Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics – Approval Is Just 42%

After nine months into his presidency, Joe Biden is on track to make his name in the history books and in a bad way. US President Joe Biden’s credit rating has fallen more than any other US head of state since World War II. Here is Joe Biden approval rating real clear politics:

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics – The Latest Poll Numbers

Joe Biden has let Americans down more than any other president since World War II at this point in their tenure, a new Gallup poll released Friday shows. Here is Biden’s approval compared to his predecessors in the Gallup poll (all this data provided by Gallup Presidential Approval Center):

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics

  • Biden 42% (272 days into his presidency)
  • Donald Trump 37% (283 days)
  • Barack Obama 52% (271 days)
  • George W. Bush 88% (288 days)
  • Bill Clinton 47% (271 days)
  • George H.W. Bush 70% (289 days)
  • Ronald Reagan 53% (286 days)
  • Jimmy Carter 54% (277 days)

Biden loses more support than any other president since WWII

Biden lost a whopping 11.3% points from his first-quarter approval level of 56% to an average of 44.7% at the end of the three-month run from late July to October. His former boss Barack Obama saw the second-largest average approval drop, losing 10.1% from his first to the third quarter. 

Donald Trump, the only post-World War II president with a lower approval rating than Biden at this point, fell slightly more than just 4.4% after starting with low expectations. Independents seem to be denting Biden the most, from 61% approved in early February to just 34% in October.

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics
Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics

The historic drop is fueled by Biden’s inability to address growing public discontent during his White House tenure as his monthly approval rating fell to a new low of 42% in October.

From July to September, Biden’s approval fell across most demographic groups, according to a Pew Research Center survey released last month. Some of the most significant declines were among Black Americans (-18%), Hispanics (-16%), with a high school education or less (-15%), Asians (-14%) ), and between 18 and 29 years old (-14%).

Biden’s plummeting approval rating appears to have leveled off, dropping just one point from September to October. In September, he took a significant hit as his rating rose from 49% to 43%. Compared to the one-point decrease in October is quite modest.

There were also slightly fewer people disapproving of him, with Biden’s disapproval rating dropping from 53% to 52%.

Democrats remain staunchly supportive of Biden. His approval rating in his party has never dropped below 90% at any point during his tenure and even increased by two points this month.

Among Republicans, however, the president hit a record low of just 4%.

The 88-point gap between the GOP and Democrats is the widest Biden has seen in his presidency to date and comes amid many ideological conflicts.

Why Has Biden’s Approval Rating Gotten So Low So Quickly?

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics
Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics – Why Has It Gotten So Low So Quickly?

Usual local, non-political settings such as public school board meetings have become partisan battlegrounds as the number of violent outbreaks caused by parents angry at critical racial theory and Mask guidelines have attacked education officials.

Republicans have accused Biden of unfairly targeting parents after his Justice Department directed federal law enforcement to help stop what it called a “disturbing trend”.

The Biden administration has also plunged into the political fray with the president’s sweeping vaccination order announced in September, affecting 100 million American workers. Several Republican governors, most recently Doug Ducey of Arizona, are opposing the mandate.

Americans may also be unhappy with Washington politicians in general, amid a major standoff – especially among Democrats – in trying to pass Biden’s ambitious Build Back Better agenda.

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics
Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics

Earlier in his presidency, Biden’s approval ratings were dealt a blow by a disastrous pullout of US troops from Afghanistan and a wave of humanitarian outcry over the record number of Haitian migrants arriving at the southern border from Central and South America.

As such, the reason for the Biden poll drop is too clear: It’s a combination of events including a disastrous pullout of US troops from Afghanistan, an increase in Covid-19 cases due to the Delta variant, ongoing supply chain issue, and focus on the President’s continuing struggles and Democrats in Congress to pass the bulk of his domestic agenda. 

Some of those developments – most notably the emergence of the Delta variant and its devastation on the domestic unvaccinated – are not Biden’s fault. But when you’re president, you’re responsible for what goes wrong in the country, whether it’s your fault or not. And that’s where Biden finds himself. 

So, what does this poll say?

Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics
Joe Biden Approval Rating Real Clear Politics

The real danger in Biden’s current approval rating gloom is for his party’s candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. If the president’s approval rating is below 50%, his party will lose an average of 37 seats in the House.

Now, of course, it should be noted that it’s late October 2021, not late October 2022. If Biden and the congressional Democrats can find a way to compromise on both infrastructure plans “hard” and social safety net legislation, Democrats may also have an attractive package of accomplishments to sell to voters next November. There is also the fact that the trend lines on Covid-19 cases are going down, and if that continues, Biden could also benefit some from the overall improved outlook in the community.

But at this point, Biden’s approval ratings struggles have put his party in dire political positions – and they have limited control.

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What do you think about this poll? Do you think Biden deserves to be president of the United States? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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