Interesting Christmas cards 2020 for everyone

Interesting Facts About Christmas Cards 2020 That Will Amaze You

Nothing evokes happiness like a lovely Christmas card. Do you prepare Christmas cards 2020 for your loved ones? Every Christmas season comes, we all hand each other a beautiful greeting card with countless meaningful wishes and love words to our loved ones. But do you know the history behind the cards? Get started with us to delve a little deeper into how the cards become an indispensable part of the holiday celebration and send our best wishes to our nearest and dearest.

One of the funny Christmas cards 2020 for everyone

The History Behind Christmas Cards

The custom of sending Christmas cards started from the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, a senior civil servant. He asked his best friend Mr. J. Horsley, an artist in London, to design a beautiful card for him to send to relatives and friends.

So Christmas in 1843, Horsley released the first Christmas card in the world. The card is a hand-drawn painting including three parts. The middle section depicts a scene of a family gathering at a Christmas party and the other two sections depict poor children being well-fed and warmly dressed

The first Christmas card- See how different it is compared to Christmas cards 2020

The first Christmas card featured the greeting “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you’’! With the above Christmas card designs, Henry Cole produced 1,000 cards. At that time the cards were lithographed and colored, so the price was quite expensive

In 1875, a German-based printer Louis Prang living in the United States produced a high-quality printed card, using 20 blending colors on a card. He quickly gained popularity and was referred to as the father of the American Christmas cards. He produced attractive and affordably priced chromolithograph cards for the mass market. By 1881 he exported to the market about 5 million cards per year. 

Christmas cards quickly became popular in the UK as the government allowed people to send letters anywhere in the country at low prices. During the next 10 years, Christmas cards became a popular trend in England and later they were introduced to Germany. But it took 30 years for the Americans to accept this trend

Awesome Christmas Cards 2020 Ideas

Christmas Cards 2020 For Kids & Schools

Christmas comes once a year, and it’s almost here. As normally, kids are often received lovely cards from their family or their teachers. But this year, do you want to make a difference for your children?

Have you ever heard about Christmas card fundraising for school? It’s a meaningful activity that your kids will design their own Christmas cards 2020. Then their products are printed professionally and bought by their parents, grandparents, and friends. It’s a form of fundraising for their schools.

One of Christmas cards 2020 that kids draw

It can be said that this project will definitely encourage your kids to promote their creations and develop more skills. It’s also an opportunity for you to show support to the school through something you’ll buy. Then, all your profits go directly to the school.

These individually fundraising Christmas cards 2020 will bring a memorial Christmas celebration for children and your school. If you are interested, refer Christmas Cards for School for more detail

Christmas Cards 2020 For Family Members

Christmas is near, and many members of your family may be longingly waiting for your Christmas cards. Make your loved ones feel special and impressive with unique Christmas cards 2020.

Let them know how important they are to you and your love, with a touch of Christmas spirit. You can create a perfect and one-of-a-kind Christmas card 2020 this year with a little humor and creativity by taking photos and personalizing cards

Meaningful Christmas cards 2020 for your family member

Christmas Cards 2020 For Friends

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time to mail holiday cards to all of your friends, acquaintances, family members, co- workers. For your family, you will send a family photo card or a classic card with Santa Claus on the front for the acquaintances. But for the people you’re super close with, you want to send special and unique cards. We’ve got covered some funny Christmas cards 2020 to get your best friend laugh out loud.

Lovely Christmas cards 2020 you shouldn’t miss
Funny Christmas cards 2020 will make your friends excited
One of interesting Christmas cards 2020 that will make your friend smile immediately

Christmas Cards 2020 For Charity

Christmas is nearly knocking at the door. It’s the time that we look forward to exchanging greeting cards or presents with friends, family, as well as your loved ones. It’s also an opportunity for us to share love and lend our support across the world. 

Have you ever heard charity Christmas cards?

Charity Christmas cards 100% goes to a good cause. The charity raises its own funds from the sale of beautiful Christmas cards on the website. There are a lot of organizations that help the poor and abandoned children by giving 5- 10% of the profits. But an organization ensures 100% of the money paid goes to a charity named Sreepur

Buy Sreepur Christmas cards 2020 to lend your support to the abandoned children

Sreepur is located in a facility that produces high-quality paper from locally grown jute, then dyed in vibrant colors. According to the statistics, Sreepur cares for nearly 100 destitute mothers and 500 abandoned children. Amazing, right? The profit from hand- made Christmas cards is definitely for them. Spree cards are made in rural Bangladesh by the women of the Sreepur Village Outreach Project.

If you want to contribute to Sreepur charity, you can choose from this festive range of Christmas cards and invite your family or friends to join with you. Currently, Sreepur has received overwhelming orders, it takes a little time for them to do a thorough stock check before accepting further orders. So, you can’t order Sreepur Christmas cards 2020 for a while. Wait and keep your eyes on their website before the holiday comes.

Christmas Cards Homemade Ideas 2020

Every Christmas comes, in addition to the Christmas room decorations, Christmas gifts, we all want to send our friends and family members interesting and unique cards. But if the cards are made by your own hands will mean a lot more, at least show your sincerity to them. Moreover, you will feel happy when you can manually choose your favorite images and meaningful wishes to decorate on the card. Check out some unique DIY Christmas card 2020 ideas with us!

Christmas Handprint Cards 2020

If you want to make your own Christmas cards with your kids, we have the perfect ones for you. Your kids will love making their own handprint Santa, reindeer, and elf. These handmade Christmas handprint cards are festive, lovely, and do not require a lot of time or expensive supplies to make. 

All you need are some paper, scissors, cotton, and glue. Start by cutting out a green piece of paper according to your finger. Next, draw the character you like. Then, color these needed using crayons/color pens. Add a special Christmas message inside, and your Christmas card 2020 is ready. Let’s see Christmas handprint as below

Handprint Christmas cards 2020 you will love

Handmade Gloves Christmas card 2020

Floating Christmas cards with colorful gloves, below is a patterned background for you to write your wishes. The Christmas song is a good idea to help you have a beautiful, cute and catchy- eye card. 

Handmade gloves Christmas cards 2020 are easy for everyone to make

To make this 3D Christmas card 2020 you need to draw pictures of hands or go online to find hand patterns and download. Then you use scissors to cut the shape of your hand with many different colored papers. Next, stick to the colored paperboard as the image or you can stick it on your favorite colored paper.

Easy And Simple Christmas Cards With Thread 

Decorating cards with stitches will help show your talent for embroidery. But you should choose cardboard paper to make cards thick and make sure it does not tear when stitching. Sketch out the fuzzy lines on the card cover, then use the right colored needle and start stitching. During the stitching process, you can attach lovely accessories to make the card more eye-catching.

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards facebook
Christmas card 2020 with stitches create a special feature


Happiness is not that you are given a large Christmas tree in front of your house, eating luxurious meals or being given expensive gifts. Sometimes happiness is when you feel warm in the cold of Christmas Eve.  The warmth is spreading from the friends and relatives they give you in a card, a humorous greeting. 

We hope these ideas inspired you to make your own Christmas Cards 2020 instead of buying them. These handmade Christmas cards are super cute, quick, easy to make, and add warmth and personality to your wishes. Send them to your loved ones and they will highly appreciate your efforts. So save some dollars and bring your underwear inside for a lovely Christmas.

Also, we hope this information above will get you excited about the most cherished holiday and choose your desired cards.

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