Discover how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany

How Do We Celebrate Halloween In Germany?

Halloween is not just a North American holiday, it is celebrated in different countries around the world, not with the exception of Germany. So, how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany? Though Halloween is not the most popular or loved celebration in this country, there are fun and exciting activities to mark the day. Just check it out!

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany?

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany?

Halloween Day In Germany

Many people wonder “Do they celebrate Halloween in Germany”. The answer is yes! Halloween is not known as a traditional celebration in Germany. But a lot of Germans, especially youngsters, know much about it today. 

Indeed, the Halloween festival doesn’t have any origin from German culture. However, the holiday is currently being celebrated every year in this country. So, how did Halloween come to Germany?

Due to the long postwar appearance of American people in Germany, as well as lots of Halloween depictions in Hollywood movies, German people knew more about the Halloween holiday. It was not until the 1990s that Halloween was considered a popular German celebration. 

Halloween in Germany

Halloween in Germany

Halloween is an American holiday dated back to Ireland and then spread back to Europe. And a German organization is known to take credit for making Halloween a popular occasion in Germany. 

The Special Carnival Group (Fachgruppe Karneval) from the German Association for the Toy Industry emphasized that the German amusement and toy industry (Deutscher Verband der Spielwarenindustrie, DVSI) was badly affected in 1991 after Karneval was canceled due to the First Gulf War. 

The DVSI then started to seek alternatives. They started a campaign to promote Halloween to Germans in 1994. According to statistics,  Germans were spending 30 million euros annually on the Halloween season by 2009. Especially, in Germany’s candy industry, the occasion has ranked as the third-largest, only after Christmas and Easter. Halloween is now an important part of German culture and economy.

On exploring how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany, we should know this! While Halloween is certainly celebrated somewhere in Germany, the truth is, not all people in this country are interested in this occasion. So, what makes them not happy about the rise of Halloween?

It’s because the day directly interferes with a religious holiday. Halloween falls on the same day as Reformation Day, on October 31. This is a Protestant religious celebration that commemorates Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. In many states of Germany, this is a public holiday when many businesses are closed.

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany?

Decorating the house in the Halloween theme

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany - decorate house

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany – decorate house

Just like in many other countries, people in Germany also decorate their houses to prepare for the Halloween celebration. When you come to this country on Halloween, you will be attracted by spooky cobwebs coated the window of many families’ homes. That is the outstanding feature in the way they make home decor on Halloween Day.

Carving pumpkins 

Many people might have been familiar with Jack-o’-lantern when it comes to the Halloween season. And you wonder “How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany?” Will we have Jack-o’-lanterns on this day? The answer is “absolutely”.

Carving pumpkin - a part of how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany

Carving pumpkin – a part of how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany

On Halloween Day in Germany, you can also see candle-lit carved pumpkins glowing in the shadows. The images of these pumpkin lanterns have been so popular when Halloween comes around. In addition, they also put up pumpkin displays to add great decorations to their home.

Dress in Halloween costumes 

Halloween is famous for spooky costumes and makeup. And it’s also exactly how we celebrate Halloween in Germany. A note on the costume is that Halloween costumes in Germany have to be scary. This means it’s time to forget joyful or happy costumes for Halloween celebrations. 

wear Halloween costumes

Spooky Halloween costumes – how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany

You will find more colorful and joyful costumes when celebrating Carnival or Fasching in some regions of the country. For example, it can be clown or cowboy costumes.

Trick or treating tradition

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany? Is there a trick-or-treating tradition when celebrating Halloween in this country? Actually, you can find trick-or-treating in Germany, but mostly in large cities. So, if you are not living in a big city or on an American military base, it’s hard for you to see many kids trick or treating.

Trick or treating

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany – Trick or treating

Trick-or-treating is called “Um die Häuser ziehen (going around the houses)” in Germany. Engaging the tradition, kids will dress up in Halloween costumes, go from house to house and knock on doors to ask ‘Süßes oder Saures?’(Sweet or Sour), which has the same meaning as ‘trick or treat’, to get treats.

In a different phrase, they may say “Süßes sonst gibt’s Saures”, which means “give me sweets or there will be sour things.” Anyway, the intention is to collect candy or to play pranks.

Halloween at schools

Halloween at schools

How do we celebrate Halloween in Germany when being at school? It is known that kindergartens, schools, as well as after school care-clubs make the Halloween occasion special by organizing small parties in class. Those parties are often accompanied by music, snacks, and most importantly, costume competitions.

Halloween events in Germany

It is considered that Germany’s Halloween is more scary than sweet. And this is absolutely true. You can understand more about this by discovering one of the biggest events on the occasion. This event is organized at Burg Frankenstein near Darmstadt.

how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany

In the celebrations, actors dressed as ghosts will wander around the candlelit castle to frighten guests. What’s more, the scary soundtrack is another key point that adds to the ambiance.

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Above we’ve been with you to discover how do we celebrate Halloween in Germany. How do you think about Halloween in Germany and the way Germans make this holiday memorable? Finally, we wish you have the most wonderful experiences with your loved ones this Halloween season!

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