meaningful gifts for mom under $25

Meaningful Gifts For Mom Under $25

Our moms, with their great effort, dedication, and everything they’ve done, deserve to get all the best things in the world. However, your mom may be the type who always insists that you should not get too extravagant for Mother’s Day, or you may be on budget at that time and want to save money for other plans. Don’t worry as these 15 meaningful gifts for mom under $25 will help you. Keep in mind that whatever your gift is, the important thing is to show her that you love, appreciate her, and are thinking of her this upcoming Mother’s Day.

15 Meaningful Gifts For Mom Under $25

We deeply understand that it can be tough to find affordable gifts for moms this Mother’s Day. That’s why we are here to round up a wide range of meaningful gifts under $25 your mom will really love. These are thoughtful but still friendly on the wallet gifts that you are looking for.

Terrarium Candles

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask



Some consider that spending $20 on a lip balm might seem like a lot, but we believe Laneige lip masks will make a wonderful gift for mom this Mother’s Day. The formula works overnight to help lips feel plump and hydrated. In addition, it comes in various flavors to choose from such as plain original, sweet candy, and vanilla.

tea infuser

2. Fred & Friends Brew Bunny Tea Infuser



Help your mom relax by looking at this reclined bunny and she will get more energy for her working day. Pair this lovely silicone infuser with your mom’s favorite tea and you’ve got one of the meaningful gifts for mom under $25.

Mom No Matter How Tall I Get I Will Always Look Up To You Mug

3. Mom No Matter How Tall I Get I Will Always Look Up To You Mug



This is one more lovely item among the most meaningful gifts for mom under $25. 

The stunning mug featuring the awesome quote “Mom No Matter How Tall I Get I Will Always Look Up To You Mug”  makes it such a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Your mom will certainly feel great and happy with this pretty gift.

a photo book

4. Artifact Uprising Custom Softcover Photo Book

From $15.00


Believe us, this thoughtful gift will make your mom cry. These perfectly designed photo books look quite the same as magazines. The book includes 30 pages that fill the best memories of mom. The special woman in your life will cherish this meaningful gift forever.

sticky notes

5. Knock Knock Sticky Notes



Here we suggest one more item in the list of meaningful gifts for mom under $25 – nothing but these Knock Knock sticky notes. Your mom will be interested in scratching away at these adorable sticky notes. 

A sturdy bag

6. A Sturdy Baggu Bag She Can Use Over And Over Again



These nylon reusable bags, currently available in recycled fabrics, can also be meaningful gifts for mom under $25. In general, they are simply produced but are really effective to use. As there are dozens of bright colors and prints for these bags, it’s important to find one that most matches your mom’s personality.

Best Cat Mom Ever Shirt

7. Best Cat Mom Ever Shirt



Just with $15.59 you are ready to surprise your mom with a lovely shirt for this Mother’s Day. The stunning shirt is a perfect gift for a mother who loves cats and cares for their cats like their beloved children. A smart design with the adorable cat wearing the red bandana together with the quote “Best Cat Mom Ever” makes it a meaningful shirt for any cat mom to wear and be happy whenever she wears it.

eye mask

8. Leatherology Eye Mask



A leather sleep mask to make every nap feel special is truly one of the most meaningful gifts for mom under $25. There is a wide range of options and you need to choose from more than a dozen leather colors, consisting of a bold red and sophisticated dusty green, for this wonderful sleep accessory. Its sort lining as well as adjustable strap will keep your mom feel super comfortable during her nap.

eye gels 1

9. Happy Place Eye Gels



Let your mom know you’re always concerned about her with these happy place eye gels. These uplifting eye gels infused with antioxidants and rose are ready to help brighten your mom’s eyes and mood.


10. Custom Heart Resin Keychain



These adorable and colorful keychains are made from trendy resin and they are absolutely meaningful gifts for mom under $25. Especially, these keychains are customizable so mom will always think of you when she gets her keys. 

Terrarium Candles 1

11. Terrarium Candles



Having amazingly detailed cacti and flowers inside it, these terrarium candles are too cute to burn. On Mother’s Day, these beautiful candles will surely brighten your mom’s house, making a super cozy atmosphere for a special day just for her.

Initial Necklace

12. Initial Necklace



Let your stylish mom be pretty on a special day for her with this stunning personalized necklace. We are sure that you will see her wearing it all the time as she will definitely choose your gift as her close friend.

Vegan Cork Leather Slim Cardholder

13. Vegan Cork Leather Slim Cardholder



This is one of the meaningful gifts for mom under $25. In case your beloved mom doesn’t like to carry a lot, this slim and lightweight cardholder is the perfect option. Made from vegan leather cork, this special cardholder offers a lot of gorgeous colors for you to choose from.

Micro Pop Popcorn Popper

14. Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper



Here we have one more of the meaningful gifts for mom under $25 – this microwave popcorn popper. The device melts butter when it pops the kernels, making your family’s at-home movie more interesting than ever.

Brooklyn Tea

15. Brooklyn Tea



This will surely be a perfect gift on Mother’s Day if your mom is a tea lover. Such a new blend to try is a nice treat that makes your mom feel so happy.

Your mom should receive all the best things for everything she’s done. But we are supposing that you are working with different levels of budget this Mother’s Day. No worries, the meaningful gifts for mom under $25 above are the best suggestions for you to still get mom something special.

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