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4th of July - why we celebrate Independence Day

Why We Celebrate Independence Day

One of the most exciting parts about summer is celebrating the Fourth of July – the Independence Day of the United States. In preparing for all the fun summer activities, it’s important to determine why we celebrate Independence Day. Knowing the significance of the national holiday is also one of the best things we can do to honor Independence Day.

Why we celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day is fast approaching in every corner of the country. Every year, the special occasion is celebrated with fireworks, lots of parades, concerts as well as parties with friends and family. 

the reason why we celebrate Independence Day

Finding the reasons why we celebrate Independence Day

As the day is the national public holiday, government offices, schools, businesses are closed, giving people more time to participate in various festivities. In the spirit of the Fourth of July, let’s look back to history to discover why we celebrate Independence Day!

Independence Day honors the independence of America from England

The very first reason why we celebrate Independence Day is that it commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the United States officially gained its independence from British rule. 

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers and also the third president of the United States, wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. The two main purposes of the document are to give a list of grievances against King George III of England and to justify the thirteen colonies breaking away from the rule of Britain. The document expressed the desire to become an independent nation of citizens from the colonists.

why we celebrate Independence Day

Thomas Jefferson was not the only one who wrote this document. The Declaration of Independence was then edited by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. After that, it was signed by our founding fathers and adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776.

Independence Day celebrates the values that the nation was founded upon

On discovering why we celebrate Independence Day, it’s important to understand that the spirit of Independence Day is not only in the event the United States officially became an independent nation. We also celebrate the day for the great values that the country was founded upon.  This is the second reason why we celebrate Independence Day!

Declaration of Independence - why we celebrate Independence Day

The Declaration of Independence Day of the United States

The Declaration of Independence emphasizes that every person has inherent rights which are noted as “self-evident truths” in the official document. To be more specific, it reads: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That also explains why we celebrate Independence Day!

There is one more reason why we celebrate Independence Day! According to Harry Rubenstein, a curator of American politics at the Smithsonian Institution, Independence Day is also an important day to remember and honor the first Americans who bravely sacrificed to create the Republic and then defend it over the years.

He also expresses that although the Fourth of July is our national holiday which has huge historical significance, it should be celebrated as one of celebration. He means that it’s a holiday that we should spend time enjoying, so we shouldn’t be too serious about Independence Day. We should never feel like we are going to a history class when celebrating the day!

History of Independence Day

On discovering why we celebrate Independence Day, we should also learn more about the history of the holiday. After years under British rule, on July 4th, 1776, the United States finally gained its independence from England by the time the Declaration of Independence was adopted. And though the signing of the document was not finished until August, the 4th of July is chosen as the official date to celebrate the Independence Day of the US.

why we celebrate the Fourth of July

Fireworks – one of the most popular activities to celebrate Independence Day in America

The celebrations of Independence Day only became popular across the country after the War of 1812. In 1870, Independence Day was formally set as an official holiday in the United States by Congress. However, at that time, workers weren’t paid for that national holiday. It was not until 1938 that Congress made Independence Day a paid federal holiday.

How Independence Day celebrate during pandemic

Independence Day this year will be celebrated a little differently when compared to its celebrations of many years ago. It’s due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we are following social distancing restrictions in place, many events may be canceled to ensure gathering size restrictions as well as local public health guidance.

There might be fewer or even no fireworks in large cities across the countries. However, during this hardest time all over the world, you can still find unique ways to make the holiday become meaningful!

For example, you can choose to stay at home with your family and cook some delicious dishes for your loved ones. Get some essential things to decorate your house carefully for the celebrations. And even when you will only be at home, let’s wear a beautiful patriot shirt to show your patriotism on this occasion.

Best Independence Day Gifts For Patriots

Are you a patriot who is searching for a meaningful Fourth of July gift to celebrate the occasion? Or you are trying to make your loved ones surprised with a very thoughtful gift for them on that day. Whoever you are shopping for, these best Independence Day gifts below will always be the optimal options!

That’s all why we celebrate Independence Day! For all Americans, Independence Day is a great chance to express their national pride and patriotism. And it’s also a wonderful time for all family members to gather and share meaningful memories together!

During this tough time due to the coronavirus, we hope you and your family staying safe and healthy. And we believe that you will find great ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in this condition. Also, on this Independence Day, don’t forget to make the loved ones in your life feel super special with a perfect Fourth of July-themed gift just for them! They will certainly love it and cherish it forever!

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