Joe Biden Shit on Pants in the meeting with Boris.

Joe Biden Shit on Pants

Joe Biden Shit in the meeting with Boris Johnson
Did Joe Biden shit on pants?

Biden is also notorious for being confusing and he has hit the headlines for many embarrassing reasons. Recently, Biden has taken the Internet by storm as Biden shits on pants. Is it real? Let’s discover whether Biden shits on pants or not.

Biden shit pants in the meeting with Boris

On September 22, when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was speaking mid-sentence with U.S President Joe Biden, staff ordered news media to leave The White House immediately. What happened there? Why did the media have to move instantly when Boris was sharing his ideas on the Northern Ireland Good Friday agreement at the White House on Tuesday? 

Before the sudden interruption…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “Would it be OK if we had a couple of questions? Just a couple?”

President Joe Biden: “Good luck.”

Here is a link to the conversation between Boris and Joe Biden. 

YouTube video

In the video, the meeting comes to a chaotic end and Boris Johnson seemed not to know what was happening. 

In 0:45s of the video, a reporter seemed to ask,  “Who Pooped?” Many people believe that Biden pooped in his pants. And his finger movement is probably his sign. The staff took it and let everyone go. Because the meeting between President Joe Biden and Boris Johnson was interrupted, so we don’t know whether Joe Biden shits on pants or not. Biden is just presumed to shit on pants. Because the is no evidence, we can’t conclude whether Biden shits or not. But if it’s true, it’s embarrassing.

#Bidenshit has gone viral on Twitter and become a hot topic 

Biden shits on pants and the way his staff asks the press to go out while Boris is speaking has triggered outrage to many. Everyone feels anger and it is unbelievable why Biden’s administration was absolutely rude, shocking, and disrespectful to Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is our important partner. Everyone feels embarrassed for this disgrace. 

Whether President Joe Biden pooped on pants or not, it was impolite when staff asked the media to leave when Boris was saying. What would Boris think about America when they cut off his mid-sentence like that? The important meeting is like a mess. Biden’s administration seems not to pay the minimum respect to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson when interrupting his statement. We should let him finish his sayings.

Joe Biden Shit on Pants
Biden pooped on pants has caused controversy.

Those who think that Biden shit on pants, feel ashamed and angry for the way they treat Boris. So, there is a lot of merchandise being produced to show this shameful case. The Who Pooped My Pants Joe Biden Shirt Who Shit My Pants is one of the notable items on the market that is shared and enjoyed by many.

Biden is ruining the United States

Joe Biden shits on pants
Biden is obviously ruining the United States.

It’s not the first time Biden has shaken the Internet. Biden’s withdrawal decision of troops in Afghanistan and billions of dollars in the most advanced military equipment and weapons in the world are left to the Taliban whose sole mission is to destroy America and all it stands for.

The U.S troop’s withdrawal declined the credibility of America and made it a fading power internationally. Biden’s failure in Afghanistan will be an excuse for China and some countries to talk about American decline. They can use images of America abandoning Afghan allies and its citizens as proof of America’s unreliability and incompetence.  And the world will consider America as a weak and untrustworthy nation. 

Biden pulls out and the Taliban move in while we lose the airbase closest to China. How an incomprehensible strategy! Speaking of China, they sent us a terrible pandemic and you ignored it while not preparing for a future defense of Taiwan.

Recently, President Joe Biden also makes Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison embarrassing when Biden forgets his name. This is also a significant conference but the U.S President didn’t remember Scott Morrison’s name. 

Border Security: Joe Biden has opened the door to a wave of illegal immigrants with no idea of their background and goals for coming to the United States. Many of them are positive for COVID and, when moved to who-knows-where, are threatening to trigger a resurgence of the pandemic. Biden never put Americans first like Donald Trump. He obviously doesn’t care for Americans.  

Crime: A wave of crime sweeping the country started in Portland, WA, riots your thugs began and continue with the free prison release policies of the Democratic regimes in all major U.S cities of the Democratic Party. Murders, rapes, beatings in broad daylight, and brazen thefts go unnoticed and go unpunished. The encouraged criminal is currently on duty and unrestricted. 

Foreign policy is a joke: Cuban Americans across the U.S. stand up shouting “Libertad!” demand independence and freedom for their own lives. But Biden ignores them and gets things worse, issuing warnings not to try to come to the US.

Why has Biden decided to turn their back on freedom-loving Cubans? Why are people fleeing the communist regime, where defectors are choked or shot and citizens are starving every day not welcome in our land? But he rolls out the red carpet for illegals from anywhere else.  What should we expect from a socialist Command-If-Chef leader? And what about Iran and its nuclear weapons potential? His so-called agreement is actually a financial plan.

America is no longer a powerful country. If Biden still remains in the White House, what would the United States become in the future? If you think that Biden is not suitable to be the U.S President, show your objection now. Here are some popular shirts to let everyone know that we all hate Biden. Spread your messages to those who have the same opinions as you.

What do you think about Biden shit on pants? Do you believe that Biden shit on pants? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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