Fuck Joe Biden chants break out

Fuck Joe Biden chants break out across college football games

Fuck Joe Biden chants break out across college football games
Fuck Joe Biden chants are taking over college football games.

The failure in Afghanistan, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the raging inflation, along with Biden’s push for vaccinations have raised anger by many people. A wave of criticism toward Biden is getting bigger. These days, profane fuck Joe Biden chants have started to become a trend in college football. 

Fuck Joe Biden chants ring out in college football stadiums

A large number of football fans chant “Fuck Joe Biden”  at college football games for the second straight week, which is instantly becoming the battle cry across the country when the citizens show their objection to the great Emporer and his administration. Fuck Joe Biden shouts reverberated through stadiums during games played by Coastal Carolina, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Alabama State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, and Texas A&M.

Many videos of fans chanting fuck Joe Biden have taken the Internet by storm. Twitter users pointed out that Fuck Joe Biden chants are sung between applause – came mainly from colleges in states where Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

The fuck Joe Biden chants have even spread to professional sports, uniting Yankees and Mets fans after a game in New York on Saturday. Video from that day shows fans of both teams singing fuck Joe Biden chants as they leave Citi Field Stadium in Queens.

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According to estimates from FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval rate declined sharply from 55 percent on January 25 to 45.8 percent on September 10. 

Why fuck Joe Biden chants become a trend? 

What are the Fuck Joe Biden chants
Why do college football fans target U.S. President Joe Biden with explicit chants?

Most people have criticized the way Joe Biden handled the current situation, especially after the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan recently. That’s why students resent their leader. 

The withdrawal of the American troops has put a chaotic and tragic end. Many Americans were left behind after the last U.S military took off from Kabul. Especially, a suicide bombing by ISIS-K on August 26 killed 180 people, including 13 American troops.

It was one of the most brutal and bloodiest attacks of the war, and the soldiers were the first American warriors to die in Afghanistan since February 2020. 

Here are the reasons why Fuck Joe Biden chants take place
Paying no respect to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan is one of the reasons creating fuck Joe Biden chants.

On Aug. 29, 2021, the dignified transfer of 13 American warriors who were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan took place. However, U.S President Joe Biden was seen checking his watch after every casket was transferred. During a solemn ceremony, is it polite and respectful to glance at the watch many times? He even pays no minimal respect for the brave soldiers. 

‘Our leaders are mindless and weak, tempting our enemies, this is among the saddest periods in US history,’ former Fox News commentator Lou Dobbs posted on Twitter.  

‘Looks like he was being inconvenienced by having to show some respect for these American Heroes [sic],’ said Desert Storm Army veteran Samuel Williams.

Submarine veteran J Larry Hanna wrote: ‘Biden, as the caskets passed before him, had to glance at his watch. Does he have something more important?’

Another vet wrote: ‘After a fallen soldier goes by, Biden shows his true incredibly disrespectful soul, he checks his watch as if he has somewhere else to be. I’m so mad, this is a personal slap to all veterans and active duty.’

Donald Trump Jr. attributed the derogatory protest as a result of Biden’s failure in Afghanistan to new controversial vaccine rules and increasing inflation since the economy recovered from the Covid-19 shutdown.

Trump Jr. told David Hookstead of the Daily Caller on Saturday that it got so bad that the media couldn’t run cover for Joe Biden anymore. 

‘When you look at Afghanistan, and I can go through 50 points on it, but $65 to $80 billion of equipment left to our enemies, giving them a kill list of American citizens, giving them the biometric scanners to still do that, pulling out the military before you pulled out civilians, telling them you’re giving up all of your leverage to a terrorist group, the Taliban, and then going back to negotiating after you’ve given them everything they could possibly want.’

When mentioning the new vaccine rule, Donald Trump said:’It’s a little bity crazy. None of this lines up – the whole, “my body my choice,” except for when the government mandates something – it doesn’t work, but no one’s calling out the hypocrisy.’ 

The President required that all federal workers, businesses with more than 100 workers, and health care staff have to get vaccinated or test the virus once a week. If they don’t comply with the new rule, businesses could be fined thousands of dollars per employee.

Previously, it’s compulsory to get vaccinated only for employees at U.S. nursing homes receiving federal funding. In some states such as New York and Maine, it’s also compulsory to be vaccinated for healthcare workers. 

The new rules affect about 80 million Americans across the U.S. Now, federal workers will have 75 days to receive vaccination or risk being fired. 

However, among the 29% of American voters who don’t receive vaccination, 83% state they do not plan to be vaccinated, a new CNBC survey shows. 

Employees who violate the new rule could face a series of consequences, including termination, which put businesses under pressure. 

That’s the reason why college students feel upset with the President as well as his administration. And Fuck Joe Biden chants are as a way to let their opinions heard. 

It seems that the Fuck Joe Biden chants will continue long. Students across the U.S now have their official content rallying cry. After terrible things that Joe Biden has made to America, it comes as no surprise if the fuck Joe Biden chants are becoming spread like a storm. 

All of Biden’s decisions and policies appear to be declining the trustfulness of America and make it look stupid and faithless. Fuck Joe Biden chants can’t tell all the bad things he has caused to the United States. We need to act now to raise awareness of people about the dangers America and its citizens are facing when Joe Biden still remains in office.

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  1. wardropper says:

    Of course it WASN’T actually a ‘failure’ in Afghanistan.
    It was the only course of action available to a nation which had no business being there in the first place.
    Britain voted Brexit, and Britain will live with the consequences.
    Afghanistan engendered the Taliban, and it, too, will live with the consequences.
    It’s nobody’s concern except Afghanistan’s, but of course the opium trade makes it very interesting to some of the worst elements in other countries…

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