How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain?

Do you know that Spaniards celebrate Father’s Day on March 19? It is a celebration to honor fathers, to honour fathers, the relationship of parents and the influence of fathers in society. This day also celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph. Do you know Father’s Day has a lot to do with Las Fallas? Keep reading to discover the origins of this holiday and how Father’s Day celebrate in Spain.

The Root of Father’s Day

According to the gospels, we know that Joseph was a professional carpenter. However, there is no written story that reflects his own words. For this reason, he is often referred to as the Saint of Silence. Most likely, Joseph died before Jesus’s public life began.

Through history, the cult of St. Joseph has had a number of references scattered throughout the Christian world. The Egyptian police set aside a day for Joseph  in the fourth century. In the Western world, the celebration became famous after the introduction of the Dominican calendar.

How Father's Day Celebrate In Spain
Do you know how Father’s Day celebrate in Spain?

Nowaday, the festival takes place on March 19, like the national Roman calendar. This day was officially set under the reign of Pope Sixtus IV.

Despite all these precedents, it was not until the beginning of the last century that St. Joseph’s Day began to be celebrated as Father’s Day in Spain. This holiday first started in the US thanks to a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd.

Following the success of celebrations in the US, the holiday has been adopted by a number of countries around the world, including Spain. However, the dates are sometimes changed to match the traditions of each region. Therefore, Spain and some other countries have worked Father’s Day into the Catholic calendar by moving March 19th. 

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In this part, you’ve learnt the root of Father’s Day, and the next I will tell you how Father’s Day celebrate in Spain and what they celebrate differs from others.

How Father's Day Celebrate In Spain
Father’s Day in Spain | How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain?

When is Fathers Day in Spain?

In Spain, Father’s Day is always celebrated on March 19, unlike the US and UK. This date falls on Día de San Jose, reflecting the Catholic church’s influence on the Spanish calendar. 

San Jose is a feast day in Spain and the anniversary of the life of St. Joseph, patron saint of carpenters, craftspeople and workers in general. San Juan is, in Biblical terms, the greatest example of fatherhood because he is the adoptive father of Jesus. He is also exemplified as a good husband of the Virgin Mary.

How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain?

How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain

In the past, Father’s Day was an official holiday in Spain and people didn’t have to work on that day. Today, it is not recognized  as a public holiday at the national level. However, some regions do have a place in their calendar to commemorate St. Joseph. Currently, March 19th is a holiday in Valencia, Navarra, Murcia, Galicia and the Basque Country. 

Las Fallas

In Valencia, a special celebration takes place on March 19th: Las Fallas. This festival, dedicated to Saint Joseph, has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2016. Although the celebration lasts a few days, the climax takes place on the night of between March 19th and 20th. With the cremà, the monuments specially created for this event will set fire a breathtaking performance.

Outside of Valencia, most families in Spain get together a big lunch or dinner with fathers and grandparents and give them gifts. Spanish children often make handmades at school to present to their dads as a gift. Cards, bows and photo albums are some of the top gifts children give.

This is a perfect time to honor family members and friends who fulfill the role of fathers. 

Las Fallas - Festival of Fire in Valencia
Las Fallas – Festival of Fire in Valencia

Father’s Day Celebrations in Spain

In Spain, in particular, Father’s Day begins with the childrens serving a delicious breakfast in bed to their dad. They prepare breakfast by themselves and take the surprise when Dad wakes up, so the day begins with a smile on his face.

After that, the day could continue with gifts coming from one by one. A beautiful handmade card could be the first card to surprise him. The cards usually contain a poem or a little message for dad to let him know how special and important he is.

The kids at work cancel all their appointments and enjoy spending the entire day with their dad. For people, their family is the most important and on any special occasion, they want to spend all their time with their dad.

Next, maybe everyone goes out for family outings like picnics or lunch at Dad’s favorite restaurant or any other place he loves. It was a big day for dad and they will make it so special to their father.

Homemade recipes are also quite popular on this day. If lunch or dinner is arranged at home, children should try to make the food their father loves. They even accompany this family meal with some Spanish wine and fun activities to make the day memorable.

How Father's Day Celebrate In Spain
How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain? Is it anything special?

How Father’s Day Celebrate In Spain | Is There Anything Special?

Spain is a noisy country, and if there is an opportunity like this, Spaniards never let it pass quietly. They love to hang out and party. They are not even afraid to include the entire family in celebration, and spend the evening with all the father figures in the family.

Activities such as speaking or narrating are conducted in which children can express their love and gratitude towards the man who is their idol. This is a day all children see as an opportunity to show their thankfulness for their fathers.

In addition, this day is a day of charity and donation to those whose fathers have passed away. They send donations and charities to various organizations and social communities on behalf of their father to honor them.

Now that you know how Father’s Day celebrate in Spain. So remember this day, treat him to a meal, give a thoughtful gift and wish him a Feliz Día del Padre.

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