Easter seems to come late this year due to the delayed first full moon of April, which occurs on April 16th.  However, no matter which day it comes, we would always regard Easter as an occasion to share our love and wish for a year full of hope. It is also why cards are sent at Easter. If you have yet to prepare cards for others, take a glance at 32 suggestions of funny easter cards

32 Funny Easter Cards That Will Make You Smile

If you don’t know what to write on your Eaters cards or simply you want to send your family, and friends some Easter wishes, these ideas of funny Easter cards below will help.


1. You Are A Good Egg Card 

The first card we would like to introduce to readers is the You Are A Good Egg. The card comes with fine material and lots of space for wish writing. It is quite adorable with the light tone and floral vibes printed. 


2. Step Off Card 

The Step Off card illustrates the scene of a bunny and chicken warning one another to stay away from the eggs. This illustration has long been classic, but would never go out of style. The Step Off seems to be many’s go-to comical Easter cards when it comes to this season. 


3. Bunny With A Pancake Card 

This would definitely go straight into our shopping cart for its cuteness and humor. This card demonstrates an adorable tiny bunny with a pancake on its head, saying that I don’t know which card to give you so here is a bunny with a pancake on its head. It can be not the most touching card to receive but absolutely one of the funny easter cards to purchase. 


4. Bunny Selfies Card 

Next on the line, we have the Bunny selfies card. This card is quite comical, in our viewpoint. There are three bunnies taking selfies together in a frame, with a saying you idiot. The bunnies are not so admirable as they look, but their character features can be a little spice to make the whole picture better. 


5. Multiplying Easter Card 

If you didn’t know, bunnies reproduce with incredible speed. That’s why when people see this card, they get the dark joke right away. Multiply means to increase the number in a short time, and so is rabbit reproduction. Get to the part about multiplying – What funny easter sayings for cards and surprisingly dark for adorable bunnies! 


6. Bunny In Her Relaxing Night Card 

Another idea for funny easter cards is the Bunny in her relaxing night. The card appears with much of our reality. If your card receiver is in need of more relaxation, this is the card to give. 


7. I Feel Empty Inside Card

The bunny-shaped chocolate is iconic for Easter. In this card, you would see a quote of the bunny, saying that I feel empty inside while talking to the egg. It is like a scene of a private therapy for the little bunny.


8. Grandma’s Fun Idea Card 

One more card to consider is Grandma’s fun idea for Easter. Instead of looking for eggs, the family would now be in search of grandma’s glasses since they are way more difficult to look for than eggs.


9. Easter Outfits Card 

The next option for funny easter cards is the easter outfits, showing a couple of a hen and rooster looking at their baby eggs, wearing the holiday customs. This is a light-hearted joke, and it seems to be quite amusing. 


10. Blackmailing Bunny Card 

The tenth card is a humorous choice for easter cards. The bunny is blackmailing the two men for money, offering that he would not put any candy in their baskets anymore. The card also has a small reminder for our health consciousness.


11. Creme Filled Eggs Card 

Now, it would be time for another comic-like card with the Creme filled eggs title. It has been a familiar story that bunnies hide eggs, but is it true that bunnies have their hidden eggs for dinner as the card covering? 


12. You Had Me At Hollow Card 

Instead of saying you had me at hello, this card has listed out one of the funny things to write in easter cards for you – You had me at hollow with two iconic chocolate bunnies of the season. What can be a shopping promoter of NobleWorks is their price range for each card like this, less than 6 dollars to be specific. 


13. Bunny Family As Hostages Card 

Chocolate bunnies are often used as a dessert on Easter. This card is inspired from that fact, and makes up the scene of a little chocolate bunny asking a woman for help. He insists the woman on rescuing his family from being hostages on Easter. 


14. Nailed It Card 

We all know that Easter, in the spiritual meaning, celebrates the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to heaven. In the card, there is a picture of Jesus creating an Easter egg. It is like a mark for the first Easter ever as he has finished the egg.

15. Easter Bunny Hide Beer Card 

What if easter bunnies hide cans of beer instead of candy bars? That would be fascinating for beer lovers, but it would probably happen in another dimension only. Or there can be a significant change to this, we can’t really tell a certain fact in the future. In one way or another, this easter bunny hide beer card is totally a should-have item in your cart, in terms of funny easter cards.


16. I’m Back B*tches Card 

We can say that this has been our favorite so far. It is a wonderful option for funny easter cards. It is not the most proper choice to send for the older or family members, but it is no doubt one of the most hilarious cards to send for your friends.


17. Good Or Great Easter Basket Card 

It is undeniable that a good basket for Easter is filled with sweets and chocolate. It kind of reminds us of Valentine with all that sweetness. However, for an adult, a basket with wine and a couple of glasses is far better than the original basket, and that is what this card has demonstrated to you.


18. My Butt Hurts Card 

My butt hurts card is our next recommendation for the funny easter cards. It is pretty realistic for the “bunnies”, and gives the receiver a light sense of humor. The car material is at about 7.5 to 8 on a scale of 10 for us. The look is quite old, but it is still muchly applicable for Easter. 


