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explore how Independence Day celebrate in India

How Independence Day Celebrate In India

Every year on 15 August, many streets across India are decorated with the tricolors of the national flag when the Indian celebrates their day of independence. However, it’s just a part of how Independence Day celebrate in India. On discovering the way people in India honor their Independence Day, you will find many other interesting activities!

discover how Independence Day celebrate in India

When is Independence Day celebrated in India?

On the way to discovering how Independence Day celebrate around the world, let’s find out more details about how Independence Day celebrate in India!

People in India celebrate their Independence Day on August 15. It’s a national holiday that marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the formation of a free Indian nation. In addition, Independence Day in India also marks an important milestone – it’s the partition of the subcontinent into two countries, India and Pakistan. This event took place at midnight on August 14 – 15, 1947. People in Pakistan celebrate Independence Day on August 14, a day before Indian’s national holiday.

Do you know how Independence Day celebrate in India

After 200 years under the rule of Britain, India finally gained its independence on 15 August 1947. On this important day, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of Independent India, performed a very important ceremony, which is now known as the flag-raising ceremony.

At that time, the prime minister hoisted the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi and then he addressed the nation. That marks the beginning of the flag-raising tradition that continues until today.

Background of Independence Day in India 

In 1916, The British East India Company first came to India in order to promote trade between Mughal India and England. However, these traders slowly controlled India. During this time, they applied a “divide and rule” approach, pitting powerful local maharajas against one another. By the 1850s, the British had controlled almost the entire country.

wonder how Independence Day celebrate in India

India’s struggle for independence began in 1857 with the Sepoy Mutiny in Meerut. In the 20 century, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian National Congress (INC) as well as other political organizations of the country launched a nationwide independence movement. They also launched an uprising against British rule.

During the Second World War in 1942, the Indian Congress launched the Quit India Movement. That was an important movement that showed a demand for an end to British rule.

How Independence Day celebrate in India? 15th August Independence Day

So, how Independence Day celebrate in India? The Indian celebrate Independence Day by holding a lot of festivities across the country. Let’s discover the most outstanding activities to honor their national holiday.


When it comes to the celebration of Independence Day in India, flag-raising is one of the most popular activities. In addition, they also organize drills and sing the national anthem of India. 

flag raising how Independence Day celebrate in India

After the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort historic monument in Old Delhi, there is a parade by members of the armed forces and police. The prime minister takes part in the ceremony and makes a televised address to the country right after the parade is completed. In the speech, the prime minister emphasizes the major achievements of the country during the previous year and outlines future goals and challenges. 


Different countries have different ways to celebrate Independence Day. And kite-flying is a very typical and exciting activity on how Independence Day celebrate in India. 

kite flying how Independence Day celebrate in India

On Independence Day, people make many kites of various shapes, colors and sizes. The image of colorful kites filling the sky of India is really a great image in the country’s national holiday.

Beating Retreat ceremony

how Independence Day celebrate in India

A special Beating Retreat ceremony is also an important part of how Independence Day celebrate in India. This activity is held at the Wagah Border in Amritsar. It comes with various festivities including a lowering-of-the-flags ceremony, a parade, sword fighting and cultural dances, and the ceremonial closing of gates.

Independence Day celebrations at schools

How about the 15th August Independence Day celebrations at schools in India? As Independence Day is a national holiday in India, all schools across the country close for the important day. There is a wide range of celebrations organized in different schools nationwide. Most schools will hoist the color of Indian’s national flag. 

Primary students take part in several activities such as decorating their rooms, reciting patriotic poems, or performing plays for fellow students.

Cool Independence Day gift ideas

It’s US Independence Day in a few weeks. Have you found the best Independence Day gift ideas for your loved ones? In case you are finding it hard to come up with a perfect gift for this occasion, don’t worry. Our recommendations below will be helpful to you!

Above is how Independence Day celebrate in India. How do you think about the way this country celebrate their national holiday? Feel free to share with us your opinion and in case you need our help when choosing gift for Independence Day, contact us directly! We are always ready to support you!

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