It can be challenging to come up with unique gifts for skiers because a lot of snowboarding and skiing equipment is pricey, size-dependent, and confusing to non-sportspeople.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – this massive guide has 55 gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders that they’ll use on the slopes and remember for years to come.

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55 Unique Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders At Every Price

Whether you’re seeking the best unique gifts for skiers, fun snowboarding gifts or simply looking for a nice gift for yourself, we’ve got you covered. This guide presents the most practical and fun gift ideas to hit the slopes in style this winter.

  1. Christmas White Owl Shirt Snowy Owl With Snow
  2. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet
  3. Helly Hansen Womens Alphelia LIFALOFT Ski Jacket
  4. Burton Prowess Snowboard Jacket
  5. The North Face Women’s Freedom Insulated Pant
  6. Squatching Through The Snow Bigfoot Shirt Merry Christmas
  7. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove
  8. Darn Tough Yeti Cushion OTC Sock
  9. CHIALSTAR Upgrade Travel Clothesline
  10. and 46 more


1. Christmas White Owl Shirt Snowy Owl With Snow

The best unique gifts for skiers who love snow owls, white owls, owls, night birds, and love snow, and snowfall.

The beautiful image of the Snowy owl in the center with snow falling all around really makes every owl fan happy to wear it, especially during the Christmas season!

Buy it if you love it and want to give it to your special someone, on any occasion like Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day …


2. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

One of the gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders is a good ski helmet, which will come in handy every time they hit the slopes. While costs vary, we’ve found that Wildhorn helmets are well-liked since their ski helmets are comfy, practical, and include a built-in goggle strap.


3. Helly Hansen Womens Alphelia LIFALOFT Ski Jacket

A good ski jacket is one of the unique gifts for skiers for an enjoyable day on the slopes. While there are a plethora of ski brands, Helly Hansen ski jackets are top-of-the-line, lightweight shells created expressly for comfort and performance on the slopes, making them ideal, long-lasting gifts for skiers.

It’s one of the best snowboard jackets that you should take into consideration.


4. Burton Prowess Snowboard Jacket

Burton snowboard jackets and burton snowboard boots are among the most sought-after by professional skiers. The warm, waterproof snowboarding jackets are the unique gifts for skiers in the house to have a pleasant day on the slopes.

While many manufacturers provide clothing, Burton ski jackets are specifically developed for winter sports, making them ideal gifts for snowboarders and skiers. They’re also available in a variety of colorful patterns and colors!


5. The North Face Women’s Freedom Insulated Pant

If you’re on the hunt for unique gifts for snowboarders, then this pant is a fantastic option. Waterproof ski trousers, like a decent, durable coat, are necessary since, as everyone knows, skiers and snowboarders spend a lot of time sitting in the snow.

The North Face Freedom Trousers are some of the warmest and most durable ski pants available, making them ideal for a full day of shredding.


6. Squatching Through The Snow Bigfoot Shirt Merry Christmas

These are the best unique gifts for skiers who are Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Christmas fans! Wear this shirt with Bigfoot wearing a Santa hat and pulling a pine tree to stand out from the crowd this Christmas!


7. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

Insulated gloves are a skier’s or snowboarder’s best friend, and the Hestra Heli Ski Gloves are a great complement to any skier’s or snowboarder’s gear collection.

They feature cuffs to keep them from falling off your wrists, and they have e-tip capabilities so you can use your touch displays while wearing them! 


8. Darn Tough Yeti Cushion OTC Sock

Because they’re comfortable and sturdy, Darn Tough ski socks make excellent companions on the slopes! They’re our favorite since they provide more comfort for our feet on cold, snowy days.

This year, give one or many pairs of skis or snowboards as a unique skiing or snowboarding present. This is one of the best gifts for skiers under $50.


