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Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

6 Great Thanksgiving Ideas For Workplace

You spend 8 hours a day and 5 days a week with your colleagues. In a way, you are like a family – and it would be great when that family can celebrate Thanksgiving together. But what are the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace? Don’t worry! We’ve gathered here some ideas in hopes of inspiring a memorable event without too much work for all of you. Let’s discover what they are!

Best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

On Thanksgiving, we are thankful for everything we have. And it cannot be denied that our jobs are a big part of life which is extremely meaningful to us. So, there is no reason to refuse to get into the Thanksgiving spirit at work. Thanksgiving is, after all, a great holiday for thanks. This means it’s the perfect time to show your colleagues your gratitude. Be together to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving season with the following Thanksgiving ideas for workplace.

Have a Thank-You Wall 

Finding the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Finding the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Thanksgiving is, after all, a great holiday for thanks. This means it’s the perfect time to show everyone what you are grateful for. With so much to be thankful for, don’t hesitate to share it with your colleagues. Start writing down the sentiment of the things you’re most thankful for and let your colleagues know your feeling!

You can do it in various ways but we highly recommend that a gratitude wall is an ideal option. With that thank-you wall, staff can easily write what they are most thankful for. 

In addition, employers can also choose this wall as a unique way to show your employees appreciation. Express your thank for everything they’ve contribute to the office and encourage them to do the same for each other. A wonderful wall of words is always ready to lift everyone’s spirits on this occasion.

Another creative idea is to set up a meeting room with a video camera. In this way, staff can record themselves expressing anything they are thankful for. If it’s a remote team, consider setting up a Zoom Thanksgiving session so everyone can share their gratitude together.

Organize festive games

Pumpkin bowling game

Organize pumkin bowling game – one of the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Why don’t try holding some fun Thanksgiving activity to connect everyone? Have all staff participate in some Thanksgiving-related games. This is one of the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace that brings the holiday spirit into your office. 

For example, you can think about the pumpkin-bowling game, a popular game of Thanksgiving Day. Have a company-wide tournament and present the winnder with festive prizes such as homemade pumpkin bread or turkey.

Tell your story

Finding the best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Best Thanksgiving ideas for workplace – tell your story

Think back about the old play in elementary school where you had to dress up and talk about the story of Thanksgiving! This Turkey Day will be a good chance to tell your own story. Recruit some employees who support you to write and perform your company’s story in front of all the staff. Dress up, add some company jokes, ask for audience interaction. Let this Thanksgiving be a fun and meaningful way to celebrate your company’s history.

Hold a Recipe Contest

great Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

We bet that many company get this way as one of the top Thanksgiving ideas for workplace. Having a recipe contest is also a great option to get your employees in the Thanksgiving spirit. You can consider organizing a competition where all staff bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish to the office. Make scorecards which let your employees rate the items. Prepare some presents for the winners!

Give Something Back

Thanksgiving is commonly associtated with the “thanks” element, but it seems there will be a lack without the “giving”. And this year, let the Turkey Day be a great time to help your employees give back with some of these Thanksgiving ideas for workplace.

Meaningful Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Meaningful Thanksgiving ideas for workplace – volunteer

As well as feeling grateful for all we have, it’s also precious to think of those who aren’t as fortunate. An offsite charity day is always considered a perfect way to help people in need and to selflessly give something back. That’s why you should facilitate volunteer time. Let your staff take time off to pursue a volunteer project on this occasion. To motivate other employees, you should tell participants to share pictures of their good deeds, then post them in the office.

In addition, managers can also think about sponsoring your own community event. For instance, you can hold a dinner, carnival, or donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. You can even get your staff to vote on the organization they would most like to support.

Turkey decorating contest

Turkey decoration

Turkey decorating contest is one of the creative Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Consider a creative contest – like team turkey decorating to make all the staff of the company more excited about the holiday! Prepare teams with Styrofoam balls, parameters and provide all these essentials for different teams. Don’t forget to tell them about deadlines and expect to watch all their creations. It’s a great idea to allow customers, social media followers and others to vote on winners.

Great Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

As we’ve mentioned above, one of the meaningful Thanksgiving ideas for workplace is to show your appreciation to the staff in your company. It’s time to look for thoughtful Thanksgiving gift for employees to let them know you are really thankful for everything they’ve contributed to the company.

You might find it quite tough to come up with a good gift for your staff. Just relax and refer to the list of the most incredible Thanksgiving gifts to choose perfect gifts for them!

Final Thoughts

All of us recognize that Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity to be thankful for everything we have – not only at home but also at work. Then let’s apply those Thanksgiving ideas for workplace to make this holiday at your office more and more memorable! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones!

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