Funny Halloween Movies

Top 10 Funny Halloween Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

There is no doubt that terrifying, gruesome horror movies are among the great parts when it comes to Halloween season. But we believe that sometimes you may just need something light-hearted and fun to get in the holiday spirit. Top 10 funny Halloween movies below are our recommendations for a Halloween full of laughs.

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Discover top 10 funny Halloween movies 

It’s hard to deny a scary film when Halloween comes around. If you are interested in spooky films, then Halloween – a famous film about an American slasher franchise that consists of eleven films, may become your cup of tea. You can follow Halloween movies ranked from worst to best to decide what to see this Halloween season. 

But Halloween films don’t always have to be glorious, right? There are films with mostly non-scary details that won’t fuel your nightmares for many weeks to come. Admit it, you won’t feel comfortable when sleeping with the lights on for months. And while choosing a fun Halloween movie can be a challenge, just relax! Top 10 fun Halloween movies right below are your directions! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is the very first among funny Halloween movies you should watch. It is known to be one of the great family films for all ages to enjoy this upcoming Christmas. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a very popular offbeat and stop-motion-animated movie. The film comes with some scary creatures. For example, characters take off their own head and limbs. Or there are also nasty toys, skeletons, and a creepy villain called Oogie Boogie appearing in the film. However, the film overall is a funny Halloween movie that will bring lots of laughs. 

Hocus Pocus

If you are looking for some fun Halloween movies, don’t forget Hocus Pocus. You will regret missing such a wonderful film. 

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus – top funny Halloween movies

It can be said that Hocus Pocus is one of the Halloween films that literally people of all ages love. And believe us, once you’ve watched the film, it will stay forever in your heart!

Regarded as one of the greatest Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus will let us discover the stories of three witches who are hunting for eternal youth on Halloween. What will they do? Let’s see the film and discover more.


Another option for you is Halloweentown. This comedy-adventure is all about the story of Marnie and her siblings when they come back with their estranged grandmother, a good witch, to her home in Halloweentown. 


On her 13th birthday, Marnie discovers that she comes from a witch family and at the same time she knows that she is also a witch. She explores that there is an evil force that is trying to plot to take over Halloweentown. What will she do to help her mother and grandmother to save the day?


In this film, a ‘ghost therapist’ goes with his young daughter to a house. The special thing is that the house is haunted by three rambunctious spirits. Right here, Casper – the friendly ghost – has begun an eye-popping, roller-coaster romp.

Funny Halloween movies

Casper – one of the outstanding funny Halloween movies

There are many funny scenes in the film. Especially, the scene of the ghosts having breakfast and making all the food fall out of their bodies will amuse you!


Paranoman film

This is one of the funny Halloween movies you can try. ParaNorman is a perfect film that comes with an original plot, great animation, and fantastic voice actors. The warm and funny Halloween vibe in the film will never let you down.

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein – Top funny Halloween movies

This famous masterpiece of Mel Brooks is known to be a classic in every category: classic monster movie, classic comedy, classic film.  With his wonderful performance, Gene Wilder will always live on in our hearts.

Shaun Of The Dead

Coming with the ultimate zombie satire, this film is considered to be comedian Simon Pegg’s true masterpiece. Whacking dead bodies with blunt objects, can you believe it? That’s all you will discover when watching Shaun Of The Dead.

Life After Beth

funny Halloween films

Life After Beth – Top funny Halloween movies

In Life After Beth, a guy (Dane DeHaan) explores the fact that his girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) has returned from the dead. However, his joy becomes horror as she slowly goes through a horrible transformation. 

Death Becomes Her

This 1992 dark comedy comes with the performance of two stars Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. In the film, they act as frenemies who get immortal in their quest for eternal youth and beauty. 

Death Becomes Her

And well, we can’t help talking about the love triangle with Bruce Willis’s plastic-surgeon-turned-reconstructive-mortician in the film.



Frankenweenie – top funny Halloween movies

This is an animated film by Tim Burton. In the film, a young Victor is finding ways to reanimate Sparky, his dead bull terrier. Chaos happens when there are many other kids who also want to resurrect their dead pets as well.

Hopefully, the 10 funny Halloween movies above are great recommendations for you. Which film are you going to see this upcoming Halloween? Feel free to share with us your opinion and don’t forget to share our blog on social media if you find it useful. Thanks for your attention.

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