9. CHIALSTAR Upgrade Travel Clothesline

What happens if your ski/snowboard equipment doesn’t dry properly? It begins to SMELL. Fortunately, a packable clothesline is one of the unique gifts for skiers to hang damp clothes after long days on the slopes. It’s a low-cost, practical gift that snowboarders and skiers will use every time they visit a ski resort.


10. GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel

Snacks are a gift that keeps on giving, especially when you’re out on the slopes and burning calories left and right.

Some snacks that skiers and snowboarders enjoy, based on our personal experience: Clif bars are a type of energy bar, Bars of goodwill, Gu chewing gum, Mixture for hiking, Jerky is a type of jerky that is (vegan and meat varieties).


11. An Old Man Who Loves Snowmobile Shirt Born In September

A great shirt featuring a picture of an old man driving a sled and a funny saying Never underestimate An old man who loves sleds and was born in September” is sure to make your September man feel sporty and great to wear this shirt to the club or winter travel and snow recreation. This is one of the best unique gifts for skiers.


12. Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die Hardcover

What’re fantastic gifts for snowboarders? Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die by Chris Santella is a terrific book to leaf through and get inspired if your loved one enjoys books with images and lovely visuals.

You’ll learn about some of the world’s most magnificent, jaw-dropping, and challenging trails, as well as see some stunning images.


13. HotHands Hand & Toe Warmers

It’s all too easy to get cold in your extremities while you’re out on the slopes on really frigid days. As a result, one of the finest personalized gifts for skiers and snowboarders is HotHands hand and foot warmers.

They’re cheap and easy to tuck into gloves or boots for a burst of warmth in otherwise freezing temperatures.

14. The Art of Fear Paperback

After a day on the slopes, nothing beats returning to your cabin and spending the evening reading a wonderful book…about hitting the slopes! Kristen Ulmer, a competitive skier, wrote The Art of Fear about accepting fear and how it applies to snow sports and life in general. 

This easy-to-read, motivational book is ideal for those who enjoy winter activities as well as those who wish to learn how to deal with anxiety more effectively.


15. Original Turtle Fur Fleece

Want to find the best gift for snowboarder lovers, consider this one. Few items are as adaptable as the Buff for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be worn in more than 12 different ways and it is said to be up to 4 times warmer than microfibre. Skiers and snowboarders can use Turtleneck Jackets underneath a thick coat, as a scarf, or to tie their hair back under their helmets.


16. Faith Hope Love Snowman Shirt Happy Christmas

These are the unique gifts for skiers who are Christmas-loving Christians, who believe in God, believe in Jesus, and love snowmen! This design can make you shine with cute snowmen in the falling snow and the word “Faith Hope Love”. Buy this shirt now, Christmas is coming!


17. PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Pouch

If you’ve ever been out in the cold with your phone for an extended period of time, you’ll know that the batteries expire significantly faster. When you’re not using your phone, a PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case can keep it warm, extending the battery life and preventing it from becoming wet in the snow.


18. 321 STRONG Foam Roller

A day (or several) on the slopes can be enjoyable, but it can also result in a variety of physical aches and pains. After hours of busy winter sports, a foam roller is a terrific tool for stretching and reducing tension, and it’s one of the best gifts for skiers under $50


19. Athletico Ski Boot Bag

Once your favorite skier or snowboarder has gained some experience, they’ll need a place to store all of their fantastic gear (like the items on this list!). For skiers and snowboarders, the Athletico Boot Backpack is the ideal all-in-one bag. There’s enough room for a helmet, boots, goggles, and other accessories, all while being lightweight and breathable.


20. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

This is a completely needless item for skiers and snowboarders, but it’s a pretty cool and handy one for those who plan to hit the slopes multiple days in a row or over the course of a season. 

The more one skis or boards, the damper their boots become; with the DryGuy DX Boot Dryer, they’ll be completely dry before the next use. It’s one of our favorite ski gadgets and one that any serious skier or snowboarder should have!