19. Bunny Easter Letter Card 

The nineteenth choice is for kids, if you are looking for one. With these cards, you can make your own feature to make them more hilarious. Instead of keeping them in the first design as the origin, you can turn them into funny easter cards to make for the day. 


20. Bunny And The Game Show Card 

Old but gold is the term to describe the Bunny and The Game Show Card. On the covering is the scene of a bunny guessing the word of the quiz. He puts on the right number of words, however, his guessing is yet to be correct. The game show joke has always been fun and light-hearted. 


21. I Found An Easter Egg Card 

We have come to two thirds of our list. For the 21st recommendation, we have the I found an Easter egg card as a reference for readers. It would be suitable for kids and family members, and it is featured with a comical dinosaur, which can be amusing to everyone. 


22. Peep Peep Card 

Another unique and adorable card for you to pick up. The Peep is a kind of marshmallow shaped into a chick or bunny for Easter. It is also a slang word for people close to you, such as friends. That is why we think this would be suitable as an Easter card for readers who have yet to prepare one. 


23. She Is All Plastic Card 

Funny easter cards are coming your way, and the card She Is All Plastic is no exception. Another available option is for purchasing. The card graphics are all fine. It is quickly shipped from the provider, and the quality seems fine enough for us.


24. Have An Eggs-Tra Special Easter 

Here comes a choice for readers with one of the funny things to write on easter cards you can do with. The word extra would then be replaced with a more Easter-Inspired term as Eggs-tra. Its light color makes it elegant, and the animated egg makes the overall look become more adorable. 

I Like Your Bum Card 

25. I Like Your Bum Card 

An option for funny easter cards, but it is specially for couples on this upcoming festival. It is naughty but still cute at the same time, and we think it is the biggest plus point for this card. The other factors are just fine, but not so great. However, it is still a spicy but adorable card for Easter.


26. Eggs Won’t Be The Only Thing Card 

The real naughty card for Easter is here. It is definitely a funny but really quirky option for Easter cards. Once again, this card is not for children or family members, keep that in mind. But if you are sending this to your lover or wives, barely a choice can beat it.

27. I’m Back B*tches But More Fabulous Version Card 

Coming at our 27th position on the list of ideas for funny easter cards is the classic I’m Back but in a more fabulous expression. The previous recommendation was simpler with fewer colors and decorations, but this option is quite the opposite. 


28. Have An Egg-cellent Easter Card 

If you are a word-play fan, you can take the egg-cellent card as a reference. It is cute enough for all age-range receivers and fun enough to light up their day. If we must choose, we would probably go for cards of this spirit.


29. Happy F*cking Easter Card 

Naughty card alert for the youngsters! Let’s take a look at one more naughty Easter card for lovers in this section. The two bunnies printed on the card are still so adorable, if not considering the scene. If you need to spice up the romance, go for this.


30. YOLO From Jesus Card 

YOLO – Why not? YOLO stands for You only live once, and this slogan is highly promoted for its spirit of encouraging people to do what they are passionate about and try new things in life without fear. Though it is an Easter card, you can use it for almost every occasion during the year round. 


31. You Must Be Yolking Card 

We nearly reach the final suggestions for funny easter cards in this article. The thirtieth position goes to the You must be yolking card. It is light-hearted as it should be. The card is of the same concept as the Egg-cellent Easter and Eggs-tra Special suggestions, and we are totally fans of them. 


32. Lick Me. Bite Me. Eat Me Card 

The last recommendation for the topic of Comical Easter cards is the Lick me. Bite me. Eat me card. It is cute and quirky at the same time, but still appropriate for all age-range receivers, as far as we are concerned. The printing quality is a highlight for this card. 

Things You May Not Know About Easter

  1. Easter marks the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. Therefore, Easter is all about hope for a new lease of life after sacrifice, in other words, the holiday comes with the wish for eternal hope in a person’s life. People often say to one another the nicest things on this occasion, for this part, it is quite familiar with Christmas or New Year. 
  2. Easter Day is calculated as the following: it is the first Sunday after a full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox throughout the year. Easter often comes on March 22nd to April 25th. 
  3. Cards On Easter are social norms. If you think people do not send cards on Easter, it is a huge misconception. Like Christmas or New Year celebrations, people send a lot of cards to wish their beloved ones the best things. 
  4. The non-religion are celebrating Easter. Although the holiday was originally for Christians, the non-religion have every right to celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere of the season. There are numerous activities that a non-religion can do when taking part in Easter, including doing egg decoration, going on egg hunts, and enjoying delicious treats on this day. 
  5. The most delayed Easter is not happening until 2038. The last time Easter came on April 25th was in 1943. Such a late coming of Easter would not occur in a span of 95 years, which means that Easter would arrive earlier than the milestone of April 25th for 16 more years. 

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This is the end of the article. Tshirtatlowprice hope all the information provided on funny easter cards and the holiday itself have brought you useful acknowledgment and can lead to a hard decision to make for this upcoming festival. 

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