A Joyous Christmas

A Joyous Christmas: Meet The Cast And Filming Location

If you are looking for a classic romantic movie for this Christmas, we highly recommend that you take Hallmark’s A Joyous Christmas into consideration. Read ahead to discover who starred in the movies,  where it was filmed, and decide whether you will choose it for the upcoming holiday or not!

What is A Joyous Christmas about?

A Joyous Christmas is a famous Hallmark Movies and Mysteries original movie that is directed by Allan Harmon. The film was officially released on November 26, 2017, as part of the channel’s annual Miracles of Christmas event. It’s A Joyous Christmas that brought Harmon a nomination for the 2018 Leo for Best TV Movie Director.

A Joyous Christmas

The movie centers around an author who writes self-help books who comes back to her hometown for Christmas with a view to advertising her new book. Here, the author realizes the true meaning of Christmas and enjoys the festivities with family after she is saved from a fatal accident by a stranger.

Details about A Joyous Christmas cast

Below are all the details of the cast of A Joyous Christmas. Let’s get to know more about them!

Natalie Knepp as Rachel Kennedy

In the movie, Natalie Knepp played the character of Rachel Kennedy. The beautiful author returns to her hometown for Christmas and also to promote her new book. Here, she had an accident and is saved by a stranger. 

Natalie Knepp

Michael Rady as Jack Nelson

Michael Rady is Jack Nelson in the movie. He is the producer hired by Rachel to arrange the book launch. Jack and Rachel become close during their time in the town.

Michael Rady

Bonnie Bedelia as Joy

Bonnie Bedelia performs the character of Joy. She is considered the quirkiest of A Joyous Christmas cast. It’s Joy who saves Rachel’s life when she had an accident. Joy also has a tragic backstory that is later revealed in the movie. 

Bonnie Bedelia

David Lewis as David

David Lewis plays David – Rachel’s estranged brother in the movie. After their parents passed away, David and Rachel had lost touch. But after Rachel comes back to her hometown and finds the joy of family, she makes an effort to reconnect with him.

Steve Bacic as Stuart

In A Joyous Christmas, Steve Bacic plays the character of. He is a part of the management team that Rachel puts together. They hold her book launch and then get a local producer named Jack on board. 

Chiara Guzzo as Bridget

Chiara Guzzo plays Bridget in the movie. Bridget is another member of Rachel’s management team. She also tries to get Jack on board for the launch. 

A Joyous Christmas: Where it was filmed?

A Joyous Christmas was filmed in Canada in different locations including Vancouver and British Columbia, Langley and Delta.

A Joyous Christmas: Where it was filmed

British Columbia is a popular location for many Christmas films. That’s why in August, What’sFilming calls BC “a perpetual state of Christmas.”

Two of the locations used for A Joyous Christmas include:

  • Murrayville Community Memorial Hall in Langley
  • Ladner Village in Delta

Ladner Village on Delta Street is a quite familiar location for Christmas filming, a local news site shared. Here, they used environmentally safe snow and blowers in most scenes. A Joyous Christmas was known to be the third (but not the last) Hallmark holiday movie filmed that is shot in that region that year.

Ladner Village is like a beautiful place to visit at Christmas time. Several Facebook posts let us see that they have a Christmas Tree Festival that consists of a gingerbread contest, a countdown to Christmas contest, a tree lighting ceremony, a live musical performance, a visit from Santa, and more. The festival seems to be organized in the same location that the parade was filmed for the movie Finding Santa (another movie aired on Hallmark Channel) and sounds like a regular Hallmark-worthy event.

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To Sum Up

Why not try such a meaningful Christmas movie for a sweet Christmas season? Try A Joyous Christmas to find happiness and a wonderful experience through the film and don’t hesitate to share with us your review about it. We are looking forward to receiving all your comments!

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