21. Let It Snow Corgi Dog Christmas Shirts

Lucky red, pure white, and sweet carol are the perfect tone for this incredible t-shirt you’re about to wear for Christmas. The Corgi is a symbol of loyalty and loyalty, so it’s great to wear such a meaningful Christmas t-shirt.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for snowboarders, never miss your chance to stick with the other Corgi dog coats here. Give it a try! 


22. Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

Skiers and snowboarders, like many other athletes, are typically preoccupied with tracking numbers and charting their trails. The Garmin Tundra watch accomplishes this and was created exclusively for winter sports, making it one of the unique gifts for skiers and snowboarders.


23. Ponytail Beanie Hat

A bad hair day can be ruined by wearing a hat. She will look great on the slopes and at the lodge after a long day of skiing or other winter sports if she wears this hat. On chilly days, it’s ideal for pulling your messy hair or high ponytail through, and it’s also excellent for man buns! It’s quite warm and comfortable, and she’ll get a lot of praise for it.


24. Waterproof Action Camera

A GoPro Hero9 Black is one of the unique gifts for skiers or snowboarder who wants to capture their exploits on film. A GoPro camera is small, weatherproof, and high-quality, allowing your favorite winter sports enthusiast to film and replay their favorite moments on the slopes over and over.


25. Thule Unisex Upslope snowsports backpack

This backpack offers all the characteristics they need, including easy access to stuff in the main area without removing the backpack and an amazingly comfortable fit! They may quickly fasten skis with diagonal carry or a snowboard with vertical carry by clipping a helmet or other accessories to specialized lash points. 

The dedicated reservoir pocket and insulated hydration sleeve keep your hose from freezing and the reservoir isolated from the main compartment in the event of a leak.


26. Nathan Chen Shirt Nathan Chen 2022 Winter Olympics

Nathan Chen Shirt Nathan Chen 2022 Winter Olympics – The unique gifts for skiers who fan Nathan Wei Chen – American figure skater, 2022 Olympic champion, triple world champion time, Six-time US national champion, 2017 Four Continents champion, and three-time Grand Prix Final champion!


27. Pantz Men’s Thermal Baselayer Baselayer Set

Even though it’s chilly outside, when skiing the slopes, you don’t want to be restricted by heavy clothing. Any skier’s best buddy is a good pair of thermals. Thermal underwear is a lightweight thermal set consisting of a thermal top and bottom constructed of a poly-spandex material that will drain away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable all day.


28. Ski Socks 2-Pack Merino Wool

Those Socks will fit you perfectly, provide warmth, and won’t break the bank whether you’re skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or sledding with the family! Made of a Merino Wool blend that is lightweight, breathable, and avoids the build-up of foot odor in a variety of sizes.


29. Unigear Ski Boot Bag

The Unigear ski boot/snowboard boots bag boasts a clever water-resistant snowboard boots design that can help make taking your gear to the slopes as straightforward and stress-free as possible. It has a storage capacity of 50 liters, making it large enough to hold boots, ski helmets, goggles, clothing, valuables, and more. 


30. ChalkTalkSPORTS I’m Difficult T-Shirt

Are they difficult enough to earn a double diamond? Every skier, ski lover, or coach should have this humorous t-shirt. With this tee, you can show off your passion for skiing both on and off the mountain and make a statement! This tee is one of the unique gifts for skiers for long days on the slopes or just lounging around at home!


31. Skateboarding Is Not A Crime Shirt

The still classic shirt with the simple tagline Skateboarding Is Not A Crime shows how much you support this exciting sport!

Use ink directly on clothes and eco-friendly ink, made in the USA. This is a high-quality ink that is colorfast, long-lasting, and crack-resistant. 

In some cases, the printed product image may not be as beautiful as the actual product due to some image quality problems.


32. Balaclava Ski Mask

Wind chills are no match for this balaclava and bib’s heavyweight construction. The thick, premium polar fleece is used to make the wind-resistant ski mask. Whether you’re skiing, working, or commuting, you can now stay warm. Snow, wind, dust, and UV protection are all available. 

