employees. You can opt for a sentimental, hilarious, or personalized mug depending on your veteran employee’s hobbies.

Veteran blankets

A blanket featuring the U.S flag is also a fantastic idea to give veteran employees. A beautiful blanket is not only useful but also adds extra texture to their decor. For a personal and one-of-a-kind gift, you can customize it.

Veterans Day flag

A flag is one of the cool Veterans Day gift ideas for employees.

There’s no better gift to show your true appreciation than a veteran flag. A flag for veterans is sure to make them feel proud and loved.

How can I make Veterans Day special? 

There are various ways to celebrate Veterans Day for your veteran employees. If you are wondering “How can I make Veterans Day special”, take a look at some popular ways: 

Send an email to thank their service

Great Veterans Day gift ideas for employees
Remember to repay the favor and honor veterans on Veterans Day and other days.

On Veterans Day, send Veterans Day messages to show your true appreciation for the veterans working for you. If you’re not sure what to say to veterans, check out these heartfelt Thanksgiving messages and quotes. Make sure to incorporate the names of veterans that have served. 

Ask their veteran employee about their service

Veterans Day is a wonderful time to ask about their service. You can ask them some questions like ‘What did you do in the service?’, “How long did you serve?”, “What was your favorite moment in the service?”, and more. Sometimes, you needn’t say anything, just listen to their story. 

Host a coffee break

Celebrate employees who are veterans with a midday social hour. Prepare a yellow ribbon cake, dress up with American flags and ask the whole office to join in. Also, you can prepare cards, pens, and invite all employees to write their own messages to thank veterans in the company. During the event, remember to recognize each veteran employee. 

Wear a red poppy

Fantastic Veterans Day gift ideas for employees
Wearing a red poppy is also a great way to express your gratitude.

On Veterans Day, it’s a great idea to ask all your employees to express appreciation and gratitude to active duty service and veterans. The American Legion Auxiliary gives red crepe paper poppies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day around the world. 

All poppies are handcrafted by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation, and donations received in exchange for the flowers will directly support disabled and hospitalized veterans in our community.

Wave the Flag

Putting small flags at your office and around the workplace to raise veteran employee spirit and show your thankfulness. 

Final Thoughts

On Veterans Day- and other 364 days of the year, spend your time, money to thank those who have sacrificed many things for all Americans. Don’t hesitate to give them a meaningful gift to express your utmost appreciation to veterans and their families. Hopefully, these Veterans Day gift ideas for employees inspire you to find the perfect gift.

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