The Christmas Contest Hallmark

The Christmas Contest Hallmark: Cast, Trailer, Synopsis

Christmas is just around the corner and one of the hottest topics is Hallmark movies. The Hallmark Channel’s festive season continues with the latest “Countdown to Christmas” holiday premiere, “The Christmas Contest.” The movie, starring Candace Cameron Bure and John Brotherton, just premiered on Sunday night, November 28. Read on to learn all about where the film was filmed, the synopsis, and the cast.

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‘The Christmas Contest Hallmark’ Synopsis

The movie is sure to be a treat for fans who watched both on Netflix’s “Fuller House” for five seasons, where Bure reprised her childhood role as DJ Tanner (as DJ Fuller) and Brotherton plays one of her love interests, Dr. Matt Harmon. Not only will it excite fans of the couple, but it will also be exciting as it is the first time fans have seen Brotherton in a Hallmark movie. 

So, what will happen in this movie, this will be the first time Bure and Brotherton reunite since “Fuller House” ended? Let’s find out:

‘The Christmas Contest’ revolves around ex-couple Lara and Ben, who enter a contest for a cash prize. At first, they don’t know that the other is competing, but then, they begin to realize, as they make similar choices. The official synopsis reads:

“Business consultant, Lara (Bure) and retired baseball star, Ben (Brotherton) learn that their local Denver television station is hosting a Christmas contest with a cash prize for a charity of the winner’s choosing; they seize the challenge! Lara is playing for the local senior center that her mom, Donna (Niven) attends, which is badly in need of repairs. Ben claims that he’s in the contest to help a local youth sports team but might be more interested in the press it could bring for his failing career.”

“As the contest heats up with Christmas-themed challenges, our competitors realize they have far more in common than their love of Christmas. Now, Lara and Ben must decide what’s more important, winning the contest or finding true love.”

You can see the trailer here:

YouTube video

The Christmas Contest Hallmark Cast

The Christmas Contest Hallmark

Candace Cameron Bure

In ‘The Christmas Contest’, Bure played Lara. Candace Cameron Bure is not only an incredible actor but also a talented producer. She is also a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, TV presenter, philanthropist, wife, and mother of three.

She is best known for her role as D.J. Tanner in the legendary Full House TV series in the entertainment world. She reprised the iconic role on the Netflix original series Fuller House and was also nominated for an Emmy Award for her hosting talent on the TV show The View.

The Christmas Contest Hallmark

John Brotherton

Fans know John Brotherton through Fast & Furious 7, The Conjuring, and Fuller House. He has also appeared in American Horror Stories, The Drone, Girlfriend of Christmas Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Modern Family, and Dexter.

Brotherton was born in Ellensburg, USA. He is married to actress Alison Raimondi and has two children together. In ‘The Christmas Contest’, Brotherton plays lead actor Ben.

The Christmas Contest

Barbara Niven

Barbara plays Donna in ‘The Christmas Contest’. Barbara Niven is a veteran actress, speaker, producer, and human and animal rights advocate. She has appeared in about 100 TV shows and movies and has won numerous awards. She is known for her work in The Rat Pack, Chesapeake Shores, Love Takes Flight, A Perfect Ending, The Crossword Mysteries, Christmas in Evergreen, Cedar Cove, One Life to Live, and The Sister-in-law.

The Christmas Contest

BJ Harrison 

BJ Harrison plays Martha. The actress has made a number of movies and shows throughout her career. She has appeared in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Yellowjackets, 2012, Holiday Hearts, Tooth Fairy, Triple Dog,  Maid, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jingle Bell Bride, Forth Selum, Riverdale, and Imposters.

Where Was ‘The Christmas Contest’ Filmed?

According to IMDb, “The Christmas Contest” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in September.

Executive producer Jim Head says filming Christmas in September can make you “a little loopy”.

In a now-deleted Instagram story from September, Bure told her followers that this year’s film is a true romantic comedy, even more so than many of her previous movies.

She said, ” This movie is a true rom-com. Like a true rom-com, which is so exciting.”

In a different story she said, “I know I say every Christmas movie, every year is like my favorite one, but this one’s really, really special for so many reasons. And I hope you guys all love it and agree…”

Bure shared her favorite moments in ‘The Christmas Contest’ are the intimate scenes 

Bure is struck by the quieter moments in the holiday film, describing her favorite scene as the intimate one. It follows Lara and Ben bonding about their past, what they’ve been up to since their breakup, and their wishes for the future.

“There’s a scene where we lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling and it’s our first heart-to-heart,” she said. “I just love that because those are the moments where you get to be still and have real emotion and feelings, and that’s where you hope to grab the audience.” 

‘The Christmas Contest’ entry into a series of Hallmark holiday movies has become a staple for many families during the holidays, and Bure told Insider she thinks it’s down to the “consistency” that they offer.

“You know that there’s going to be love. There’s going to be someone who walks away at some point, but there’s always a happy ending,” she said. 

‘The Christmas Contest’ premiered last night on November 28. Have you seen it yet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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