Best Father's Day card ideas to make dad smile

18 Best Father’s Day Card Ideas To Make Dad Smile

Cool Father's Day card ideas
Looking for cool Father’s Day card ideas?

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate, spend time with, and simply cherish one of the most important men in your life. You can spend time taking over the kitchen to make his favorite food, do his favorite foods, make homemade gifts, or write a poem about all things you love about him. 

This year, put a huge grin on his face on his big day by checking out our list of the best Father’s Day card ideas. Not only are they sure to make your beloved Dad smile, giggle, but they’re also lovely. Some are cute, some are hilarious, but all of these Father’s Day card ideas are a surefire way to melt your dad’s heart.

Here’s to a Father’s Day filled with a lot of love and laughs!

Cool Father’s Day Card Ideas

You're The Best Pop- great Father's Day card ideas


You’re The Best Pop


This card is pretty darn cute that your dad will fall in love immediately. With high-quality paper and print technology, the colors are as vivid, lifelike, and sharp as the image shown. 


Like Father, Like Daughter Greeting Card- cool Father's Day card ideas



No matter her age, his little girl knows that it takes a wonderful dad to bring up a fantastic daughter. Make sure he never forgets that with this cute card. Write anything about how much he means to you and how you feel about him. A lovely gift that will melt his heart. 


Grape Job Raisin Me- great Father's Day card ideas


Grape Job Raisin Me


Dads all love food pun. This funny card is a great way to let your dear old know that he did a good job in raising you to become who you are today. 


Not in Jail Card- funny Father's Day card ideas


Not in Jail Card


Dad did a good job in raising you up! Now it’s your job to let him know that. This card is sure to brighten his big day. He’ll proudly show off it with his friends and relatives. 


About My Dad Card- cute Father's Day card ideas


About My Dad Card


This Father’s Day card is a classic for preschoolers. Let’s see what kids actually think about their father. The answers are sure to be funny and not what you suppose. No matter what you get from your kids, the card makes a great gift. 


Pie Chart Card- Father's Day card ideas


Pie Chart Card


Who doesn’t love this cute card? This Father’s Day card shows your dad his diverse role in your life from a teacher, a professional fixer, BBQ master, and more. He’ll feel loved and appreciated with this simple yet sentimental card. 


Superman Card- fun Father's Day card ideas


Superman Card


For any kid, dads are always a hero. This card helps you say it all. It will leave your daddy laughing silly.


Pop Up Father's Day Card- great Father's Day card ideas


Pop Up Father’s Day Card


It looks like a simple card but when the card is opened, you’ll see a colorful picture and “To The Best Dad Ever” golden lettering. Your dad is bound to be touched and cherish it forever. 


Dad Strength Tester- great Father's Day gift ideas


Dad Strength Tester


Show your father how strongly you feel about him with this card. Printed in the USA on premium white cardstock, the colors are all great and vivid. 


'Like Father, Like Daughter' Card- Great Father's Day card ideas


‘Like Father, Like Daughter’ Card


Obviously, a father-daughter bond is special and unique that can’t compete with anything else. Show your pa how proud you are to be his little girl with this cool “Like Father Like Daughter” card.  A simple yet creative Father’s Day card that your dad will make him laugh out loud. 


You Were Right Card- fun Father's Day card ideas


You Were Right Card


To be frank, is dad right? He’ll certainly puff up proudly at this one. As one of the greatest Father’s Day card ideas, this card will account for your dad’s love.


Emergency Dad Jokes Card- great Father's Day card ideas


Emergency Dad Jokes Card


Is your dad a funny guy? This card filled with the variety of jokes Dad thinks are hilarious. The joke inscribed on it is guaranteed to make him chuckle all day and fall in love with this card at first glance.


Funny 1st Father's Day Card- best Father's Day card ideas


Funny 1st Father’s Day Card


The Father’s Day card features hilarious quotes “Dads like you are harder to find than hand sanitizer and wipes”. Your father will highly appreciate your gift. Plus, the card is customizable. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your daddy, you can custom the name to the cover, write your own messages inside, or add a custom illustration. 


Well Done- great Father's Day card ideas


Well Done


Is your dad a special grill master? So, what’s better than letting him know with this card? “Well done”. Two short words but packed with lots of love and appreciation. He is bound to chuckle every time he sees it. 


Dad King of Our Castle- nice Father's Day card ideas


Dad King of Our Castle


Let your dad know how great and special he is with this Father’s Day card. Is he the king of your castle? The design is so cute and good-looking, making it a fantastic gift for every type of dad. 


Fathers Footsteps Card cute Fathers Day card ideas


‘Father’s Footsteps’ Card
This card is so cute, right? It features hilarious messages “Just in case he drops his wallet,” which surely warm any dad’s heart. He is bound to get big laughs.


Cute Father's Day card ideas


Cute Father’s Day Card


If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, then consider this card. It will make dad feel nostalgic since you were a kid who always sat on dad’s shoulder.  A wonderful gift to give him for Father’s day or his birthday.


Dad, Thanks for Always Being There Card- great Father's Day card ideas


Dad, Thanks for Always Being There Card


This is one of the coolest Father’s Day card ideas. Your father is always there to support and help you overcome the biggest life challenges and the smallest moments such as there’s a creepy spider climbing up your bedroom.  


Final Thoughts

Asides from meaningful gifts for dad, Father’s Day cards are essential on this special day. We hope that these Father’s Day card ideas inspire you to find the perfect one for your dear old man. 

If you want to make your own card for dad, we’ve compiled a list of easy DIY Father’s Day card ideas. Your dad will appreciate the extra thought and care you put into these homemade cards. Most of these Father’s Day card ideas are easy enough for toddlers and kids to make. 

Want to share your Father’s Day card ideas or add more cool Father’s Day card ideas? Don’t delay!

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