Chrsitmas bank holidays 2020

All Fun Facts About Christmas Bank Holidays 2020 You Need To Know

Christmas Bank holidays 2020 is one of the most desirable days in the UK. Although there are a lot of days that have special meanings, the Christmas Bank holidays 2020 still plays an important role in enriching the British culture and is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In today’s post, we are gonna discover about 5 exceptional facts about Christmas Bank holidays 2020 that you may not know. Let’s get started now!

What are the Christmas bank holidays 2020?

Bank holidays are the national holidays in the UK. Before exploring the Christmas bank holidays, let’s take a look at some of the popular holidays in the UK:

DateBank holidays in the UK
1 JanNew Years Day
2 Jan Bank holiday In Scotland
14 Feb Saint Valentine’s Day
14 Mar Mothers Day – Mothering Sunday (The 4th Sunday Of Lent)
21 AprQueen Elizabeth’s Birthday
3 MayEarly May Bank Holiday – May Day
12 JulyBattle Of The Boyne (Bank Holiday In Northern Ireland)
1 AugLughnasadh – The Gaelic Festival For The Beginning Of The Harvest.
31 OctHalloween – All Hallows Evening
1 NovAll Saints Day
24 DecChristmas Eve
25 DecChristmas Bank Holiday
26 DecBoxing day
31 Dec New Years Eve – Hogmanay
Table of common bank holdays in the UK

Christmas bank holidays 2020 is just another name of Christmas day, so you may get familiar with this concept, right?

Chrsitmas bank holidays 2020 fun facts
Kids’re decorating the tree in Christmas bank holidays 2020

So, the Christmas bank holiday in the UK fell on 25th December annually, when people celebrate the birth of Jesus, have some other special traditions on Christmas, do some Christmas outdoor activities to warm-up and have fun with each other, or cooking stuffs with a lot of delicious meals to serve the beloved ones, as well as gift exchanging to make the best holiday spirit.

Is Christmas bank holidays 2020 the public holiday in the UK?

For sure, Christmas banks holidays 2020 is the official holiday in the UK. It’s the memorable time for everyone to have days off, (schools or businesses are mostly closed) relax and unite with friends and family, do some traditional activities together and have a lot of fun.

What activities people do on Christmas bank holidays 2020?

On Christmas day, people plan a to-do list to make it the best holiday ever! To name but a few, in the UK, they often have these meaningful activities on Christmas like:
1. Have Christmas room decorations
2. Gift- giving with DIY Christmas gift
3. Make DIY Christmas cards for each other
4. Go shopping together
5. Make cookies and cakes to enjoy over the season
6. Watch best Christmas movies and nigh- chill
7. Write letters to Santa Claus

And a lot of incredible things you may create to make a special holiday for your friends and family!

Interesting fun facts about Christmas bank holidays 2020

1.Boxing Day gets its name from all the money collected in church alms-boxes for the poor.

P/s. Over 14 million people in the UK are living in poverty and have been struggling to make ends meet every day, could you have £10 to make a donation and wish them a happy and merry Christmas.

2. Approximately 60 million Christmas trees are grown each year in Europe.

For your information, the tallest Christmas tree in the world with 221 feet high was found in a Washington shopping mall in 1950.

Christmas bank holidays 2020 chrsitmas tree

Moreover, when it comes to the Christmas tree, many parts of the Christmas tree are believed to be eaten, with the needles – a good source of Vitamin C

3. The traditional Christmas meal in England was a pig’s head and mustard. This meal is served before the turkey.

4. The first commercial Christmas cards were authorized by civil servant Sir Henry Cole in London in 1843.

5. The British believes that hanging presents on trees may come from the Druids who believed the tree was the giver of all good things

6. Chrsitmas also has a lot of alternative names, which appeared from long time ago like: ‘Midwinter’, ‘Nativity’ and ‘Yule’.

7. The very first Christmas Day celebrated in Britain is said to have been in York in 521AD.

8. Talking about Christmas movies, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is the highest-grossing movie, which has raked in #175M.

YouTube video

9. Electric tree lights were invented by Edward Johnson in the US in 1882.

10. Christmas pudding was originally a mixture of soup made with raisins and wine.


We hope that interesting facts about Chrsitmas bank holidays 2020 will make you excited and undrestand more about the rich culture of the UK. Let’s sharing this fun information about Chrsitmas bank holidays 2020 to your friends and family to help them learn more about this festival. Or you just leave a comment below to tell more about Chrismas fun facts in the UK.

Have a great day and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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