40 Best Gifts For Minimalists Who Love Simple Things And Live Simple Lives

It will be a big challenge for you to choose the best gifts for minimalists. So, who is minimalist? Minimalists just want to keep everything to a minimum, they live a simple life and focus on what they love and need. They don’t need the most common gifts like the latest version tech gadgets, knick-knack items, or random makeup. But don’t stress, below is a list of the best gifts for minimalists.

Best Gifts For Minimalists That Won’t Clutter Their Lives

Minimalists tend to love practical and functional gifts. Here’s a guide with fantastic, thoughtful best presents for minimalists you can consider.


1. Simple mug

A mug with a hilarious picture and cool quote is one of the best gifts for minimalists. It features a cat  wearing glasses, raising middle fingers with a cool face and the funny quote “I Do What I Want”, your minimalist will fall in love at the first sight.


2. Simple T-shirt

As you know, fashion is constantly changing, but T-shirts are never out of date. So if you intend to choose great gifts for minimalists, you should buy them a simple T-shirt that can be combined with different outfits. We will suggest to you our supreme T Shirt, a stunning graphic tee with the beautiful pots and simple quote “Minimalist” make it a unique shirt for any minimalist.


 3. Mini Low Carb Rice Cooker

A mini low carb rice cooker is one of the best gifts for minimalists. It’s very compact to any kitchen and makes healthy eating easy. As you know, low-carb rice is a good choice for a balanced diet, particularly good for diabetics.


4. Coconut oil spray

This coconut spray is excellent. Our premium product is perfect for baking, grilling, seasoning or cooking, etc. We recommend that you should use it on your popcorn and it will taste movie theater-style.


5. Spice rack

A spice rack is a necessary thing for a modern kitchen. It conveniently holds all of your spices. We highly recommend this product to anyone who needs organization and help finding their spices when they need them. We are sure that it is one of the best gift ideas for minimalists.


6. Lock N Lock storage set

These Lock’N’Lock sets are outstanding candidates for useful gifts for minimalists.The purpose of these Lock’N’Lock sets is to contain leftovers, fresh ingredients, school or work lunches, and more. With locking lids, it keeps safe to transport sauces, soups, and other liquids.


7. Magnetic knife rack

Why should we choose this magnetic knife for minimalist Christmas gifts? Because it has a strong magnet, it allows the magnetic knife rack to quickly hang even your largest knives securely and safely. Your kitchen always spick and span.


8. Spice bottle

Spice bottles are the best gifts for minimalists. Great way to organize small items, keep spices fresh, and against insects.


9.  Robot vacuum clean

Robot vacuum cleaners would result in lesser cleaning hours and more hours of leisure. Customize a cleaning schedule that suits you, then elect multiple days and ensure your floors are always spotless.


10. Cheese board

If your loved one needs a serving tray for wine and cheese night, this chic cheese board will be one of the best presents for minimalists. Thanks to the non-absorbent and odor-free surface, you’ll never have to worry about your crackers tasting like blue cheese.


11. Jewelry holder

With many trays of different sizes, this jewelry holder is designed to perfectly keep a collection of jewelry, accessories and other small items. These trays can be easily split up, combined or stacked, to fit the intended use.


12. Vegetable chopper

We think you should choose this vegetable chopper for the best gifts for minimalists list. You’ll use it for everything from chopping onions and nuts to mincing herbs, grinding foods and making sauce. It’s perfectly sized for everyday use and fit in any kitchen.


13. Cookware set

If your minimalist friend has his/her new home, you should bring this 9-piece cookware set to them. These are the best gifts for minimalists with modern-designed, diamond-infused coating. It is harder and longer-lasting than traditional nonstick cookware.


14. The best minimalist book “Goodbye, things”

We suggest this book to find the best gifts for minimalists. The book “Goodbye, things” is for a newbie of minimalism, who wants to reduce belongings and simplify life. It’s hard to justify buying another book but this does have a ton of wonderful ideas to help you let go.


15. Coffee pod holder

These are the best gifts for minimalists who love coffee too.The coffee pod holder will organize 42 coffee pods designed to sit beneath the brewer. So it doesn’t take up a lot of precious counter space.


16. Bamboo straws

Why should we use bamboo straw for best gifts for minimalists? Because minimalists always use eco-friendly things. Bamboo straws not only decrease plastic straws but also are so convenient.


17. Shoe storage

If you were looking for a product to store most of your shoes and be space effective also. This product works perfectly. Assembly was easy and took probably 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry your shoes won’t fit because they are large enough. What a nice gift for minimalists.


18. Key holder

This is among the best gift ideas for minimalists. This useful keyholder includes six key hooks and a tray that holds glasses and other small items.


19. Notebook

This notebook will protect all your entries as personal thoughts, work reminders, sketches, and more. Writing in this wonderful journal will keep you concentrated and focused throughout your day.


20. Christmas reusable grocery bag

You can easily protect our planet with our minimalist Christmas gifts. Using these beautiful Christmas reusable grocery bags, you can minimize the plastic bags significantly. According to our research, one reusable grocery bag is equivalent to 1000 times of using plastic bags.


21. Office desk organize

Office desk organizer is one of the best gifts for minimalists.You will spend less time looking for what you need and more time focusing on what problems, that will keep the thing you need at hand, while staying out of your way.


22. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

This is a great gift for anyone, and is especially enjoyable during the winter months after playing in the snow. You will look forward to Swiss Miss every evening during the wintertime because it warms you from the inside out, and there is a sense of comfort that comes from drinking Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and watching the mini marshmallows melt. It has an excellent flavor. Buy Swiss Miss and share it with minimalists you know. They will appreciate it!


23. Simple necklace

Do you think this necklace is one of the great gifts for minimalists? If the answer is yes, a simple necklace is the best option. Our simple necklace features a dainty horizontal bar, timeless and suitable for any outfit.


24. “Santa Claws” T-shirt

Tire of looking for the best Christmas gifts for minimalists, don’t worry, we are here already. We will show you our funny Christmas T-shirt. This Christmas T-shirt makes a great statement. Featuring the image of a cute crab wearing the Santa hat, Christmas trees, and the text: “Santa Claws” is great for the minimalist who loves Christmas.


25. Succulent pots

These succulent pots are the best birthday gift for minimalist, they are unique in color, style, and growth pattern. So these mini house plants are great candidates for fairy gardens, beautiful terrarium designs, vertical gardens, and gift-able items that will last.


26. Minimalist table lamp

Bring a luxury highlight for your living room or your bedroom with this elegant minimalist table lamp. The arc of the lamp leads to a glass globe shade that adds sophistication and warm lines to the design of your home. Let this lamp’s appealing blend of curves and angles illuminate your space in style.


27. Gardening tools

The gardening tools are the best gifts for minimalists who love flowers and plants. A high-quality aluminum set includes a tranplantor, a trowel, a rake, a cultivator, a weeder and a pruner. Gloves and storage tote bags are bonus accessories. This tote bag is made of premium canvas as a tote to store your gardening tools and stay organized wherever you need to go.


28. Lunch box

An aesthetic lunch box helps you have a healthy meal even when you’re not at home. The food stays separate and neatly tucked away and it doesn’t even take up much room in the fridge.


29. Organic bath bomb

We are sure each of the 12 baths is among the best birthday gifts for minimalists, it gives a unique experience. We are committed never to experiment on animals – so our product is non-toxic and eco-friendly.


30. Portable cutlery set

We highly recommend this portable cutlery set as one of the best presents for minimalists, because it is made from wheat straw fiber, BPA free, and eco-friendly. The product set is convenient for parties, picnics, camping, travel and everyday school or work.


31. Minimalist wallet for men

The minimalist wallet is outstanding for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc. The outside notch allows you to push out the cards easily.


32. Makeup organizer

This clear makeup organizer includes 4 small drawers and 3 big drawers for different sizes of cosmetic items. It has removable padding to keep cosmetic items in positions. What a great space and time saver!


33. Thirstystone coaster

Your table surface never spills, drips, stains, and water rings with this Thirtystone coaster Our product instantly absorbs condensation to keep all of your tabletop surfaces dry and spotless. These thirstystone coasters are made from high-grade material, with an organic design.


34. Tote bag

Overall an excellent bag. It is nice and sturdy and the perfect size for your laptop and a few books, and the smaller pocket as well. You can’t put too much heavy stuff in or it will hurt your shoulder, but for a few items it is great. Beside, you can use it as a gym/pool bag and to bring a book and picnic lunch to the park. We really like the brown color as well, goes with almost anything.


35. Cosmetic fridge

You can extend the shelf life of your skin care serums, cosmetic items, or fresh face masks by keeping them chilled right on your mini-fridge. Small enough to put on your bathroom counter or on top of your nightstand. The elegant color and mirrored door add an extra design flare to any space.


36. Netflix gift card

Netflix gift cards make the best christmas gifts for minimalists. Give the gift of entertainment so your minimalist can watch unlimited movies and Netflix original series. The recipient received the gift card and was able to easily redeem it. Netflix is a great gift for TV / movie watchers! Nothing to wrap, no clutter to clean up, and no worries about picking the right size!


37.  Minimalist wall art

Great minimalist wall art fills the blank of your house, and helps you relax after a long time at work. Each panel of canvas painting with simple designs has wooden frames, lightweight and easy to put up. The frame made by high-grade natural pine wood, it raise the natural beauty of the painting.


38.  Home wall clock

Want modern furniture for the best gifts for minimalists list. So this minimalist clock features a brown wooden face and metal frame is all you need. Show in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or anywhere else you demand.


39. Minimalist table

The minimalist table is a multi-purpose low table, so convenient and practical. It does not take up space and it is easy to operate. It is a high quality wood with a table top thickness of 6 cm.


40. “Jimin 1013” T-shirt

It’s our best seller T-shirt for A.R.M.Y who is also a minimalist. Do you know the saying “You Nice Keep Going” and wonder why it is so hot? The saying comes from Jimin – a talented member of the BTS family and now it’s going everywhere on the Internet. Everyone’s looking for the Jimin 1013 You Nice Keep Going Shirt and proud of being an A.R.M.Y for sure! The shirt has 2 sides with the front text: JM1013 and the back text: “You nice keep going” with a lot of emoticons to describe how funny and amusing the shirt is.

Gifts For Minimalists Of All Ages

Hope you have picked the best gifts for minimalists from our guide gift. No matter what you pick, your minimalist is sure to love it. We wish you and your beloved minimalist a nice day!

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