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Joe, you know I won'

Did Trump really write ‘Joe, you know I won’ in a letter to President Biden?


A picture of a letter purportedly left by former President Donald Trump for new President Joe Biden has gone viral on social media these days, which has the signatures and the official stamp of the outgoing US President.  The online letter in the picture reads: “Joe, you know I won.”

The letter has received various evoking sharp reactions from the netizens. It was quickly turned into a meme, with hundreds of netizens making funny guesses about its contents. 

Thousands of Facebook users instantly shared the image and some left comments said that they believed it was real, for instance, “So this is the letter” and “Love President Trump. Always says the truth!!”


Trump took part in the Presidential tradition of leaving a letter for the successor, but the contents have not been revealed as of this article’s publication. President Biden said at the White House on Jan. 20, the day of his inauguration, that: “The president wrote a very generous letter,” but “because it was private, I won’t talk about it until I talk to him.”

YouTube video

Since the controversy surrounding the letter, some versions have been satirically shared. (1,2,3,4)

There is no evidence that the letter described on social media is real. The content of the letter also differs from Biden’s assessment of it being “very generous.”

Additionally, the seal at the top of the letter does not match the one used on other Trump letters that have been made public, like this one. The letter posted to Instagram was also dated “January 20, 2021”, rather than the usual date format with the month first, then the day. 

Finally, the letter’s claim that Trump won the election is false. Election officials, both Republicans, and Democrats, have affirmed that there was no widespread voter fraud and that lawsuits alleging fraud have mostly failed. So, the letter which went viral on social media is fake. 

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