Joe Biden Is Running The Country

How Fail Joe Biden Is Running The Country?

When Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, many people supposed that his administration could manage the relations of America with other countries in a predictable, disciplined, and sophisticated way. However, only when going into the detail of how Joe Biden is running the country can we realize that things are not as our expectations. 

How Joe Biden is running the country?

How Joe Biden is running the country?

Though some of the U.S president’s attentions might be good at first, the results so far seem to turn out another matter. Let’s see how fail he is in managing the United States since taking the office.

Biden’s Failure in Afghanistan

It is said that America’s chaotic, humiliating final retreat from its defeat in Afghanistan will resonate for many years to come after the last military jet lifted off from Kabul, ending the country’s longest war.

According to a new poll by NewsHour, nearly three-quarters of Americans agree that the involvement of the United States in Afghanistan was a failure.

It’s the U.S troop withdrawal that marks the fear of Afghans that the freedoms they gained will be lost. And like those in Afghans, a lot of Americans also seem to disapprove of how the U.S. left that nation. The way Joe Biden failed the people of Afghanistan is also considered the way he tarnished US credibility around the world.

In spite of the heroism on display in the massive airlift effort, the departing troops are said to have left somewhere between 100 and 250 Americans, tens of thousands of Afghans entitled to protection from former US comrades and an entire nation to their fates under fundamentalist Taliban rule – along with an even more extreme faction of ISIS.

Biden's Failure in Afghanistan

However, it is said that’s not the exact number. There are at least 363 Americans remaining in Afghanistan and a minimum of 200 of them want to come home. Many people supposed that when the Biden Administration told you that only about 100 Americans were left in Afghanistan, that was a lie!

Currently, the president’s legacy is at risk due to events beyond his control. Afghanistan’s rewind moment puts a terrible question in coming years if terrorism again emerges as a threat to US security. 

A large number of people now disapprove of Biden’s performance. Biden’s overall job approval as president is reported to have declined to his worst standing since he took office nearly nine months ago, with about half of U.S. adults saying they disapproved of his performance.

Biden’s talks with Iran about the Iran nuclear seem to go nowhere

Week points of how Joe Biden is running the country are also revealed in his talks with Iran about the Iran nuclear. At first, reviving the Iran nuclear deal is considered a simple task for US President Joe Biden. Here, Iran requires him to lift sanctions in exchange for Tehran’s return to compliance. However, everything is not as easy as this president has ever thought!

Joe Biden is running the country

How bad Joe Biden is running the country?

Actually, until now, the talks with Iran are reported to have gone nowhere. It’s because of a combination of mutual suspicion, Iranian prickliness, as well as the administration’s own timidity. The safe bet now is that no new agreement will be forthcoming.

Biden under pressure because U.S.-Mexico border arrests reach record highs

Let’s see how bad Joe Biden is running the country by looking at his immigration policies. Since taking office in January, Joe Biden has been beset by a wide range of crises at the southern US border.

As soon as his inauguration, Joe Biden stopped building a wall along the border with Mexico and proposed legislation to support nearly 11 million people living illegally in the US be granted citizenship.

Biden’s decision has got fierce opposition from Republicans, who suppose that the policy will sharply increase the number of migrants crossing illegally into the US and cause a crisis at the border.

Joe Biden is running the country

Joe Biden is running the country – failure in his immigration policies

And that’s not a surprise. Border detentions spike to 21-year high. While the fact is that the number of migrants at the border had been gradually increasing since April 2020, the numbers spiked dramatically after Mr. Biden took office.

Reported pointed out that U.S. authorities had arrested 1.7 million migrants at the U.S – Mexico border this year. This is known to be the most ever recorded. The number underlined the stark political and humanitarian challenges the Biden administration faces on immigration.

Express your disapproval of how Joe Biden is running the country

After many failures in domestic and foreign policies, Joe Biden is gradually losing faith in the American people and even people around the world. If you are one of those people who hate this president and disagree with the way Joe Biden is running the country, there are lots of ways to show your political view. The following anti-Biden products are optimal choices for you!

Final Thoughts

You see, there are still lots of limitations in how Joe Biden is running the country. What do you think about the way this president is managing the country? For so many failures in his administration until now, can Joe Biden win back the belief of Americans. Let’s wait!

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