Throughout the winter, be safe and warm. The heavyweight polar fleece of this balaclava is exceptionally comfortable and keeps you warm and dry. An elastic, breathable strip on the back protects your face while wicking perspiration away.

AIRBLASTER-Men's-Classic-Ninja-Suit-unique-gifts-for-skiers (1)

33. AIRBLASTER Men’s Classic Ninja Suit

A vintage Airblaster ninja suit is the best gift for skiers that will keep them warm on the slopes. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, fits comfortably under outerwear, and has a front fly for quick access.


34. Bulldog Face Cute Whiskey Glass

This barware grade, engraved old-fashioned lowball glass is likely to be a terrific gift for any drink commemorating the conclusion of a fruitful work week, whether you prefer your whiskey cocktail neat or on the rocks! The ideal present for men and women who enjoy the backcountry, hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor activities.


35. Black Diamond Jetforce Tour Pack 26l

This backpack is designed for serious skiers, and it has an airbag and other safety elements to assure survival in the event of an avalanche. This is one of the best Personalized gifts for skiers.


36. White Mountain Puzzles Ski Posters

White Mountain Puzzles Ski Posters would be the best gift for snowboarder lovers you will try. Imagine completing, framing, and hanging this puzzle on the wall of your alpine retreat! Lewis T. Johnson’s collection features ski areas from all throughout the United States. Put your family and friends to the test by putting this astounding 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle together.


37. Men’s Classic Retro Striped Ski Suits

The Santa Fe Shredder Rainbow Ski Suit is 100 percent waterproof and has integrated waist adjustability and a disguised storm hood, so he’ll be visible on the slopes this season. In addition, this is one of the most inexpensive gifts for skiers.


38. Sukoa Ski & Pole Carrier Straps

This lightweight ski and pole carry system is both beautiful and functional, and it’s also simple to use. It has a padded shoulder strap that may be changed to the carrier’s preferred length. It also includes Velcro straps for securing your poles to the system. 

Finally, the ski holder straps are padded to preserve your planks while transporting them. The ski carry system will make life so much easier for short hikes in deep snow or even just walking to and from the ski hill.


39. Kuat Grip 4 Ski/Snowboard Rack

Make the most of the snow with these unique gifts for skiers, which allow skis and boards to be swiftly and safely fastened to the car, allowing you to spend more time on the slopes.


40. Snowboard Christmas Shirt Ugly Christmas Shirt

Snowboard Christmas Shirt Ugly Christmas Shirt – Awesome shirt featuring Santa skiing and the quote: “I Want For Christmas Is SnowBoard”. The best shirt for family, friends, or everyone who loves to windsurf in the snow. It’s a fun gift idea for every skier at Christmas. Everyone who enjoys skiing in the winter in the mountains or in your local ski park will love this piece.


41. North Face Men’s Thermoball Traction Bootie

These North Face snow booties provide even more traction and superior insulation for the ultimate in warm snow sports gear, thanks to a 100% recycled upper and a 40% recycled outsole. This is one of the most unique gifts for skiers.


42. Dakine Deluxe Tune

Unless your fine riding beat-up skis all season, investing in a tuning kit will be a huge saving in the long run if you spend any considerable amount of time on the ski slope. 

This Dakine set includes an edge tuning tool, file, cleaning brush, all-temp wax, Ptex, pocket stone, a couple of scrapers, and scuff pads to help you get your skis in the best shape possible. They also include some tuning recommendations, all nicely packaged in a zippered container. 


43. YETI Rambler Colster

This is one of the most unique gifts for skiers. Drinking a cold drink is always enjoyable when it’s cold, and the YETI Colster holds standard 12oz cans and bottles and keeps them freezing cold while preventing frostbite to the hands.


44. Outdoor Research Illuminator Sensor Gloves

Choosing the correct gloves for ski touring is not as simple as it may appear. They should have the appropriate blend of breathability and warmth for when you’re going back downhill. When you have to navigate with your smartphone, maintaining a comfortable hand temperature becomes a fine art. 

