Halloween movies for couples

Top 10 Halloween Movies For Couples

Halloween is the best time of year to find excuses to jump into the arms of a significant other. When you think of the perfect date, you probably imagine some roses and a romantic dinner, but watching a horror movie on Halloween night is also a creative option. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Halloween movies for couples. Whether it’s a scary horror movie or a classic cartoon, you’ll find the perfect movie to get both of you in the romantic spirit of Halloween.

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Best Halloween Movies For Couples Of All Time

Halloween will be an unforgettable holiday if you have creative ideas. Of course, you can go out and dress up as a cute couple on your date, but if you’re trying to stay on vacation, making a list of Halloween movies is an interesting choice. This is a great opportunity for you and your partner to bond more, so check out our list of the best Halloween movies for couples.


Halloween Movies For Couples
Best Halloween Movies For Couples You Should Watch

Ghost is the scariest and most heartfelt experience you will ever have. The love between Molly and her dead lover is tearful. Of course, some may be scared when their deceased beloved returns in a ghostly form to revisit their lover, but Molly is not. This is a story of undying love that will literally make you cry more. This is really one of the best horror Halloween movies for couples.

It – Best Halloween movies for couples

The two installments of It confirmed the terrifying obsession of the clown Pennywise to the screen. The film not only hits hard on the psychology of the characters from childhood to adulthood but also brings a gloomy sky over Perry town.

The success of It chapter 1 made It chapter 2 released quite early, explaining all the inner problems of each character. A work of the great writer Stephen King is brought to the screen and presented to the fullest extent possible, a work you should definitely enjoy this Halloween season.

Paranormal Activity Series

Paranormal Activity Series - Best Halloween Movies For Couples
Paranormal Activity Series – Best Halloween Movies For Couples

Starting in 2009, Paramount Activity of Paramount has created an obsession that is not caused by demons or ghosts but strongly hits the viewer’s psyche. With a very low production budget of only about $15,000, the film grossed $193 million, which is enough to see the scary and worth-watching appeal of this movie.

The series is based on a family haunted by a demon that stalks, terrorizes, and ultimately kills several family members and bystanders over the course of the film. The series uses production cameras that are set up and used like security cameras or other recording devices to attempt to present the film as found footage.

The Loft

Five married men share a penthouse in the city to perform extramarital affairs. For them, it is the dream come to until a woman’s body appears in the apartment. Realizing that her killer must be in their group, each man suffers from paranoia due to mutual suspicion.


Casper - Best Halloween Movies For Couples
Casper – A Cutest Halloween Movie

One of the cutest Halloween movies for couples you should watch. The film follows a paranormal expert and his daughter Kat who move into an abandoned mansion that’s been haunted for years. One of those ghosts is a child named Casper, and the beautiful friendship between Kat and Casper is the focus of the film.


A classic American family moves to a house in the suburbs, everything will be fine until the novelist father who writes about the cases finds strange tapes in the attic and slowly discovers the secret at the house he is staying in.

Sinister’s actions are like a loop and prolong the second part, but it’s not boring, it will attract you into every action of the day. This is a series of movies where you should wrap up blankets with your friends, turn off the lights, eat popcorn and watch on Halloween night to fully feel its hair-raising appeal.

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs - Best Halloween Movies For Couples
The Silence of the Lambs – Best Halloween Movies For Couples

Hopefully, every man of genius level isn’t a cannibal, but this is it. Of course, he’s put himself in the pen, and now he’s helping Clarice, a witty FBI agent, capture another serial killer. Their love is strained and thwarted by bars, but it’s no less real. In fact, it continues in multiple movies because audiences can’t see enough of this odd couple.


Scream is really a highlight in the horror genre with interesting suspenseful details that attract viewers. In addition, it is a great success in terms of revenue and is a premise for later Scream episodes.

The film tells the story of Sidney and her group who are threatened by a murderer wearing a white mask. All doubts fell on her boyfriend. She thinks this has something to do with her mother’s death a year ago. Then, one by one, Sidney’s group of friends mysteriously died. With fascinating details, Scream deserves to be on the list of the most worth-watching Halloween movies for couples.


Best Halloween Movies For Couples
Horns – Best scary movies to date

A young man wakes up one morning with a horn growing on his head forcing those around him to confess their sins and deepest, darkest desires. Horns is a mix of horror, drama, comedy, and romance, it’s the best way to have a relaxing Halloween with your lover.

A Quiet Place

The film is about an ordinary family consisting of parents and two children living in a completely isolated land in the forest. However, they live with supernatural forces that are extremely sensitive to sound. To be able to live in peace, they have set up survival principles that no member is allowed to violate such as entering only marked spots, exchanging in sign language, laughing silently.

During playtime, their little boy accidentally made a loud noise. Since then the whole family has been hunted by dangerous forces that no one can imagine.

Final Words

Take advantage of the spooky season and enjoy all the scary movies out there with the one you love by your side.

Do you like these Halloween movies for couples? Have an interesting movie you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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