Top 11 Different Types Of Mom We All Meet

In certain times, we will meet the different types of mom, so we need to know their characters to work or communicate easily. Here are the top 11 different moms that I’ve encountered. 

Top 11 different types of mom

 If you are also a mom, check out my list “different types of mom” below to see which type you are. 

Mrs.Know it all

A kind of mom knows everything. Sure, there are answers to every question you ask them. They can’t be wrong and they hate arguing. They think that they’re better than anyone else. They won’t accept advice or deny them needing it. She’s close to perfection or maybe she’s good at faking everything but not even practicing what she preached.

Stage Mom

Next the list of different types of mom is Stage Mom.This kind of mother is always present in all school activities of her child. She certainly won’t miss any of it. She is the most encouraging and supportive person for her children. She is always early or at least on time. She is the most competitive mom that you can ever meet. And by the way, she hates losing. For her, the most talented and adoring kid on earth is her child. No one else!


The Strict Mom

The Strict Mom is the next name in the list of different types of mom. This is the toughest and authoritarian kind of parent. She is very firm with her rules and will stick to it until the very end. She wants her childs to always be obedient and proper at all times, not to get them hurt or to the extent of not allowing them to go out. She only wants the best for her child and that’s all the matters. Rules are rules.

The By-the-Book Mom

The By-the-Book Mom is the next name I want to tell in this list: different types of mom. This is a generally, but not always, a first-time motherhood. She knows the recommended amount of sleep, food, diapers and Tylenol for infants that a baby should have according to his age and weight. She knows exactly when the first teeth will appear and in what order. She can recognize the cradle cap, RSV and Fifth Disease as soon as she sees. This mom is a font of useful knowledge, but never a substitute for your pediatrician. Also, she tends towards being nervous. Wonder why?

Different types of mom you will meet

The Go-With-the-Flow Mom

This mom is the exact opposite of By-the-Book Mom. She is very satisfied with her child’s needs, is usually calm and not confused by a slight rash or unexplained crying fit. If the baby has diapers blowout or spews spit-up all over her, that’s fine. That’s what babies do! This mom is very nice to have around as a reminder not to fret about every little thing, but sometimes she is a little TOO laid back. I mean, letting the baby feed on their own or get licked on the mouth by a strange dog. 

The Martyr Mom

Next up in the list different types of mom is The Martyr Mom. This type of mom is very popular. In fact, I want to say that there is a litte Martyr Mom among all of us. She always puts herself last, whether it’s eating, sleeping or even basic personal hygiene. 

Her child is alway adorably dressed and clean, while she is often rumpled, rushed and makes a lukewarm cup of coffee because she doesn’t have time to eat. Moreover, she never showed up for a night out with her mother because she doesn’t feel good asking anyone else to look after her babies.

The Busy and Working Mom

I remember attending a company meeting before, there was a young lady who was in a hurry because she only had half a day off and needed to be on time for her shift. She doesn’t have time to mingle or talk quickly because to her, time is gold. I find them very resourceful as well. Working mothers are of the elite class of highly organized women, not because they are naturally highly qualified in this field, but because it has become a prerequisite at some point.


The Gossiper

These moms are everywhere. You can meet them in school or even from where you live. Research shows that the people who gossip the most have a very high level of anxiety. They often can’t be trusted. So be careful in dealing with them. Sadly, when this kind of mom feel they are less worthy than others, they start glossing about others to feel good about themselves.

Selfie Mom

It would be flawed without a selfie mom in the list of top 10 different types of mom.

I can actually name a lot of them here. Trust me, there are many plenty of them on my Facebook news feed. I don’t really understand why they do this everyday but maybe it’s just a way to cope with everything or to relieve stress. I want to think there’s always a story behind those smiles or they only love taking photos of themselves. 


The Observer

I would like to call this type of mom the Rookie Mom. A mother who just listens. She is doing her research via the internet and participates in many support groups as well. You can easily tell if the mom is a rookie from a nervous smile. In the discussion, some of them are just observers because they want to learn everything and secondly, they can’t join due to lack of motherhood experience. 

Mrs. Haggard

Mom who are exhausted are more likely to feel overwhelmed with parenting. You can easily tell them by their appearance that they are in a state of extreme physical and mental fatigue. Most of the time they are busy with their childs and housework. They tend to forget their appearance and only focus on the things what need to be done. 


In this list of “Top 10 different types of mom”, what type of mom are you?

Finally, whatever your mother is, she is the best. isn’t it? “The best place to cry is on a mother’s arms.” —Jodi Picoult

Well, knowing the different types of mom will make it easier for you to behave. Also, Mother’s Day is coming. You can choose gifts that match your preferences and personality based on this list. 

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