How many ways to celebrate Mother Day gift

How Many Ways To Celebrate Mother Day 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday, May 9 and have you prepared anything for this special day? Do you know how many ways to celebrate Mother Day in this COVID-19 pandemic?

Since many people are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, you should still take precautions when celebrating Mother’s Day this year. To honor the important woman in your life, we share 10 unique activities ideas. 

12 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother Day

These wonderful Mother’s Day activity suggestions help you spend quality time together whether you live in the same household or at a distance for safety.

Share a cute meal

Even if eating at an in-house restaurant is risky, you can still share a special meal with the special woman in your life.

You can order their favorite meal through takeout meal delivery service or if you live with or near them, bring their favorite homemade dish and maybe some table decoration.

Then, on Mother’s Day, you can eat together face to face if you stay in the same house or eat together virtually via video call or over the phone.

ways to celebrate Mother Day
Share a cute meal is one of the popular ways to celebrate Mother Day

Enjoy nature together

Get some fresh air, which feels especially wonderful after a long winter. Sit on the porch or in front of an open window and enjoy nature together. 

If you’re not in the same household, do this virtually via video call or phone. 

Greetings from a distance

If you live in the same area, one fun thing to do is make big signs for Mother’s Day or giant cards and do a festival but “distanced”. visit their home. 

Stand on their sidewalks, outside a closed window, or in the yard and show your lovely festive signs. You can call them on your cell phone to talk to them or simply speak out loud through the window glass.

Ways to celebrate Mother Day during quarantine
Those are ways to celebrate Mother Day during quarantine.

Do a fun activity together if you’re in the same house.

You can have a lot of fun at home, so your Mother’s Day could be super special this year. Choose an activity you know your mom likes or ask her what she wishes to do. Some ideas that you can refer to such as: watch a movie, play a game, put a puzzle together, go for a walk, or simply sit together and tell funny stories. 

Make meals for your mom

One of the ways to celebrate Mother Day is to make meals for her. You may take her out to meals, but you can make her breakfast, lunch or dinner, Use your cooking skills and serve your mom a homemade meal. Then clean up while she’s resting.

It doesn’t matter if you choose an easy one, such as a frozen waffle for breakfast or a toasted cheese sandwich and potato soup for lunch. If you have siblings, ask them to help cook a bigger meal.

How many ways to celebrate Mother Day
Know the fun ways to celebrate Mother Day and show her how much you care her.

Attend a virtual concert or show

Another experience your mom and you can enjoy together is listening to music or attending a virtual concert.

Many Broadway musicians, orchestras and musicals are offering free online programming. So if your mom loves music, this is a great choice for this Mother’s Day. 

Take a tour of historic sites

If your mother loves history, bring the whole family together for a tour of nearby historical sites. The beautiful weather and landmarks are sure to make her day more memorable, and you can take some wonderful snapshots as well. It sounds great, isn’t it?

Go wine tasting

Go wine tasting is one of the interesting ways to celebrate Mother Day, especially for those who love wine. 

If all the kids are all over 21, head to a nearby winery for a Mother’s Day tasting. Or, if your mother is not a “wine mom”, try a local craft winery. At the end of the tasting, be sure to pick up a bottle or two that she loves to take home.

How many ways to celebrate Mother Day, do you know
How many ways to celebrate Mother Day, do you know?

Watch their favorite sports together

A sports fan would love to have companionship when they watch an interesting match.

A fun way to watch a safe game at home is to watch a replay of a game.

Signing in with your cable TV account gives you access to games previously available on popular online sites like

Or, use a registration site like NBC Sports to watch a wide variety of sports. Signing up for a sports streaming service can also be a great gift for a sports enthusiast!

Pamper your mother with home spa treatments

Create a spa experience for your mom at home with homemade masks, calming music and her favorite scents. Give her some homemade bath salts so she can take a hot showew and make her a cup of tea to help relax.

If you can afford, buy her a face mask from the drug store, as well as some bath oils, shower gel or Epsom salts in. You can make a bathroom more like a spa by lighting candles and playing soft music in it.

These ways to celebrate Mother Day you should know
These ways to celebrate Mother Day you should know

Giving a card

Make a card if you want to give mom a handmade item. You don’t need to buy cards at the stores to show mom what she means to you. Instead, collect some beautiful paper, pens or highlighter, and any crafting objects you have on hand. Create a card just for your mother.

Then write a personalized message for your mother on your card. A handwritten note inside the card will show your mom how much you really love and appreciate her.

Buying a gift

When it comes to unique ways to celebrate Mother Day, giving gifts to mom is the right thing to do.

Pick a gift you know your mom will love. To see what your mom might like, think about how she spends time, as well as her hobbies. Consider if you heard your mom say something she wants. If you’re still unsure, ask family and friends for advice. 

For example, you can give her a nice box of tea and a new mug if she loves to drink tea. Browser our catalogue “Gift for mom” to buy lovely mugs.

How many ways to celebrate Mother Day gift
How many ways to celebrate Mother Day gift

If she likes jewelry, you can give her a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings. If she has a hobby, like drawing, you can get her supplies.

If your mom is far away, order gifts online and send it to her address.


Looking for meaningful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year? Wondering how many ways to celebrate Mother Day? The above ideas will help you make this year’s holiday a memorable one.

How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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