Thankfully, Outdoor Research has created the Illuminator Sensor Glove, which addresses all of these concerns in one device. 


45. Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie

The Carhartt watch hat will be their go-to hat when the temps drop and the snow starts to fall. It’s warm, comfy, and comes in a variety of colors. Besides, this is one of the most inexpensive gifts for skiers.


46. GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

This camera is the younger sibling of the well-known GoPro camera. And, with very strong performance specs for such a compact device, it manages to keep up with its bigger sibling. 

The Hero Session is a water-resistant, rugged, and compact companion for your skiing trips. A single button to switch on, record, and turn off makes it easy to use while wearing gloves and ensures you don’t waste time setting it up when you should be charging down the mountain. 


47. Savior Heated Gloves

Skiers will like these heated gloves, which have a lambskin outer and cotton insulation inside, which holds lithium-ion battery-powered heat components. This is the best gift for skiers.


48. Snowboard Christmas Shirt Winter Xmas Shirt

A comfy shirt is always the best choice for all gifts for cyclists or skiers. Awesome shirt featuring a picture of a skier and the quote: “Snowboard Christmas”. The best shirt for family, friends, or everyone who loves to windsurf in the snow. It’s a fun gift idea for every skier at Christmas. Everyone who enjoys skiing in the winter in the mountains or in your local ski park will love this piece. 


49. TheSmith 4d Mag Replacement Glasses Lenses

These snow goggles include an amazingly adaptable system that provides both bright and low light, as well as Chromapop lenses and Birdseye vision for the ultimate in winter sports eyewear. They are the most unique gifts for skiers.


50. Saker 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

For all snowboarders and skiers, a reliable multi-tool is a must-have piece of equipment.

Saker’s handy tool is small enough to attach to a key chain yet powerful enough to handle the toughest duties.

And you never know when your giftee will require assistance on the slopes, particularly if their board requires immediate repair.

It’s one of the most useful skiing or snowboarding gifts, as well as a wonderful stocking stuffer.


51. CamelBak Crux 3-Liter Water Reservoir

The CamelBak Crux is one of the unique gifts for skiers that has been ergonomically engineered to distribute weight equally and comes with an easy-fill reservoir and a one-handed closure for the drinking tube, delivering 20% more water with every sip.


52. POC, Spine VPD 2.0 Vest

Every snowboarder and skier should have back protection on their list of essentials. A helmet, it’s the second most crucial piece of equipment.

When it comes to extreme sports, protecting the body is critical for avoiding injuries.

With a comfortable, breathable, and supportive back and spine protector, you may give the giftee (and yourself) peace of mind.


53. GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver

A GoPro is one of the most unique gifts for skiers you can give a skier since it allows them to capture all of their hairiest, scariest moments when hurtling down the piste.


54. Ski Dad Like A Regular Dad Only Cooler Mug

Beautiful mug with a picture of a dad skiing and the quip “Ski Dad Like A Regular Dad Only Cooler”. What a naughty Father’s Day gift, to make your Ski Dad feel awesome and happy with this gift! This mug is custom-made and proudly printed to the highest industry standards. 


55. Garmin 010-01733-00 Fenix 5X Sapphire

The Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire has a slew of outdoor navigation features, including not only conventional GPS tracking but also Glonass capability for more difficult conditions than GPS alone can’t handle. This is one of the best unique gifts for skiers.

Other Amazing Gifts for Bakers


Whether you’re gearing up for an epic winter of limitless new lines and backcountry adventure or preparing for your first week of skiing, being as prepared as possible is critical to having a good and safe time in the snow. 

This collection of incredibly cool gifts for skiers and unique gifts for skiers, no matter how experienced you are, has something for everyone, from time-saving convenience to life-saving necessity. Remain warm, ride safe, play hard, and stay cool no matter how you hit the slopes!

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