Crown For Christmas

Crown For Christmas: Filming Locations, Casts, And Reviews

One of Hallmark’s holiday drama series, ‘Crown For Christmas’ is one that stands out. It is a 2015 American made-for-television romantic comedy film. The series premiered on the Hallmark channel on November 27, 2015, as part of their Countdown to Christmas seasonal programming block. Want to know where “Crown For Christmas” was filmed and who was on the cast? Here’s everything you need to know.

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‘Crown for Christmas’ Synopsis

Allie Evans (Danica McKellar) is an American hotel maid who was fired for not preparing a room for an important guest in time. Hearing of her dismissal, a patron’s servant, Fergus (Pavel Douglas), hires her to tutor his employer’s daughter in the country of Winshire.

After reluctantly accepting, and upon arriving at the castle, she knows that Fergus’ master is King Maximillian (Rupert Penry-Jones) and his daughter Princess Theodora (Ellie Botterill). Max informs Allie that the Princess prides herself on persecuting authority figures and has gotten worse since her mom’s death. When Allie works here, we see Allie bond with Theodora and also help bring Theodora and her father together. And through all of this, a spark formes between Allie and Max. However, Countess Celia is expecting to marry the King. Will Max support his feelings for Allie and make it a Merry Christmas for all?

Where was Hallmark Crown for Christmas filmed?

The movie was shot entirely on location in Romania and Slovenia. It is one of the few TV movies filmed outside of North America. If you’d like to visit or reenact scenes from the movie, here are details on specific locations:

Bucharest, Romania

Crown For Christmas was partially filmed in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and a city once known as the ‘Paris of the East’. Several other films also filmed in Bucharest include titles such as ‘What Happened to Monday’, ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’, and ‘The Nun. The ‘A Christmas Prince’ trilogy was shot in Bucharest.

Busteni, Romania

A large part of ‘Crown For Christmas’ was filmed in Busteni, at Cantacuzino Castle, which is a neo-Romanian castle (built in 1911) and located on Zamora Street in the Prahova District. The only other film shot at the castle was ‘Royal Hearts’, a 2018 TV movie.

Bled, Slovenia

One of the picturesque places in Slovenia – Lake Bled. Nestled in the Julian Alps of Upper Carniolan, Lake Bled was the site of a prominent scene (involving late-night horse ride) in “Crown For Christmas”. ‘Dark Echoes’, a 1977 horror film, was also filmed at Lake Bled.

Meet the cast of Crown For Christmas

Crown For Christmas

Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar as Allie Evans, opposite Rupert Penry-Jones’ King Maximillian. In addition to being a famous voiceover artist, McKellar has also acted in ‘The West Wing’, ‘The Wonder Years’,  ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘Inspector Mom’.

Crown For Christmas


Penry-Jones as King Maximillian. He is best known for playing Adam Carter on ‘Spooks,’ but his acting credits also include,’ ‘Black Sails,’ ‘Whitechapel, and ‘The Strain.’

Crown For Christmas Cast

Ellie Botterill

Ellie Botterill plays Princess Theodora. She has also acted in ‘Jamie Johnson’ and ‘The Demon Headmaster’. Pavel Douglas (King George from ‘The Princess Switch’) portrays Fergus, while Colin McFarlane (‘Batman Begins,’ ‘Outlander’) plays Chancellor Riggs.

Other Crown For Christmas Cast

  • Cristian Bota as Carter
  • Alexandra Evans as Countess Celia
  • Pavel Douglas as Fergus
  • Amy Marston as Miss Wick
  • Colin McFarlane as Chancellor Riggs
  • Emma Sutton as Mrs. Claiborne

Crown for Christmas Review

Actually, the story of this movie is quite similar to A Christmas Prince: little monarchy, widowed king, an orphaned princess, needs a governess, American girl gets a job, everyone tries to send her back and marry the king to someone else, but in the end true love will prevail. Or is it Christmas magic?


Allie is a New Yorker, born and raised, and works at a very posh hotel with her younger sister. They are chambermaids, and really don’t like their job, but it pays the bills, which they need to pay sooner rather than later. Their brother is still in college, and Allie’s sister has just joined a play, hoping to become an actress.

This leaves Allie alone to clean the rooms on the VIP floor, which happens to be also where our King resides. Max was on a short trip to America when he first met Allie at the hotel, and ironically, it was his suit that got her fired.

Crown for Christmas Review

See, with her sister acting, Allie was falling behind with cleaning and the tough manager was quick to fire her on the spot, this was heard by Fergus, King (Max’s personal servant). Later, Fergus hired Allie to tutor his daughter and princess Theodora, daughter of King Maximillian. Allie’s brother and sister convince her to take the job, and so the story begins here.

The plot of the film is quite predictable: the princess Theodora, who seems to scare off most other women, except Allie. Max also gradually realizes his feelings for Allie. The film becomes more dramatic when there is the appearance of Duchess Celia, who is supposed to marry King Max and become the next queen.

Of course, no Christmas movie is complete without a fairytale ending, which leads to Max riding to the inn to pick up Allie, taking her back to the palace on his trusty steed, where everyone is happy with the fact that they’re getting a really nice, loving and compassionate queen.

The end!

All in all, this is a light-hearted, romantic, and enjoyable movie. Although the plot was fairly predictable, as I got sucked into the story, it was the power of Danica, Rupert, and even Ellie that made me put my prejudices aside and watch with more and more enjoyment. animal. So, for your whole family to watch together, don’t miss ‘Crown For Christmas’. This is sure to be a new Christmas hit to be watched over and over again.

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