35+ Best Gifts For One Year Old Boys Easier Than You Think

It might be difficult for new parents to find the greatest toys for toddlers, but buying gifts for one year old boys may be easier than you think. Moving on from baby toys, one-year-olds are also practicing speaking and recognizing rhymes, preparing them for books that teach words or engage them with lifting flaps,… Look for toys with a variety of textures that they can explore with their hands more. Look for a toy that allows toddlers to do everything they want. Continue scrolling down the post to see all the best toys for 1 year old boy to fast go to the category you’re looking for.

35 Cool Gifts For One Year Old Boys They Will Adore

This guide provides the best gifts for one year old boys. Included are the fun toys and unique presents, so don’t miss out!


1. Baby Shark Shirt 

Best funny gifts for one year old boys who love sharks, also a funny movies gift for men and women of any age! and you could give your boys a cute gift shirt on any special event such as Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, …


2. Toys drumroll 

The universal language is music! Your youngster will be introduced to a variety of bright musical instruments. Toys drumroll is one of the great gift ideas for 1 year old boy, your youngster can experiment with the various sounds that each instrument produces while also appreciating the vibrant colors and textures of each piece. This toy will help him improve his musical ear, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development.


3. The Sprinkler and Splash Play Mat

Which is especially wonderful for spring and summer birthdays gifts for one year old boys, delivers a little water park excitement right to your backyard! The sturdy play mat connects to a regular garden hose, ejecting spurts of water into the air and transforming the mat into a wading pool. While your kid is splashing around in the water, the 60-inch mat keeps their feet cool and safe from debris on the ground.


4. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

What are the best gift ideas for 1 year old boy?- One year old boys enjoy pulling themselves up to stand, which they can accomplish with this interactive wooden tree-themed toy that is jam-packed with motor-skill activities. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center is an option.


5. Zig-Zag Tower

Zig zag tower is one of the best toys for 1 year old boy. This engaging zig-zag tower will aid in the development of motor skills in 1-year-olds.


6. Little tikes cozy coupe toy car

This antique toy automobile should have on a basket of birthday gifts for 1 year old boy by mom and dad! A handle in the back lets parents assists younger children in steering. The floorboard can be removed by parents so that their children can move the automobile as they grow.


7. Battat Combo Set – Phone and Keys

Kids always appear to be drawn to their parents’ keys and cell phones. Instead, parents should buy this toy for their children as birthday gifts for 1 year old boy. These colorful, chunky, child-like car keys and a cell light up and create realistic sounds, making them ideal for pretend play. 


8. Rainbow blocks

These rainbow blocks are a classic for encouraging a baby’s problem-solving abilities because they stack in any direction.


9. Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Gifts for one year old boys with Wooden Push and Pull Toy are entertaining because they can push them as it moves. Your youngster may drag this little elephant around by its leash or wrap it around its hollow center to push it around like a car.


10. Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog toy promotes fine motor coordination by requiring children to insert the colorful spikes into the holes at various angles. It’s also helpful for number recognition and color recognition. This is the best learning toy for 1 year old that your kid should have.


11. Mini Tuduo Baby Blocks

Teething children as early as 6 months can play with this product. However, 1-year-olds may use these soft, resilient, stacking blocks to learn animals, shapes, fruit, patterns, and more.


12. Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Cube

This classic wooden shape-sorter lets 1-year-olds put things inside a box and take them back out, they would joy of opening a gift box.


13. Rocking Horse

This toy lightweight, plastic rocking horse is one of the great gifts for one year old boys to safely play and learn to balance. The handles are comfortable to hold, and the seat is low to the ground. This toy has also a modern design, allowing your boys to go on adventures with their rocking horse.


14. Wishbone Flip Rock and Roll Ride

Wishbone Flip Rock and Roll Ride suitable with a child from age 1 to 5, parents could convert from rocker to push toy to ride-on when your child gets one year old.

*** Suggestions for meaningful birthday gifts for each milestone: Here


15. Fisher-Price Corn Popper

Fisher-Price Corn Popper s one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy. Because of its delightful sounds and ease of use, this traditional toy is always a favorite among babies. It’s an idea for the best toy for 1 year old boys who need practice walking!


16. Pull Back Vehicles

What to buy a one year old for birthday is a question of many parents. The fact that all little boys always adore automobiles and trucks toy. These pull-back automobiles are the best gifts for 1 year old boy on his birthday. The four vehicles—a car, a bus, a police car, and a fire truck—are all suitable, light, and simple to operate.


