Facts about Veterans Day

Top 15 Amazing Facts About Veterans Day

Every year on November 11, people in the United States observe Veterans Day with resounding reverence. Those who have served in the Armed Forces deserve to earn our nation’s full respect and admiration. And besides thanking all the veterans for their service, let’s learn about some amazing facts about Veterans Day to gain an even deeper appreciation for members of our military. By discovering those facts, we are using the holiday as a great chance to learn more about Veterans Day’s history! 

What are amazing facts about Veterans Day?

What are amazing facts about Veterans Day?

15 facts about Veterans Day

In addition to learning about the history of Veterans Day, the meaning of Veterans Day, and some popular traditions of Veterans Day, let’s explore some fun facts about this special occasion.

1. The day is neither “Veteran’s Day” nor “Veterans’ Day”. Veterans  Day does not consist of an ​apostrophe.

2. Veterans Day was originally known as “Armistice Day,” which was set aside to commemorate the end of World War I.

3. November 11th is the official date of Veterans Day each year, with only the day of the week fluctuating. So, what creates the significance of that exact date? It’s because the armistice between the ​allied forces and Germany was put into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

4. In 1954, Congress changed Armistice Day into Veterans Day. It’s because the United States had fought in World War II and Korean War. Veterans Day is to honor veterans of all wars. 

5. Some countries have similar celebrations for their veterans. For instance, people in Canana and Australia both celebrate Remembrance Day to honor their veterans. Besides, Great Britain organizes “Remembrance Day” on the Sunday closest to the 11th of November.

Facts about Veterans Day

Discovering facts about Veterans Day

6. Some people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. In the United States, Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who lost their lives while serving in the military. 

7. According to statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 325,574 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are alive in 2020.

8. Pew Research Center found that about three-quarters (77%) of veterans in 2016 served during wartime and only 23% served during peacetime.

9. In 2017, Alaska, Maine, and Montana are the three states with the highest percentage of Veterans.

10. The Veterans Affairs department estimate that there will be around 12 million veterans by 2045, meaning there will be a roughly 40% decrease from [2017] numbers.

11. Also, by 2045, it’s expected that the number of female veterans will double to 18%.

Veterans Day in the United States

12. A survey conducted in April 2017 by Pew Research Center pointed out that 75% of Americans said that they would increase spending for veterans’ benefits and services if they were in charge of the federal budget.

13. Every year, the Veterans Day National Committee chooses a national Veterans Day poster. In addition, the Paralyzed Veterans of America holds an annual National Veterans Day Poster & Essay Contest for elementary and middle school students.

14. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers an interactive map that supports visitors to search for Veterans Day activities in their local areas.

15. The first Veterans Day parade was organized in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947 and this activity remains an annual tradition until today when Veterans Day comes around.

How to thank veterans for their service?

We’ve learned some facts about Veterans Day. Every year, Veterans Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation to members of our military, both in the past and present. Refer to our suggestions below if you are finding some appropriate ways to honor a veteran in your life. 

Express Appreciation on Veterans Day

Show Up

One of the most popular ways to honor veterans is to attend a Veterans Day event organized in your area. It’s not just a picnic with your friends. It can also be a parade or service for veterans. 

Consider Veterans Day as a paid holiday

In case there are veterans working in your company, make sure that Veterans Day is an official paid holiday. This will let Veterans working in your organization feel appreciated and they can spend the day with their loved ones.

There is a wide range of wonderful organizations that offer various manners of support, services, and appreciation for our service members. You can think about making some donations to those organizations so that they will help them support the veterans.

Fly a flag in a correct way

Veterans Day is among the greatest chances to fly the American flag. Make sure you’re learning the right rules to display the flag. In case, you are not sure exactly what those rules are, you can check out Military.com’s guide to the flag.

Write to veterans

If you know a veteran, then this Veterans Day is a great time to write a simple postcard or e-card to honor them on Veterans Day. Or you can also look up the closest military installation and send your message there. Those small acts of showing gratitude for someone’s service, even anonymously, are highly appreciated.

Head to a VA Hospital

Another thing you can do on Veterans Day to express your love to the veterans is to visit a VA hospital. You should look for some policies at your nearest VA hospital so you can interact with patients or volunteer, and spend the day with a veteran. 

There are a lot of VA facilities that will organize events on Veterans Day or a special lunch. And you can help prepare them for those activities. 

Great Gifts For A Veteran In Your Life

Show your love and gratitude for a special one in your life who has served in the military with a very thoughtful veteran shirt that will make him/her cry! These beautiful shirts will never let you down!

Are you interested in the amazing facts about Veterans Day we’ve shared above? If you find that we are missing something on the list, please feel free to share it with us. And while Veterans Day is nearly coming, we hope that you can find some incredible ways to show your love and appreciation to the superheroes in your life!

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