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best Halloween makeup ideas for guys

8 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas For Guys

Hunting for some inspiration for the big holiday of October? The following Halloween makeup ideas for guys will make you really stand out at the Halloween feast this year, whether you would like to go glam or ghostly.

It’s Halloween next week. Yes! The favorite night of the year for many people is coming. The spooky holiday gives people a great chance to wear funny costumes, try funky makeup and ultimately get into the trick-or-treating spirit. Love that Halloween costume? But what if you guys haven’t had any idea for cool makeup to finish off your look? No worry! These easy Halloween makeup ideas for guys will create a whole Halloween mood.

Halloween makeup ideas for guys

What are the best Halloween makeup ideas for guys?

There is no question that Halloween is a great time to put on something fancy. Not only for girls but also for men and children. Normally, men don’t go for makeup or avoid it. In fact, there are lots of impressive Halloween costumes and looks that they can easily achieve without any makeup. But believe us, there are incredible makeup ideas for men that can even go beyond your expectations! If you are among those who feel like makeup this year, look no further than the ideas below. 

8 amazing Halloween makeup ideas for guys

These easy Halloween makeup ideas will range from super simple to moderately simple. Here we’ve tried to compile a list of easy methods so that anyone can accomplish these looks. And admit it, you’ll be excited about discovering that you can completely create a perfect Halloween look just ​with the products in your makeup bag. 

With a little makeup, fake blood, and face paint, you can easily transform into anything you expect, whether it’s scary, lovely, or something perfectly in between. So, have a little fun, go a little wild on the big holiday by using a few of the products you pick up to have a brand new look.

Skull Halloween Makeup For Men

Skull Halloween Makeup For Men

When it comes to Halloween makeup ideas for guys, we can’t help mentioning skull makeup. Since it is quite an easy Halloween makeup, you don’t need to have any particular drawing skills to recreate. Basically, you will just need to sneak a black eye pencil from your sister or girlfriend, shade the areas around the eyes and the nose tip. After that, draw teeth on the skin using your jaws as a template. 

 Apart from the costume, Halloween makeup for men is also an essential part of your look if you want to really pull it off. So that you will not struggle with the choice, we have put together the coolest ideas for Halloween makeup looks. There is an option for every choice and preference, from easy to elaborate and from funny to scary. Besides, we even backed you up with a full look tutorial. So, allow your imagination to run free this Halloween and everybody will drop dead with your stunning look.  ADVERTISEMENT   Easy Halloween Makeup For Men To Copy Check out the photo collection below.  ADVERTISEMENT  Skull Halloween Makeup

With this makeup idea, you can create either a funny or creepy look. That’s what makes this makeup idea so cool and popular.

Zombie with Protective Mask Halloween Face Paint makeup idea

Zombie with Protective Mask Halloween Face Paint

The medical mask seems to become a familiar item in lots of makeup choices, especially for Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here, we highly recommend going with the spooky zombie look, completing with a protective mask on the chin. Wears white contacts to give out an eerie zombie look. Cover the entire face, including the lips with the foundation. Also, don’t forget to add dark circles around the eyes.

Clown Halloween Face Paint

Halloween makeup ideas for guys

In general, it’s hard to explain why a clown is commonly known as one of the most horror Halloween makeup ideas for guys. But as long as you want to make people’s blood run cold, you will never go wrong with a clown Halloween face paint. To achieve such elaborate Halloween makeup looks, there are some additional accessories you need to prepare. For example, try to find the right red curly wig and for the perfect outfit, get a clown costume.

Medical Mask Skeleton Face Paint Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup ideas for guys

This is another cool concept among various Halloween makeup ideas for guys. Paint a skull mask on your face to achieve an impressive look. However, if you expect to look like in the picture above, be sure that there are some serious makeup skills needed. 

Otherwise, head to a local store with Halloween supplies to buy a fake mask. In short, you can follow different ways to approach this appearance. 

Devil Halloween Makeup

Devil Halloween makeup - Halloween makeup ideas for guys

Those who are interested in scary Halloween makeup ideas for guys shouldn’t miss this look. Depending on the time and the skills you have, this DIY makeup will change from easy to elaborate. To achieve a more realistic look, you should invest in some horns, contact lenses, and claws.

Killer Face Halloween Makeup

Killer Face Halloween Makeup - Halloween makeup ideas for guys

This is one of the creepy Halloween makeup ideas for guys that will definitely scare away even the most relaxed people. However, you need to make a lot of effort to get this look.

Specifically, you need to prepare lots of things such as skin adhesive, fake blood, masking tape, liquid latex, a dark color palette, dark eyeliner, hair spray, and hairspray. 

And rest assured that you will love the results while it might take you a quite long time and several attempts to follow this concept.

Vampire Halloween Makeup Concept For Men

Vampire Halloween Makeup Concept For Men

Recently, due to the unfading popularity of the Twilight saga, a lot of men are interested in the vampire look inspired by its main character Edward Cullen. And for a simple and time-saving concept, you can completely choose Edward, as you only need to scatter some glitter over your skin to get a perfect look.

Zombie Face Paint For Men

Zombie Face Paint For Men

The DIY zombie makeup might be the second popular Halloween makeup for guys after the Skeleton. An easy zombie makeup idea to try consists of white paint covering the neck and the whole face and black eyeshadows around the eyes. Prepare some blood drips and gaping wounds if you desire to get a look with more creepiness.

Browse through these simple Halloween makeup ideas for guys for inspiration. Choose an idea that you love, head to your beauty cabinet, and experience a wonderful look to impress everyone at the party.

Best Halloween Gifts To Impress Your Loved Ones

Halloween is quickly approaching. More than ever, it’s high time you come up with a perfect Halloween gift idea for important people in your life. Follow our list below and you may get a good gift that satisfies them!

Final Thoughts

Let loose and be who you would like to be, even when it’s only for a night. All the Halloween makeup ideas for guys above are great options for you. Depending on your preference, go cute, clever, creepy, or totally glam with an amazing Halloween costume and pull everything together with the proper makeup.

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