17. Sortable shapes

Shape-sorting toys can be one of the Christmas presents for one year olds. They can play with puzzles, the shapes are connected by thick strings, so parents won’t be continually searching beneath the sofa for the missing triangle, and this toy is small enough to fit in the stroller. Sure, most one-year-olds will simply put those rubbery, rough shapes in their mouths, but that’s fine because the teething-friendly Oombee is made of food-grade silicone and is easy to clean with soap and water or in the dishwasher.


18. Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

With this black-and-white-speckled, shell-wrapped dragon, the surprise-and-unboxing craze is still going strong. When young Toothless’ shell is agitated, it will fall away, revealing the little dragon’s sparkling eyes and adorable smile. It can respond to your child’s questions, play games, and even let out a nice little roar in response to your youngster thanks to the interactive features. This Christmas presents for one year olds is like having a pet that you don’t have to clean up after.


19. Sorry We’re Late I Was Being A Litter Pooper Shirt

Are you debating what to buy a one year old for birthday of your kid? Then a pointed fun shirt will be a concept you can’t pass up.


20. Custom Crayon Name Set

You’re proud of whatever your youngster draws (even if it’s simply scribbled), but these personalized crayons will help them create some true masterpieces. They can be personalized with your child’s name and gradually change colors on the page as they color and play. Take one and give them as gifts for one year old boys.


21. Button, Button, Belly Button Game

When kids play this board game, they learn same vs. different, matching, colors, and turn-taking skills by matching their cards to the buttons or bears on the board. This is one of the best choices for the best learning toy for 1 year old.


22. Cocomelon Musical Puzzle

This is the best learning toy for 1 year old, a puzzle for your little tot’s hands to grab, and then clap and dance to the music of Cocomelon Musical Puzzle. 


23. Baby balance bike

With this balance bike that also functions as a beginner’s walker, one-year-olds may learn to stand on two feet.


24. Wooden race track car

This wooden track has four little vehicles in red, yellow, green, and blue, allowing toddlers to learn about colors while racing down the track.


25. Wooden block ball playset 

This wooden block ball playset may be used in a variety of ways, from music to learning about shapes.


26. Bathtub toys

Babies love bath toys! This one sticks onto the tile wall to create an interactive waterfall that keeps kids entertained so parents can soap up their hair!


27. Wooden stacking stones

Gifts for one year old boys should have wooden stacking stones. These lovely stacking stones allow children to experiment with balance and different shapes. They’re also entertaining to bang together.


28. Push Toy

This walker has alligators, fish on the wheels, and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads. When children push it, it emits a satisfying click-clack sound.


29. Fisher-Price Corn Popper with Chatter Telephone

Because of its delightful sounds and ease of use, this traditional toy is always a favorite among babies. It’s ideal for birthday gifts for 1 year old boy who needs little additional practice walkers!


30. A stroller/ a tricycle/ a bike

A stroller/ a tricycle/ a bike, these gifts for one year old boys ride-on are intended to grow with your child. Best of all, it comes completely assembled and folds up for convenient storage, making it ideal for on-the-go use.


31. Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Train Set

This train is available in a baby-friendly size for pushing, pulling apart, and reassembling.


32. Baby Magic Touch Ukulele

Children can get a head start on developing a love of music and showing out at a young age with this gift.


33. Learning Resources Learn-a-Lot Avocados

On these pull-apart avocados, your 1-year-old may work on fine motor skills, colors, and moods by spinning the “pit” to show different faces and emotions. Let’s put it in your cart for the next Christmas presents for one year olds.


34. Rainbow Peg Dolls

Wooden peg dolls are popular, kids prefer dolls, and these toy figures with no pre-drawn faces so that they can utilize their imaginations.


35. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits

There’s something so rewarding about this toy: There are various colored bubbles, numbered one to ten, that create a gratifying pop when pushed in. It has the numeric and the number word on one side and the number in Spanish and a comparable number of raised dots on the other. It’s the best learning toy for 1 year old and a terrific way for children to practice their colors, numbers, and vocabulary.

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy

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Final Words

Are you ready to begin your search? To help you narrow it down, Tshirtatlowprice showed toys that are most entertaining for one-year-olds—and included some amazing, shoppable gift ideas for one-year-olds you can add to your cart. If you’re looking for gifts for kids of all ages, be sure to check out our dedicated gifts for one year old boys post above.

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