Biden great negro- Biden calls Satchel Paige 'the great negro' in Veterans Day speech

Biden great negro- Biden calls Satchel Paige ‘the great negro’ in Veterans Day speech

Joe Biden great negro- Here’s what Biden said about Satchel Paige 

Biden great negro
Joe Biden Satchel Paige- Biden calls Satchel Paige “ the great negro” during a Veterans Day speech

President Biden calls Satchel Paige “the great negro” during a Veterans Day speech Thursday. Satchel Paige, a Black pitcher in baseball’s Negro Leagues before breaking into Major League Baseball in the late 1940s. Paige is considered one of the greatest players to play his position. 

His career culminated as he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971 as the first player selected by the Committee on Negro Baseball Leagues.

“I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher of the Negro leagues, who went on to become a great pitcher in the pros — in Major League Baseball — after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige,” Biden said.

“And Satchel Paige on his 47th birthday pitched a win against Chicago,” Biden added. “And all the press went in and said, ‘Satch is amazing. Forty-seven years old. No one’s ever, ever pitched a win at age 47. How do you feel about being 47?’ 

He said, ‘Boys, that’s not how I look at it.’ And they said, ‘How do you look at it, Satch? And he said, ‘I look at it this way: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’ I’m 50 years old and the ambassador is 47. But all kidding aside Mr. Ambassador, thank you for your service during World War Two as well as your service as an ambassador.”

Biden says great negro, which has sparked Twitter debate 

Joe Biden the great negro-President Biden has sparked social media fury when Biden calls Satchel Paige the great negro.

Biden calls Satchel Paige “the great negro”, which has caused controversy. There are hundreds of hashtags #BidenSatchelPaige, #Bidenthegreatnegro, or #Bidengreat negro flooding on Twitter to express their thoughts about the Biden Veterans Day speech or Joe Biden the great negro saying. 

Biden negro comment has caused social media users to raise questions of his choice of wording when mentioning the legend.

Joe Biden Veterans Day speech seemed not to get a lot of support for using the term “Negro”. The Voice of America (VOA) reported in July 2020 that Republican political operative Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, called Los Angeles-based black radio host Morris O’Kelly a “Negro” in an interview. That made O’Kelly’s website state that “Stone could have reached for any pejorative, but unfortunately went there. Stone offered an unfiltered, unvarnished one-sentence expression of how he saw the journalist interviewing him.”

According to VOA, “O’Kelly described ‘Negro’ as the ‘low-calorie version of the N-Word,’” VOA reported.

In 2013, the Census Bureau declared the term “Negro” would no longer be used. In May 2016, former President Barack Obama signed a bill banning the federal government from using the term “Negro,” allowing “African-American” instead.

Eric Trump, son of the former president Donald Trump, quickly shared his thoughts about Biden Satchel Paige. He wrote, “Did Biden just say what I think he said?!”

One person tweeted to show disapproval of Biden great negro speech.

Umm BIDEN…WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?! Disgusting!! “Great Negro”??? Just go ahead and say Ni**** you know you want to say. I’m sure Black Democrats will give him a pass on this one or deflect to Trump.

Another person wrote: “OMG! Poopy pants Biden called Satchel Paige a “Great Negro!” Racist fuck!!! #LetsGoBrandon.”

Joe Biden slips up in embarrassing moments 

Joe Biden slips up in embarrassing moments 
What do you think about Biden great negro?

Recently, President hit the headlines for many embarrassing moments. In addition to Biden great negro, the president allegedly farted in front of the Duchess of Cornwall at Cop26. 

On Monday, Camilla – the wife of Britain’s Prince Charles had a small talk with Biden at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

An informed source told the Mail that the Duchess “hasn’t stopped talking about” Biden’s fart. The Mail said that “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore.”

It is said that Camilla was so shocked by Biden’s flatulent faux pas at the UN Climate Change Conference that she has been talking about it for many days.

It was not the first time that Biden has faced this embarrassing allegation. Earlier, the 78-year-old head of state was believed to have had a bathroom accident in Rome as he met Pope Francis on Friday, October 29. 

Many hashtags titled “#PoopyPantsBiden” – circulated on Twitter. Rumors of Biden bathroom accident brought the same into the spotlight. Social media users heavily criticized and mocked Joe Biden over the rumored accident. Many people truly assume that the US president shits on his pants. 

Biden also was caught on camera folding his arms and appeared to close his eyes for about 20s during COP26 speeches. Joe Biden is the oldest US president and he will turn 79 this month. Many critics blame him for being mentally and physically unfit for the important role. Former President Donald Trump nicknamed Biden “Sleepy Joe” during the 2020 presidential campaign.

President Biden appears not to get much support during these days. After many embarrassing moments including Biden negro speech, the US president is the subject of heavy mockery over the rumors. Many people feel ashamed for Biden great negro speech and other Biden’s awkward moments. More and more anti-Biden products are created every day including t-shirts, mugs, hats, blankets, flags, face masks, and more.

If you do not support Biden, Biden great negro, and his policies, you might be interested in these products. These anti-Biden products are becoming popular and sell like hot cakes on the market. Almost those who don’t like the president have one of these items to express their political views and make a statement. Have you got one yet?

What do you think about Biden great negro? Are you surprised to hear about Joe Biden Satchel Paige speech? Feel free to share your opinion about Biden negro league speech with us in the comments below.

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