how do they celebrate Mother's Day in Germany

How Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day In Germany?

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for many people to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation towards mothers as well as mother figures worldwide. It is known as an annual event but held at different dates in the calendar. Wonder how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany? This article is the answer you are looking for!

Muttertag – Mother’s Day in Germany

Mother's Day in Germany

Muttertag is the German name used to identify Mother’s Day. Traditionally, the special day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. However, if the day happens to be the Pentecost (Pfingstsonntag) – the Christian festival to celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit (organized on the 7th Sunday following Easter), people will celebrate Mother’s Day a week earlier on the first Sunday of May.

Is Mother’s Day a Public Holiday?

Some people usually misunderstand that Mother’s Day is a public holiday but in fact, it’s not. This upcoming Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 9 May 2021 and a lot of enterprises follow regular Sunday opening hours in Germany.

The history of Muttertag in Germany

The history of Mother’s Day in Germany dates back to the Middle Ages. There was a Sunday when people in Thuringia (one of 16 federal states of Germany) used to visit and congratulate each other in spring. This season was associated with the beginning of life, and women were those who gave that life to humanity. On that very special day, nobody worked, they came back to their parents’ house. And it was also on that day when mothers were blessed by their relatives.

People first started to celebrate Mother’s Day in 1922. Originally, Mother’s Day is known as a celebration of mothers who gave birth to children for the Vaterland. These Moms were honored to be awarded Medals, das Mutterkreuz.

Mother's Day in Germany

It was not until 1933 that this occasion was declared an official German holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day became a celebration of showing gratitude and appreciation to mothers by their beloved children.

Mother’s Day reached its remarkable milestone when the role of motherhood was recognized as integral to the Nazi fantasy of Germany’s collective health during the years of National Socialist rule between 1933 and 1945. At that time, a great tradition of giving bronze, silver, and gold medals to German mothers was also formed. It was this adoration of women as mothers that led to large-scale ceremonies: German mothers got special decorations for giving as many ‘Aryan’ children as possible. 

However, this “golden era” of Mother’s Day did not last too long as the day returned to a more neutral way of celebrating. People began to celebrate Mother’s Day with the American elements of celebrating by giving moms flowers and cards.

How do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany?

We bet many of you want to know how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany. In general, the way German people celebrate Mother’s Day is quite similar to that of other countries. Let’s get to explore the most popular ways Germans make their Mother’s Day special and memorable.

Make phone call to moms

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in Germany

It might seem quite simple but making phone calls to mom is one of the most thoughtful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, especially when you and your mom are so far from each other. 

In German, there are many phone calls German mothers receive from their children on Mother’s Day. This is regarded as one of the most popular forms to express gratitude and recognition for their moms for everything they’ve given to them. 

Send gifts to mom

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in Germany

A very popular way on how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in German is to give gifts to their moms. Chocolates, cards, perfumes, clothes, home decor accessories, or anything their moms may love are all the best gifts for a mom 2022. With their children’s love and gratitude, moms will surely appreciate their thoughtful gifts.

Give moms pretty flower bouquets

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in Germany

It is said that nothing can fully express your love to your mom as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. German mothers will get a lot of colorful flowers on this day. In addition, there are also white flowers sent to the graves of mothers who passed away, which is really meaningful. This also expresses how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany.l

A tradition that you can still see on Mother’s Day today is the wearing of a white carnation in remembrance of a mother who passed away or the wearing of a red carnation to honor a mother who is still living 

Cook for moms

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in Germany

Cooking meals for moms always shows how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany. On a special day just for mom and all mother figures, people usually come to visit their parents and cook delicious food for their mothers. Many children choose to serve a cozy dinner that consists of mom’s favorite dishes and they think that’s quite easy to make.

In general, how people celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany is not too different from other countries in the world. After all, they make every effort to create a memorable Mother’s Day for their beloved moms. They buy little presents, send them cards, make dinner, get flowers and thoughtful gifts for moms. Their top priority on that day is that their moms will get a day to be pampered and relax.

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