Biden and Nothingness

President Biden and Nothingness

If you enjoy reading books, you may know  “Being and Nothingness” written by Paul Sartre. And now, we have “Biden and Nothingness”. What do Biden and nothingness mean?

Biden and his $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill costs zero

Why say Biden and Nothingness
Biden and Nothingness- What does it mean?

Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the most famous existentialist philosophers in the world and the author of “Being and Nothingness” (1943). 

Expanding on Sartre’s idea of nothingness, President Biden recently redefined what we understand by the cost of the reconciliation package —claiming that a $3.5 trillion spending bill actually costs “zero” dollars because it is completely “paid for” by raising taxes. 

The cost of President Joe Biden’s plan to massively expand the nation’s social programs remains a subject of negotiation in Congress.

But regardless of the final figure, Biden claims the true cost will be zero.

“The fact of the matter is, my Build Back Better Agenda costs $0 — and it won’t raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000 a year. We’re going to pay for it by ensuring those at the top and big corporations pay their fair share,” Biden tweeted on Monday. 

But the revenue side of the equation is plaguing, and it appeared as a core challenge for Democratic bargainers as they work to build one of the biggest legislative efforts in a generation.

Part of the difficulty for Democratic leaders is the lack of consensus on which programs to fund and for how long. 

As the bill’s political prospects have sagged and Democrats have found that President Joe Biden’s agenda is too ambitious, they are trying to recalibrate by claiming that a generational spending binge really costs nothing.

At a news conference on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeated this argument with absolute confidence and even raised her hand to form a zero. 

“It’s not about a dollar amount,” she told reporters. “The dollar amount, as the president said, is zero. This bill will be paid for.”

Others joked that Pelosi’s apparent  “zero” gesture with her hand was a  “White supremacy symbol.”

The seemingly innocuous hand gesture has prompted debate in recent years as the Anti-Defamation League claims it has been accompanied by white supremacists.

People who innocently signal “OK” or even service academy students playing “Circle Game” could be investigated for possibly making racist gestures.

Attempting to redefine the cost of a $3.5 trillion spending bill as zero must rank among the most shameless efforts to change reality through a talking point ever tried. 

That’s the kind of reasoning you’d expect from any person going bankrupt or someone blissfully who is conscious that he or she is going bankrupt.

In fact, spending money is clearly spending money.

Therefore, there is no debate about this contention. Indeed, before the conciliation bill faced turbulence, the point of it was that it would involve spending a lot of money.

In fact, when the White House press secretary Psaki first used this “zero-cost” line, I thought it was so outrageous – a blatant misuse of the term – that it would be counterproductive and cause damage to the government. Nobody would believe that—for it is ridiculous.

If the $3.5 trillion spending bill were fully offset by cutting spending, it’d be fair to say its total cost is zero. Of course, we all know that this is not what is happening.

A $3.5 trillion Bill costs nothing drew swift mockery on Twitter

What do you think about Biden and Nothingness
Why say Biden and Nothingness?

Biden’s claim that the 3.5 trillion package costs nothing, which has caused controversy. Many people think that it’s mind-bending logic. The story that the $3.5 trillion spending bill costs $0 has taken Twitter by storm. Hundreds of tweets flood on the platform. 

Why say Biden and Nothingness?

President Biden and Nothingness
What do you think about President Joe Biden and Nothingness?

The term Biden and Nothingness originates from his 3.5 trillion spending bill costing nothing. Biden and nothingness seem to have a relationship. After President Biden said what he did, we can see it clearer. For instance, many Americans watch on television and see thousands of migrants crossing the Rio Grande to the United States. 

However, Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas said the border was “closed” and “no less secure” under President Joe Biden than under President Donald Trump.

“The border is secure. We’re executing our plan,” Mayorkas stated during testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. 

Jen Psaki has defended the Biden administration, claiming in August that the Kabul evacuation could not be called “anything but a success.” It’s not exaggerated to say that she will be seen as a key figure in the transition from believing what’s true to believing what we’re told is real. 

Americans can argue about whether there was a good reason to leave Afghanistan after 20 years, but what is indisputable is the disastrous consequences of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal.

Biden looked at the camera and said with confidence that everything was under control, that our allies weren’t angry with us and you believed that the Taliban would allow American citizens to come to Kabul airport for a safe evacuation, but these were lies.  

 “And if there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out,” Biden said. And then? Hundreds of Americans and our Afghan allies were abandoned and surrounded by terrorists. 

The Taliban is going door-to-door, shooting and hanging any Afghan who used to work with the U.S for the past 20 years. It’s a prelude to what’s to come for tens of thousands of faithful Afghans who may be left behind because of Biden’s lack of an evacuation plan.

Millions of Afghan women and girls no longer have their most basic rights as the Taliban force them back into a new era of repression and physical and sexual abuse.

Biden and nothingness! Biden has vowed more but he seems not to fulfill any of his promises. Now it’s the 21st century but many people think that they live in a Peter Pan world, where they have beautiful, amazing thoughts and the credibility cost is zero. 

Biden’s statement that a $ 3.5 trillion spending bill will cost zero may have originated from the idea that many people today think anything is possible. But is it the truth? We guess you know the answer. 

More and more people mock the president’s statement that a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package will truly cost nothing. Not only do they tweet on Twitter, but they also wear anti-Biden shirts to express disgust and objection to the president. Here are some notable ones: 

Biden and nothingness- What do you think about this term? Free free to let us know in the comment section.

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